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CNBLUE (Korean: 씨엔블루 Japanese: シーエヌブルー ), stylized as CNBLUE,  are a South Korean rock band formed in Seoul in 2009. The band consists of Jung Yong Hwa (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Lee Jong Hyun (lead guitar, vocals), Lee Jung Shin (bass guitar, vocals) and Kang Min Hyuk (drums, vocals). “CN is an abbreviation of ‘Code Name’ while BLUE is an abbreviation of the members’ individual images,” said by one of the members. ‘Burning’ represents Lee Jong Hyun, ‘Lovely’ represents Kang Min Hyuk, ‘Untouchable’ represents Lee Jung Shin, and ‘Emotional’ represents Jung Yong Hwa. Debuted on 19 August 2009 in Japan with the band’s first mini album,Now or Never’. The group released four teasers for their 1st mini album Bluetory, starring one member per each of the videos in the sequence of Jonghyun, Minhyuk, Jungshin and lastly, Yonghwa on the 6th, 8th, 11 and 13 January 2010 respectively. On January 14, 2010 CNBLUE debuted their first mini-album in Korea with the lead single “I’m a Loner” (Korean: 외톨이야).

For Full Career Bio: CNBLUE – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Random Facts

  • They formally debuted as an indie band on August 19, 2009 with ‘Now or Never’. The mini-album was recorded completely in English, and failed to chart on the Oricon.
  • In late September, their original bassist Kwon Kwang Jin left the band and was replaced by Lee Jung Shin later that year.
  • CNBLUE and fellow label-mates F.T. Island performed in America for the first time at Los Angeles‘ Nokia Theater on March 9, 2012. Since then, they have visited the U.S. five times , and counting.
  • On March 26, the band released their third Korean mini album, Ear Fun.
  • The album Ear Fun peaked at No.1 on online and offline chart physical album sales that week.
  • After completing their mini album promotion CNBLUE continues their Korean activities with individual works of the members in drama and also held their first fan meeting in Seoul on May 5, 2012.
  • 2012 was a major year for the band as they made their American debut but also performed to a sold out show in London, England for the first time ever on September 21st, 2012. For more band ‘firsts’ go here!!
  • In January, CNBLUE’s ‘RE: BLUE’ comeback took the band through one record to another! They achieved an all kill on the debut of their album, hit the US ‘Billboard’ music charts for the first time, and sold a record number of albums all within a month after its release!
  • CNBLUE won their first ‘Triple Crown’ trophy after winning MBC’s Music Show Champion for three solid weeks.
  • April 6th 2013 marked the start of CNBLUE’s first world tour titled, ‘BLUE MOON’. The tour hit all over Asia and then branched out to North and South America. Click here for my Review!!
  • CNBLUE is the first Korean band to have all its members become successful actors.
  • All the members are single and live together in a bachelor flat in Seoul, Korea.
  • Their favorite fast food joint to visit when in LA is ‘In and Out’.
  • January 20th 2014 marked the band’s first day ever in New York City.
  • CNBLUE USA is the first and only dedicated fan base for CNBLUE in the United States run by U.S. BOICE.

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CNBLUE Pre-Debut

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