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Jung Yong Hwa (정용화); born on June 22, 1989) is a South Korean musician, singer-songwriter and actor. His first name is also written as Yonghwa, Yong-Hwa, or Yong-hwa. Jung made his acting debut as “Kang Shin-woo” in the Korean drama You’re Beautiful on 7 October 2009 before officially debuting as a singer. In February 2010, he was paired with Seohyun of Girls’ Generation as part of a virtually wedded couple, YongSeo Couple (Hangul: 용서커플), for MBC’s popular TV show We Got Married. They filmed their final episode of We Got Married on 15 March 2011. He later starred as the male lead, “Lee Shin” in the 2011 drama Heartstrings. Jung is currently the leader, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the rock band CNBlue.

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Random Facts

  • Origin: born in Seoul on June 22, 1989 (age 26) then moved to Busan, South Korea in 1991
  • Occupations: Musician, singer-songwriter, arranger, actor, guitarist, rapper, MC, model, tv show host…and expert Noona Killer
  • Instruments Played: Guitar, clarinet, piano, drums, recorder, synthesizer, and is also know for his beatboxing skills
  • Height, Weight: 180CM (5’10), 63 KG
  • Star sign: Cancer
  • Blood Type: A
  • Yonghwa is the youngest of two boys. His older brother spent time in the States and lived in Seattle, Washington.
  • Before CNBLUE‘s debut, Yonghwa worked hard to support his band bros during his first acting gig on ‘You’re Beautiful’. He even paid for Jungshin‘s braces.
  • CNBLUE‘s album ‘Re: BLUE is the band’s first Korean release to include a self written title track, ‘I’m Sorry’ which was penned by Yonghwa.
  • In 2012, Jung Yonghwa was voted Idol ‘King’ by his own peers & voted most likely to succeed in a solo career.
  • Also in 2012, Yonghwa wrote, composed  & gifted two songs ‘Fool’ & ‘Love Is Only You‘  for fellow FNC artists’ JUNIEL & AOA respectively.
  • 2013 Yonghwa mentioned that he would like to have a ‘World Tour’ and visit NYC. His wish finally came true when the band performed at NYC’s Best Buy Theatre January 21, 2014 for their ‘BLUE MOON’ world tour.
  • Jung Yonghwa is the second Idol to win coveted title of ‘Star King’
  • The LA Dodgers invited special guest Yonghwa to sing the S.K. national anthem for the Korean Heritage Night on May 27, 2014.
  • In late 2014, Yonghwa is set to release his first solo album. The new venture is said to include collaborations from several popular music artists
  • Jung Yonghwa is currently working on tvN‘s drama ‘The Three Musketeers’ which is contracted for three years.

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Jung Yonghwa Pre-Debut


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  1. Hi hwa
    Frm today onwards im going to collect ur songs dramas cnblue albums etc…… ok bye takecare hwa . Bye mari takecare. Dont forget to reach my words to hwa. Bye bye bye……….

  2. Hi hwa.
    Im not sure abt my msg reach u. Im really very eager to come korea seoul busan and more over i would like to watch u in live not all those images. I know its imposible for me but i keep on telling to myself.., oneday ill sure come to meet u. . Really im relax to share my words. Im really thankfull to this website. Mari., will u reach my words to him. Will u do this favor for me.?

  3. I really don’t know who is Mari? Sorry for asking like this. I think I should know being as Jung Yonghwa fan……………………………………………………….?

    • “I think I should know being as Jung Yonghwa fan” So just because you are his fan, that gives you a right to know everything about him, all his fans, who runs this site? Why do you need to know? I think I should know because I am a CNBLUE fan!

      This is like the third time you comment here and act as if you should be treated in a special manner. THIS IS MARI, THIS IS MY SITE and if you don’t understand that, you can visit elsewhere!

  4. Thank you so much Mari being as a fan i don’t need those things ur correct may be i disturbed you a lot Am I correct? I’m sorry for this and last thing is that i will be as a fan only thank you for your kindness………………………………………………………………. All the best to cnblue bye take care.

  5. Hi, Thanks for ur reply and i got little hurt like u told that u can’t guarantee me. Fine I can understand that he will be very busy but one thing he can at least think of it if u say. If u think this is also not possible i will not give any disturbance to your team and especially to Jung Yong Hwa. If possible give his contact no………………..p/z………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………? Please do a favor for me ……………….. I beg you

    • Sorry but I would not give you his personal information, I don’t know what would make you think that I would even if I did have it! If you are his fan, then be his fan, you don’t need to have his contact information to be his fan! Thanks

  6. Hi, Jung yong hwa

    It’s really hard to explain everything to you b/z I’m from Bangalore. I don’t know you will understand this or not but still i would like to say some of the things like 1st I don’t understand ur language and only the thing i can hear ur voice really its amazing. I have seen many actors i don’t like how i become ur fan its really shocking for me. My dream is that before i die i need to see you directly and I should listen ur voice i don’t know its possible or not b/z i stay very far from you. If I would have in ur place I could see u directly but unfortunately I miss that chance. Fine I always feel to listen ur voice and see ur face. I don’t know why? But still I miss you. Take care……….. I will pray to God to give me a opportunity to see you and as well as I’ll pray to him to give you good health and voice to make much more musics. With the feeling of ur missing girl………… I hope you will see my comment………….. Thanks……………………………………………………………………………………?

  7. Hello mari, I am a new CNBLUE fan. All the boys are amazingly talented as a musician but after going through all CNBLUE related things I loved Jung Yong Hwa. And thanks to you and your site that made my journey of knowing him that much more interesting and fun. I think he has such a great personality that any hardworking person can relate to him and his musical journey. He is amazingly talented as a singer, undeniably charismatic on stage, fiercely competitively in variety shows and a great leader. He can joke around all day but when it comes to his work and his responsibilty as a leader none can beat him. He knows how to take care of people around him and lead his band members when they need him. But for me he is a DREAMER!!! He never shy away from his failures and unlike many of us who would have run away with such harsh criticism at early stages, he faced it so bravely and at the end of the day he came out as a WINNER!!! That confidence he had during his early days was the very thing that set them apart from others and helped them be where they are today!!! I think it was not his arrogance but his courage to dream out loud just like so many of us!! Its my first time commenting on anything ever but I can relate to him in so many ways and I love how you guys keep spazzing over things about him and CNBLUE so I just had to share with you guys.. It’s looong but I can go on and on about him. PS. He is sexy as hell!!:):):)

    • Awwww thank you so very much for the LOOOOOOOOONG comment lol! I am so glad you can come here and find what you’re looking for and learn about CNBLUE!! Most of the articles I share here are written by ME! So this site is very special to me. Enjoy and thanks again for leaving me your thoughts =))

    • No, actually I dont know when they became friends but I do know that Lee Joon helped Yonghwa with his Busan dialect when he became a trainee in Seoul. since he was also from Busan. They would spend lots of time together. Not sure about their friendship before Yonghwa signed with FNC.

      • Lee Jong was with fnc prior to moving to another agency. They were friends then too. Mari your site is gorgeous. I just have to say that. Cheers.

  8. i love your song GIVE ME A SMILE…
    in HEARTSTRINGS..actually all your
    songs…my favorite is..give me a smile..:)
    saranghae Yong Hwa…<3

  9. hey.. I cant view more than half of the pics 😦 what’s there is just a black box with an [x]Photoshop on the top left hand corner 😦 Any idea where can I view these pics?:)

  10. LOL the pic where he’s holding a coke cup.. I’d imagine him ordering at some restaurant here saying “Can I have two cocks please” and the waiter would be like “pardon?” and he’d go “cocks.. cocka cola?” lmao hilarity.

  11. awww he moved to Busan when I was born. It’s destiny LMAO idek what I’m saying right now hahahah :)) PRE DEBUT PICS shit i wanna rip that yearbook picture hahaha

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