[Vid | Pic] 130120 CNBLUE – Interview, Coffee Shop & I’m Sorry @ SBS Inkigayo Plus Screen Caps

[130120 CNB]  Interveiw @INK.gogox2

[130120 CNB] Coffee Shop, I'm Sorry @INK.gogox2

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HD Screen Caps by Mari ɞ


OMGAWD OMGAWD OMGAWD… *composes herself*

OK so this was the band’s last comeback stage? I’m guess it is cuz they hit all the music shows over the last few days but they missed M!Countdown so I’m a bit sad that we didn’t get four performances from CNBLUE for this comeback which I have been staying up for just to watch them perform on live broadcast! I tell you, there’s nothing like actually watching a live broadcast and I had never really done it before. I figured as long as I can get the video cut of the performances the next day, it was the same but NO ITS NOT!!

Just think, you are watching your OPPA LIVE, he’s singing and moving around on stage AT THAT VERY SAME MOMENT YOU ARE WATCHING HIM! Its the best thing to actually being in the audience watching him, you know what I’m saying!? The excitement of knowing that you are watching his every live moment is every thrilling and I never really considered it that way but it is. My sister younger Renn told me to do it last week and so I did when I watched Idol group  C-CLOWN, who BTW, I am so in love with too! They are so sweet! But anyway, I digress…

Watching CNBLUE on live television over the past few days, made me feel closer to them, I know it sounds weird but I do. I’m just a little bit closer to seeing them live in person now hahah! I guess you take what you can get right? I loved watching them perform COFFEE SHOP!! OMG i love that song sooo much and to see them perform it and ‘I’m Sorry’  LIVE with LIVE instruments felt like a mini concert. They are so fucking good! Seriously, it sounded sooo good, I just can’t elaborate on it any more than that. Just watch the performance and you will see.

All I have to say is I am FOREVER going to be sexually frustrated because of JUNG YONGHWA! His stares into the camera are MAGICAL and I swear I feel like he could’ve gotten me pregnant if I stared too long at his eye contact and his mouth… @___@ is always open and he licks his lips and dont get me started on his pelvic thrust movements…UNNNFFF!!!! Instant Panty MELTER!! I literally wanted to hurl myself at my TV cuz I just WANTED HIM RIGHT THERE!! *SIGHS* He totally ruined me U.U

My lovely friend Burning~Akira put it very nicely, “I’m liking this new blonde guy..” I’m FUCKING LOVING HIM!!


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Source: @gogox2
Capped & Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

8 thoughts on “[Vid | Pic] 130120 CNBLUE – Interview, Coffee Shop & I’m Sorry @ SBS Inkigayo Plus Screen Caps

  1. OMG guuuuuuurl I can’t take it!! Why can’t I live in S.Korea?!! T-T Can you imagine being front row and center for this! Seeing him sway those hips and him running his hand down the microphone stand like that…this boy drives me crazy!! @-@ I also stayed up to watch the live stream and I had goosebumps! I kept trying to hold down the squeals because I didn’t wake anyone lol I just don’t know what to say anymore, Yong Hwa is just…omo omo omo I have goosebumps right now just by remembering it! xD

    • Trust me, I KNOW!!!! I’m so thankful for the streaming video and the awesome BOICE Gogo that provided the clips right after the perfs because I have replayed those performances over and over and stared at the caps for hours!! I cannot imagine being in that audience so close to him without wanting to grab at him!! LOL!

      I’m just so happy to be BOICE seriously

  2. omg! i just watched their performance! coffee shop was too good! i loved how the boys were having so much fun and the fans were loving it! i especially loved how JH was just swaying back and forth with the biggest smile on his face 😀

    • Lol yup! Jonghyun is the biggest dork now idk what happened! He’s always been that way but it seems he got worse hahah! Yeah they look like they enjoyed themselves a lot! So happy for them!

  3. OMGAWD OMGAWD OMGAWD… *composes herself* => How DARE you compose yourself, its impossible with this mini live!
    I totally get what you mean by getting closer with the ‘real time’ thing, cause you’re sharing the exact same moment in time (even if sadly, not in space—which is better I guess, at least for YH’s pants that you would probably turn intro shreds >,>”).
    The feeling is definitely not the same with the live instruments, it’s such a GOOD thing, I hope they will keep on doing that in the future for TV shows. The result is so worth the ”trouble” of preparing the stage and material and such.
    Haha, this damn blond guy stroke again! Eyefuck! Eyerape! STAHP IT YOUNG MAN! Erf, if it wasn’t for this burning hot guitarist I’d be all over him T-T But… it just means I’m ruined x2!! Bleh, I hate them >,:o

    • I love you for getting me! I think we’re kindred spirits just dont ever go away and leave me like all the other girls who use me for my spazz and then leave me alone… forever alone ><# LOL!!

      Yes, thank god for Korean television and cold showers!!

      • Haha, I’ll use you… forever :p I totally think we’re alike, I love reading your posts (but I think its obvious already haha! )
        Ah, I wish I could watch K -tv live as well. And don’t forget ice cubes in your cold shower. And if an image of blond hair tries to enter your mind, add extra ice!

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