[Site News] Wishing A Happy Birthday To Lovely Kang Minhyuk & Cake Project!!

KMH 23th Bday by ColorMeCNBLUEHello Lovely BOICE,

Today we would like to celebrate one of the most humble, sweet, caring young men in KPOP, our CNBLUE drummer, Kang Minhyuk who is turning 23 years old on June 28th! We worked really hard over the last few weeks to make, this our first project, come true with your help and we did it! Our cake and cupcakes made it to Yonghwa safe and sound and now its Minhyuk’s turn to receive his Lovely gifts from ColorMeCNBLUE, CNBLUE USA, and our partner for this project, CNBLUE Puerto Rico. I want to thank all of you who made this project possible because without your donations, we wouldn’t have done it!

Happy Birthday, Kang Minhyuk


With just one look at the handsome musician, one can clearly see Kang Minhyuk has something special. No one comes close to have the ability to be super sweet one minute, then turn on the HOT the next, but Minhyuk knows the secret and he guards it well, along with his flawless skincare regimen. This is just a sampling of Minhyuk’s Sexy, Cute, Lovely self.

**Warning: The following post is IMAGE HEAVY & FULL OF SUPER CUTENESS**


31 MH twitter 130314MH 2IMG_0142 130220 MBC FM4U MH

Minhyuk has this natural ability to light up a room with his gorgeous eyesmile and takes the best selca…

130625 MH TwitterMH twitter 130124min_pov01MH show Champ 130220 bm6myz A9l8oeeCQAEemPD A7isPsnCcAIZ7k- TuAy1preminhyuk-1111101203 filming for It's OK Daddy's Girl right now. Thans to the fans and to all of the staff, who prepare meal for us. Thank you very much. I'm really touched, really thank you! I'm charged u 111225

Who can’t love a guy who loves his brothers so much? I love Minhyuk’s relationship with his two hyungs and his Jungshin…

A1iRdjyCMAAtJSH WYs3 660073589 121105 MH&YH scrn-51226723

yhmh 101202 Hi, it's guitar freak Jonghyun. Huhu, it’s been a while since we did a music show ^^ to celebrate it, I took one picture with Minhyuk xP South Korea, hooray! 120012585fa 63944101tBB2z6uuCcAAtEPm 141875337Yong & MH twitter 130331

He’s so damn stylish but also well known for his ‘Model Behavior’…

ij005 qx004 052dj 033vs yp402 w7403 N-012 N-015

iZxBv KL5uz DAZED & CONFUSED_2013年5月號 (4) 04-3

But most of all, no one can deny his his passion and talent for music…This guy is truly special beyond explanation…Our Lovely, Kang Minhyuk!!

SFWRX tumblr_mohn7y51F51qklptpo10_1280 774440749 0910CNBLUE10058 743023716 74302361714 734758430 CNBLUE - I'm Sorry Live Stage @SBS Inkigoyo 130127 gogox2(1) 245 934w

Project: Happy 23rd Birthday, Kang Minhyuk Birthday Cake


After we submitted our cake designs and wishes to the bakery and they gave us our quote, we knew we had to set our goal pretty high in order to cover all the costs. Our initial goal of $550 was way too low so we were really nervous that we couldn’t come up with the $882 our final project costs would be. We ended up surpassed our goal to collect at least $1000 and were able to afford two cakes and accompanying 30 cupcakes for each delivery to Yonghwa and Minhyuk separately, for a total of two cakes & 60 cupcakes! Thanks to all of our supporters, we were able to make it with a little to spare.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Total Donations Received: $1334 USD
  • Total Needed for Cakes, Cupcakes, & Delivery x2: $896.00 USD (Including Western Union Transfer Fees)/ 995,000 Won
  • Total Left over: $438

Project Contributors

Donations List  MH

Special Messages from CNBLUE USA & CNBLUE Puerto Rico:

From Pinky (CNBLUE USA):

“Hello Everyone! Once again I’m very thankful to all of you who supported us on our first project specially to ColorMeCnblue and CNBLUEPR who helped us promote our project! We were so happy that our project was a big success. Please continue to promote and support Us on our upcoming projects! Thank you!

“To our Lovely Drummer! Music without drums has no feels to it, just like a human without heart, because drums is the heartbeat of the music..Wish you all the best! Happy23RDHyukDay” ~PINKY~ @JYHlover17

From Cess (CNBLUE USA):

“Annyeong Minhyukie! Happy Birthday to you my dear CNBLUE maknae. I’m wishing one of my favorite guys in the world every goodness, success, and happiness in your life!. Every beat of your drum touches the heart of every BOICE, and I thank you for that! Love you Minhyuk <3″ ~Cess~@Jonghwarrior

From Griselle (CNBLUE PR):

“Dear Lovely Drummer, Thank you for showing your energy through everything that you do. Seeing your strength on stage makes us actually feel every song. May you always have that passion that makes CNBLUE rock even higher!” ~Grisy~ @CNBluePR

From Mari (CNBLUE USA/ ColorMeCNBLUE):

“Dear Minhyuk, I want to take a moment to praise you for all of your talents, your musical drumming talent first of all but also your Acting, Modeling, and your talent of stealing fans’ hearts! I love you for all these reasons but most of all, I love you because underneath it all, you’re just a normal guy wanting to live happy and healthy and I admire that in you. Thank you for taking care of our CNBLUE boys when they need you, and for being who you are. Please grow old and have lots of grandchildren to follow your legacy! I love you, Have a Happy Birthday for your fans!!  P.S. Can I please have my heart back? ~Love you always, Mari~ @ColorMeCNBLUE

I would like to send all my followers, friends, contributors, and BOICE Family a huge THANK YOU for all of your promotions and support in this project! Part Two of our ‘Happy Birthday’ Project is finally complete!! And once again, to the best bakery in the world, Sweet 16th Bakery!

Project: Kang Minhyuk 23rd Birthday Cake, Mission Accomplished!!!

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  3. Everything looks super cool! I like the drumsticks on the cake. 🙂
    And your collection of photos is fantastic!!! The model batch…good gravy…it’s like a completely different person in those photos! It’s Minhyuk on another level…

    • Yes! That’s why I love his modeling shoots so much! I think the set/art directers really see his potencial for transforming into different ‘personalities’! He’s really

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