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CNBLUE 4th Mini Album [Re-BLUE] Title song I'm Sorry MV 560

Just because we all aren’t in Korea, doesn’t mean we still can’t help support CNBLUE to stay at number 1 on the music sharts! CNBLUE recently achieved the coveted ‘ALL-KILL’ status [number 1 on all music charts at once] because of awesome fans all around the world and of course, because CNBLUE‘s newest ‘RE: BLUE title track ‘I’m Sorry’ is an amazingly good song! There are several online music streaming sites are counted towards digital points along with digital album sales. These digital points are counted towards music charts’ calculation, (e.g. Music Bank’s K-Chart, GDA and others).


Here are a few sites and short instructions that International fans can visit and use to help bring those all important chart points up and get CNBLUE to stay at the top of the charts!


1: Visit this site:

2: Click on this on ”I’m Sorry”, then refresh the page. Click the song again repeat the process. If you replay it without completely refreshing the pages, it doesn’t count.


1: Go to this site:

2: Click on “I’m Sorry”, a playlist will load where you can select the song to play. You can click the repeat icon to repeat the song so it counts.


1: Visit this site:

2: Click on “I’m Sorry” to play it, once again, a playlist will appear.

3: When you’re done playing the song, close the playlist and start from step 1. Repeat the steps and remember you have to manually repeat the song.


1. Visit this site:

2. Locate “I’m Sorry” and click play to stream it.

*Note: You can also watch the MV in Mnet and it will be counted as stream as well so you can do two things on this site that count towards chart points.


1: Go to this site:

*Note: The links will change for some weird reason so make sure to RE-TYPE it exactly as … It is important that you do so because it has to be in the Korean site or else it won’t count.

2: There is a chart on the left side, click on “I’m Sorry” 씨엔블루 (CNBLUE) and a small playlist will appear at the bottom, after you click on “I’m Sorry”, click the repeat icon and the song will repeat itself, no need for playlist.

**Note: Don’t have more than 1 window for this site open at once since it won’t work. It will only work when you open one tab for it.

***Contributor’s Comment: As far as I know in Bugs, Melon and Mnet you can’t put the song in silence because it doesn’t count if you do it. Let’s be safe and only lower the volume in all of them… In Soribada, Bugs and Mnet you can put the replay button and let it play for hours if you want.

Thanks to Sandy, we International fans can now help our favorite BLUE BOYS stay number 1 on the charts because they already number 1 in our hearts^^ Now GO GO and follow all the steps!! DAJUKJA!!!

SALES~~Support CNBLUE: Purchase Merchandise~


There are lots of KPOP sites out there but in order for the things you buy to count towards supporting CNBLUE, the sites you purchase from have to specify that the sales of their music products are reflected on the Hanteo music chart and the Gaon music chart as well as some of the other music charts. The charts they report to will change depending on the site for example, HMV is a Japanese site so its sales will most likely reflect on the Oricon charts. Here are some of my favorite and trusted sites:

I have to say that though it may seem a little pricier, YESASIA is my favorite online KPOP shop to get my CNBLUE items from because most of the items qualify for free shipping to the US. Of course the higher price reflects the shipping fee for the most part but it’s easy to buy from them and they ship really quickly, I usually get my stuff within 3 weeks from the time of release or from the time I place my order. However, not everything that goes on sale shows up on their site.  For some of the specific Japanese items that I can’t find on YA, I can usually find on HMV Japan. The shipping cost is between 1500-1700 yen but they have rare items that usually can’t be found anywhere else and they ship outside of Japan which some of the other Japanese sites dont do.

Well I really hope all the information I provided here is helpful to you all! Though I may share a lot of the items I buy on my site for others to download, its important and I encourage everyone to purchase CNBLUE‘s merchandise in order to properly support them! Please let me know if you have any questions, as usual, I’m happy to hear from my followers =))



Source: @sandra_cnb
Edited: Mari @ColorMeCNBLUE
Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

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