[Scan] 120521 CNBLUE @ Style Magazine Vol. 3

HOLY SHIT! I cannot put into words how awesomely GORGEOUS they all look in these scans! Yonghwa, oh my sweet Yonghwa, thank you for all your hard work (and workouts), I really appreciate how your shirts fit your hard chest and how your pants hug your thighs oh so right! Thank you, Saranghe!

I know I always focus on how good they look but we all know that they are musically talented and can act and are such sweet and down to earth young men but they are all HAWT on top of it all OK! So don’t judge me if you think I just care about their looks because that is clearly not true lol! With that said, I really love these guys for real <33

Source: YONGHWA.ZOA.TO, cnbluethailand