Official BOICE Membership

Dear Fellow BOICE (…soon to be BOICE),

Hey everyone! FNC Entertainment recently updated their bank account information and the way new members register to join the BOICE Fanclub via their site so I have put together this tutorial with the help of information from CNBStorm and French BOICE Kimi! I am hoping my tutorial comes in handy to those who have wanted to join the official fan club but have no clue how to do it!! Please share and spread the word so that other International BOICE can enjoy the membership and become an Official BOICE.

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[Membership Benefits]

  • A membership card will be issued.
  • Access to Official BOICE exclusive contents section at
  • Priority of attending CNBLUE concerts / performances (Usually, this will only apply to those in Korea)
  • 10% discounts when purchasing goods online from the official FNC STORE
  • A chance to join concerts and music programs for those who are in Korea only.

[Application Fee]

• KRW 10,000 + KRW 2,000 (Delivery Fee in Korea and for foreigners living in Korea) = KRW 12,000 (approximately 11.84 USD)
• KRW 10,000 + KRW 20,000 (Delivery Fee for overseas and for foreigners abroad) = KRW 30,000 (approximately 29.60 USD)

  • The benefits of being a member of the official fan club will be applied in Korea only.

[Additional Information]

  • The membership will last for a year from the date your card is issued.
  • Two months before the expiration date, you will be given the option to extend the membership.
  • Annual fee is subject to change in the future.
  • Upon renewal, a new membership card will be issued.
  • Registering at means joining the Korean fan club**.


This membership is for KBOICE so once you are admitted into the fanclub, you will considered “Korean BOICE” but can only qualify for benefits you live in Korea. This does not include the Japan BOICE membership/ benefits which is unique to Japan and those who reside in that country.

**PLEASE READ THIS TUTORIAL CAREFULLY BEFORE SUBMITTING QUESTIONS!! Everything you need to know is offered here so PLEASE READ FIRST!! I WILL ignore obvious questions that can be answered by just reading this page so please just read it thoroughly**

 How to apply

Sign up on FNC Entertainment’s website.


Choose the option « FOREIGNER / KOREAN LIVE IN OVERSEA ». Accept terms of use by ticking the option «위의 약관에 동의합니다» (« I accept terms of use ») and by clicking on the orange button to go to next step.

Fill out the registration form with all requested information. My advice for the ID, please choose a nickname followed by a number, or else you may have an error message «사용할 수 없는 아이디입니다 » (ID unavailable). For home address, kindly add it like the example given by FNC. Once you have completed the form, click on « SIGN UP ». A pop-up window appears to inform you that an e-mail has been sent to the e-mail address you gave.

Check your e-mails and open the one you received from FNC Entertainment. Click on the confirmation link (at the end of the message). You are redirected to FNC Entertainment’s homepage.

You can now log in with your account by clicking on « LOGIN »!

You are now a regular member but not a fan club member yet! So, you have to go to your profile page by clicking on « My Page » at top right. A new page appears.

The page « My Page » enables you to find all the information that you previously added. You can change your password and your personal information anytime. It’s also in this page that you can do your membership request through « FAN CLUB ADMINISTRATION » tab and check the loading of your registration once it is done. Before going to « FAN CLUB ADMINISTRATION », join your ID card and update the page.

On the page « FAN CLUB ADMINISTRATION » choose BOICE fan club in the drop-down menu beside « 팬클럽 » (fan club). By choosing the fan club, the bank account number (계좌번호) appears automatically. To register, you have to do a bank transfer to this bank account number and pay the amount suitable to your situation.

To be able to do the bank transfer, you need to get the bank name and address, the account number and the Swift code:

• Bank address: #39 DA-DONG, JUNG-GU, SEOUL, KOREA 100-180 C.P.O BOX 3949
• Account number : 134-00776-244-01
• Swift code : CITIKRSX

* These information was sent by e-mail from FNC following a confirmation request. If you have any problems, feel free to contact FNC with the following address You can also find it on the following notice here.

Once the bank transfer is done, don’t forget to take a receipt. You need to upload the scanned image of the transfer receipt to complete your membership. Go back on « My Page », « FAN CLUB ADMINISTRATION » tab. Choose BOICE fanclub in the drop-down menu. Next to « 입금증 첨부 » (attached file), join your payment receipt, as .JPG file. Confirm by clicking on « 신청하기 » (orange button).


If you register successfully, a pop-up window will appear, showing that your membership request application has been completed!


Click on OK and your page is automatically actualized. On the part « 팬클럽 관리 » (fanclub management), you can see this.

You can see your payment receipt, and the date of your registration. The orange button shows that the confirmation of your membership request is in progress. It takes between 24 and 48 hours to confirm. Once it is confirmed (you have to check often your profile page because no confirmation e-mail is sent, in my case I never received one), your page is updated with your membership number and the expiration date.

It’s done; you are now an official BOICE member! You now have access to all special sections for fan club members only on FNC Entertainment’s website (section « 팬클럽공지 » (Special fan club Notice that features latest information) and « 팬클럽 스페셜 » (Fanclub Special) with exclusive pictures).

Finally, you just have to wait for your card. For foreigners and those living overseas, fan club cards are shipped through FedEx. To check the progress of the shipment, Staff sends an e-mail including a tracking number. Here below is an example :


Between two and six months later (yes it’s long), your card finally arrives at your home!

card 2

The membership is available for one year. So, next year, if you still want to be an official BOICE, you will have to do a new bank transfer. Usually, you will receive an e-mail reminder to renew. Once the membership expires, you have to pay for one more year and send the new payment receipt on the site. A new membership number and a new membership card will be delivered.

I really all this detailed information to make your membership process run smoothly. Also keep in mind, patience is the key when dealing with this process, especially with FNC Entertainment as they do take longer to respond to non Korean email inquiries due to the sheer volume. Also remember, I cannot help any more than the information I have provided in this tutorial so please do not expect me to correspond with FNC on your behalf. If you have any questions about this tutorial ONLY, I will be more than happy to help with your questions!

Thank you and Good Luck to everyone^^*


**Please Note: This tutorial consists of information compiled by by: Kimi, @Mrs_KIA / @CNBStorm & @ColorMeCNBLUE and will be updated often to reflect changes FNC makes to their policies/ website. Thank you**

Source Credits: CNBStorm, Kimi, @Mrs_KIA, ColorMeCNBLUE

8 thoughts on “Official BOICE Membership

  1. hi, i am trying to sign up in the fncent page, but i cant seem to get past the ID box. what are the requisites for this–> do we create our own ID; how many letters, do we need to use numbers, any restrictions on characters?

  2. Hi…I have already applied in fnc.ent couple of days and somehow succeed to submit my application (at least I thought it worked because the language was in korean 😀 ) and I just found out that we should use internet explorer. When I applied, at first it didn’t work because I used ‘underscore’ for my ID scanned file. After I removed it and used letters only I thought I succeeded (there was no more sign that said my ID file was incorrect). But until today I haven’t got any reply. Should I re-apply? Thank you for sharing this information..

    • Hi, perhaps you should wait and keep checking the Members section as I specified in the Tut to see if they’ve approved you. If they still don’t add you in a few days, then you should email FNC to let them know whats going on. Good luck^^

  3. Thank you so much for this information!!
    One of my dreams as a fan is became in an offcial boice!
    I have to tell you, I’m a little scared about the bank’s stuff :/
    But I will try to find a solucion.
    Espero que todo resulte bien! 😉

    • You’re welcome sweetie! If you are uneasy about the bank fees, its best to go to your bank and make the transfer in person and pay the fees there if you can so that if you have any questions, they can help ease your mind!

      I had no problems making my payment to FNC and was able to do everything online! Hope that eases your mind a bit.

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