[Site News] I Missed This Place…

Hello Lovely BOICE,

As you’ve probably noticed I’ve been pretty much on a long ass hiatus from updating my site but I haven’t been away from the fandom completely since I’ve been pretty active on Twitter and of course, I attended KCON 2014 last weekend and hosted a booth for CNBLUE USA cuz you know we had to represent BOICE and let CNBLUE know we US fans won’t ever stop since they ‘Can’t Stop’! OK yeah that was corny but I really do feel they were trying to tell us something with their choice of wording over the past year, that message has become very clear to me. Since CNBLUE ‘Can’t Stop’ then neither should their die hard fans! I’m here, though I may take breaks here and there cuz I’m only human you know? But I’m here and I know you are too and we are strong and need to show CNBLUE that like them, WE CAN’T STOP and we won’t stop loving and supporting them every chance we get!

So if you haven’t read my article on CNBLUE‘s appearance at KCON this year, here it is: http://colormecnblue.com/2014/08/15/news-cnblue-wows-over-20k-kpop-fans-at-kcon-2014/. I’m working on my personal FA (fan account) for you all to read that will include some pictures taken at the convention as well so please look out for that! And in case you haven’t noticed, my KCON experience marks my official ‘comeback’ to the site so please look forward to regular updates several times a week and hot content as you know you can always count on Mari for the SUPER HD VIDEOS and Exclusive Content you won’t find anywhere else right??

BTW, I will be taking requests for content that I haven’t shared already and will be sharing lots of HD goodies so I hope you guys will stick with me cuz we BOICE, especially me, aren’t going ANYWHERE!!!


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