*Updated | Request* 120618 CNBLUE Glorious White Pants Appreciation Post

Lately I’ve been feeling nostalgic and watching older CNBLUE performances from their early days back in the ‘Love‘ era in mid 2010. Ahh, those were the days of spiky haired Yonghwa and Minhyuk, Jungshin had a smooth bob and Jonghyun wore a puffy doo! And I realized that they wore a lot of white pants, thank you stylist Noona, you must’ve known us fans would appreciate these wondrous outfits and we appreciate you for it! Tight, ripped white pants that hug thighs and accentuate….well errm *cough*, I guess you can see with your own eyes! This is for all the ‘Pervy Noonas‘ like me out there who want to bask in the beauty that is CNBLUE in tight whites!

**Warning** This post contains high levels of masculine hotness that may not be suitable for all fan-girls! If you have heart problems, this post will make you want to die in your seat so you will need to be revived a few times, have smelling salts handy and proceed viewing with extreme caution. This post is image and HD video download heavy…you have been warned!**

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