March 2013


  • 03.05 [Recording] MBC Your Angel (Yonghwa)

  • 03.05 [Recording] JTBC Hidden Singer (Yonghwa, Jungshin)

  • 03.10 [Broadcast] MBC Magic Concert at 4:55 PM KST (MH, JS / Pre-recorded Feb. 26th)

  • 03.11 [Broadcast] JTBC Miracle Korea at 11:05 PM KST (YH, MHPre-recorded Feb. 20th)

  • 03.12 [Broadcast] KBS 1vs100 at 8:50 PM KST (Minhyuk / Pre-recorded Feb. 24th)

  • 03.18 [Recording] SBS Running Man (Jonghyun)

  • 03.20 [Release] 【CNBLUE LIVE MAGAZINE VOL. 08】

  • 03.20 [Release] CNBLUE ~Come On!!!~ Concert Live at Saitama Arena  DVD

  • 03.22 [Broadcast] JTBC 「Miracle Korea」9:50 PM KST (YH, MH)

  • 03.23  [Broadcast] JTBC 「Hidden Singer」11:05 PM KST (YH, JS)

  • 03.24 [Broadcast] SBS Running Man (Jonghyun)

March 2013

**Will be Updated regularly**


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