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      • I did yesterday on a JYH fb page. There was the pic of MH with the cake and I posted that the cake was from CNBLUE USA and a couple people actually commented so I gave them the info. Unfortunately I don’t have many friends that like KPOP 😦

  1. Do you think it would be possible to have a map showing where most of the USA fans live? I don’t necessarily mean names but the number of people in each state or near a big city. That way we could show it to FNC and maybe they could schedule a concert somewhere besides just LA (where all the KPOP stars go). Just a thought that popped into my head this morning. It may be too much work though.

    • Yeah, its difficult to find BOICE as it is, I’m sure there are tons out there who haven’t found my site, or CNBLUE USA yet and I’m not sure how to get them to come forward so making a map would be inaccurate and really difficult. We have to deal with them choosing LA or NY or wherever they decide because that’s where there are higher populations of Kpop fans. We BOICE who are spread all over the country just have to deal with it, I guess, until CNBLUE become more famous and have more fans in the US. I dont know how it all works but yeah, they usually choose LA because of its high Korean population and the Kpoppers.

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