[Site News] Jung Yonghwa & Kang Minhyuk Birthday Cake Project: Mission Accomplished!!

YH&MH Bday Pics


How can these two guys make me cry like a baby just by posting a simple picture on Twitter? These two pictures signify the culmination of just about 6 weeks of hard work and this was a project that Cessa and I thought up on a whim! It was after spazzing over Jonghyun‘s surprise birthday ‘party’ at ‘BLUE MOON’ Live in Hong Kong when Yonghwa wished Jonghyun and happy birthday and then promptly reminded the audience that his birthday was fast approaching like a bratty child seeking attention! Of course we ate it up and wanted so badly to make it possible to send him something, a small token of our adoration to him for his birthday and of course, to let CNBLUE & FNC know that we existed. This was our first project as CNBLUE USA.

Since we had only formally announced the birth of our baby CNBLUE USA which is really still a baby! Our fanbase is literally just over two months old on the 14th…ok so we’ll be 3 months old on July 14th. So imagine us, just starting this fanbase and asking people to donate so that we can send Yonghwa a cake? I think people were like, “Who are you?” and at first I was afraid to take on this arduous task, not knowing a thing about organizing anything like this. Thankfully I got some info from CNBLUE4INA who so helpfully gave me the details of the bakery, Sweet 16th.

Soon after we announce our project details, it occurred to us that Minhyuks‘ bday was right after Yonghwa‘s and so since we felt so bad about not being able to organize something for Jonghyun‘s birthday, we made it a priority to make sure both Yonghwa and Minhyuk would receive a gift from us! After coming up with the designs, I had a feeling that we had something special on our hands. I knew for sure Yonghwa would receive lots of Simpsons themed gifts but this would be from us so it was OK if we weren’t the only ones sending the same theme. That’s when Pinky had the idea to give him a Lakers jersey to represent her and Cess being in LA and I wanted him to represent NY with his hat because that’s where I’m from so it really worked out so well!

After weeks of collecting donations and promoting our project, it was finally time to send in our payment and finally get our cakes and cupcakes prepared to be delivered to Yonghwa and Minhyuk. I honestly didn’t think this would happen. Yonghwa‘s cake was delivered to him on June 21st at 4PM KST but he didn’t tweet until it was closer to midnight his time and to be honest, I was a bit disappointed when he tweeted this picture and message:

130622 YH Twiiter Selca

“Guys!!! It’s today, right!!!!! Yong day! ㅋㅋ kyaa!!!ㅋ ㅋ Haet haet daehaet… It’s my 3rd birthday after our debut and I was awash with the birthday wishes because of you! Thank you for always cheering me. It’s my birthday today, so I hope it’s a party for you guys! I’m sorry for not being able to say hello to every single one of you, but I hope my heart reaches you!

Because, even though he tweeted a huge thank you message and he was INCREDIBLY ADORABLE with his DSM hat, his picture didn’t show our gifts to him so I felt a bit sad about it. Then less than 10 mins later, my friend Celine tells me he posted on Weibo and my cupcakes are in the picture!! You dont know how my heart dropped into my ass when I finally saw the picture with him behind the table full of his gifts! OUR GIFT, OUR CAKE & CUPCAKES WERE IN THE SAME PICTURE AS JUNG YONGHWA!! JUNG YONGHWA GOT OUR GIFTS & KNOWS THEY WERE SENT BY CNBLUE USA! This being our very first project as a team, as a fanbase, this meant we had really done it and were being thanked and acknowledged by Yonghwa himself. After the initial shock wore off and I tweeted a few incoherent messages, I just began to cry! I cried, like a little baby, just staring at our design and our creation on Yonghwa‘s table! I still can’t put into words how it feels. To have the man that I adore and admire, thanking us for our gifts. Really, I still get teary eyed about it.

130622 YH Weibo Post with OUR GIFTS!

“Hello everyone! ㅋ This is the day I was born, June 22nd! Your birthday wishes and supports are giving me so much energy! ㅋ Thank you again! The Beijing Concert is coming up soon! I will have a lot of fun and sing with my heart at the show! Please wait for it! ㅋㅋ Thank you again for your great love. I wish my thanks all get to you!!! ㅋI hope it’s a happy day for all of you!!!!! Thank you!!!

Just imagining Yonghwa eating a cake that we designed right down to the Coffee flavor that we all know he loves so much, really excited me. I know I can speak for the whole team when I say, we were all fucking CRAZY HAPPY! lol So when it was Minhyuk‘s turn to get his cake, we had to prepare for the fact that he may not even tweet since he rarely ever does but we were all hopeful. Minhyuk‘s cake was delivered to FNC’s building at 5PM KST June 26th, two days early because the band would be traveling to China for ‘BLUE MOON‘ Live in Beijing on his birthday so when he didn’t tweet on the day it was delivered, I started to panic. Imagine, just when I was really starting to think he wasn’t going to tweet, at around 4PM EST, Minhyuk tweets WITH THIS:

130628 MH Tweet with our Cake!!

Everyone~! It’s my birthday and I took a photo with my miniatureㅋㅋ It’s from my first appearance in MHGF, the costume and pose look really the sameㅋㅋ Here I would like to thank everyone who wished me; our fans, CNBLUE, my family, my friends… Love you all. See you at Beijing’s concert!

It’s still so very new to me, all this! I mean, we never thought, I never imagined when I sat down to design these cakes that this would happen. To have not only Yonghwa acknowledge our gift in a picture he tweeted but to have Minhyuk‘s acknowledgement as well, really makes all the stress and the worrying I did, that we all suffered through, really worth while. I would do it all again knowing how sweet it feels at the end when the people you most love and support, despite language barriers and living in the other side of the world, share a little thing like a picture with your special gift to them and make your day, your month, your year in the process.

I really hope, no I wish that Yonghwa and Minhyuk would know how much they mean to us all, to me personally. I really will never know them on a personal level ever, I’m not delusional like some other fans. I know the reality. But this small token of their affection for their fans makes a person like me, a foreign fan, feel there’s a slight glimmer of a chance that maybe someday I will get to enjoy CNBLUE the way so many of my friends living in so many different countries already have. CNBLUE have made this girl very happy, beyond measure.

Here once again, is our completed project!

JYH Happy Birthday 2013_by ColorMeCNBLUE

KMH 23th Bday by ColorMeCNBLUE

Another special thanks goes to all the BOICE Worldwide who opened their hearts and their wallets to make our special 1st project finally happen, without them, we wouldn’t have come this far!

Donations List  MH***Warming: May contain LOTS OF CHOICE CURSE WORDS!! NOW TO THE SPAZZZZZ***


THEN, this gorgeous, stunning creature Kang Minhyuk shares such a sweet picture with OUR FUCKING CAKE & COMMENTS ON HOW IT LOOKS JUST LIKE HIM!!! I literally almost died when I saw that shit today!! Sandy tweeted me that he tweeted a picture and I fucking almost fell out of my chair! I FUCKING CRIED!!! WAAAAAA!! TWO CNBLUE MEMBERS TWEETED WITH MY FUCKING CREATIONS!! CNBLUE USA WAS THERE!!! WE U.S. FANS WERE ALL THERE!! Ugh I can’t, I have to go to sleep but again, this few days have been some of the most exciting and encouraging days I’ve had in a long time. Completing this project makes me feel that yes, a small group of fans from the US can be seen and heard all the way in Korea! That one statement gives me strength to continue on!

CNBLUE USA, Let’s Do this!!

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15 thoughts on “[Site News] Jung Yonghwa & Kang Minhyuk Birthday Cake Project: Mission Accomplished!!

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  4. CONGRATS! To you and everyone who helped out. 😀 It couldn’t have happened without you! The boys better get to the US STAT to thank you in person! 😉

  5. Congrats Mari! it’s a double success!
    And thank you for making us taking part of such a sweet and wonderful project. I discovered CNBlue not a long time ago but those 4 guys have already taken a special place in my heart. And just knowing that they acknowledged you, me, us BOICE through these gifts, makes me feel…I just can’t put words on it! I can’t believe that me, a little new french fan, had my name, MY NAME on a cup cake and a birthday card which Yong Hwa and Min Hyuk saw. It’s like a dream…
    And it’s all thanks to YOU!

    • “I can’t believe that me, a little new french fan, had my name, MY NAME on a cup cake and a birthday card which Yong Hwa and Min Hyuk saw”

      I feel the same way! I really am just in awe at the fact that they did that! Do you know how rare it is for them to share pics with fan gifts? Its rare! We did it! That’s all I can say! Thank you for participating in this project but they’ll be many more we’ll need help for in the future so please continue to support CNBLUE and CNBLUE USA!! Thank you

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