Hello My Lovely BOICE,

Here’s is where you get to let me know what you would like me to share! I hate to boast but I have over 500 gigs of the following all featuring CNBLUE:

  • TV music shows & backstage clips
  • Live performances
  • DVDs
  • Magazine & album scans
  • Documentary shows
  • Videos are dated from January 2010 – Current

**Please support the artist by purchasing their music and merchandise**

One thing I may not really have much of is variety show appearances but I have a few clips so ask me and I’ll let you know if I have it! I’ve been collecting all the CNBLUE media I can find, most are TS quality unless otherwise stated. I will be uploading all of the 2012 Korean comeback performances from the end of March til they went on hiatus in April and anything else that is recent. Anything else you want, just ask!


  • Please DO NOT ASK FOR ENGLISH SUBS! If I post Raw video without subs it is becuase I cannot find or the Eng Subs are not available! I DO NOT SUB so please do not ask me to sub anything for you!!
  • Please comment on the post if you are going to download
  • Please DO NOT re-post my Media Fire links, Use your own file sharing links if you are going to re-upload any files!
  • Please DO NOT HOTLINK any images or other content!
  • If you are going to re-post any files, Please list the original credit source from my blog post and link back to
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As you may know there are broken links throughout the older posts on my site due to my main Media Fire account that was hosting to files being suspended. I have been busy updating most of the more recent posts but the task seems to be more difficult than I originally thought. If I had another computer and perhaps more time, I would be more efficient but that’s not the case.

So what I plan to do is to upload the files on a “Request to Upload” basis. What this means is if you see a post with broken links that you want to download, let me know by leaving a comment on that post and I’ll upload it as soon as I can! Once the post is updated, I’ll put *Updated* in the title. Please make sure to visit the site often or Follow my blog or my twitter as I often post updates info there.

If anyone has any requests for me, please visit the Requests page and USE THE FORM to leave a request. Please DO NOT leave a request in the comments! Using the form sends me a email directly and helps me keep track of the requests I get easily so I dont lose track of what you guys want me to share! As always I love your feedback so if you have any suggestions, general site comments or advice for me, please visit my About page and use the form there!


**BTW: PLEASE KEEP YOUR REQUESTS REASONABLE!! I am only one person who is running this site as you should all know, its just Me and I have a life aside from this site so please understand that! Don’t ask me for ALL of CNBLUE’s performances during a promotional tour or all of their DVD’s at once! I’m trying to do my best to share stuff with my followers and other BOICE so please appreciate that and dont get too greedy hehe!!**

Thank you again for all your continued support!!

ღღ♬♪ YOU GUYS ROCK ♬ღღ


Once again, if you have any questions, drop me a note!


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26 thoughts on “Requests

  1. hi=) thank you so much for this site ^__^ i’d like to request cnblue live magazine dvd. could you share it with us if you have it. thanks in advance!!! ❤

    • Hi, you’re very welcome! Can you specify which LM You’d like? I don’t have them all in hd ISO, only LM 1, 2, 6 and soon ill have LM 7. The rest of the files are in food quality just not all hd if I recall correctly. So let me know which one/ ones to post!

      Next time, could you please use the request form instead of leaving a comment? It’s more personal that way!! Thanks <333

  2. I wanted to ask you if you have the muzit episode of 2010.08.07 where cn blue was guested ??

    • Heck yeah I got that!! All the perfs in HD =D…you making an offical request? Hehe, I can post it soon but just give me some time cuz I have a few other reqeusts to get to first!! Thanks! Do me a favor and send me a request thru the form just so I can keep a record of all the ones I get, this way I wont forget yours!! Thank you luv

  3. Hi Mari! Is it possible for you to upload audio/mp3 rips of their live DVDs especially LISTEN TO THE CNBLUE, WINTER TOUR 2011 and LIVE MAGAZINE VOL.7? I just need them live on my iPod! *____*

    Anyway, thank you for all your hard work! Really appreciate it. 🙂

    • Hi Molly, Yah I can post the LTTC & WINTOUR soon, I also was going to share the 392 concert audio as well so please stay tuned for those posts very soon! I didn’t make one for LM7 yet because I really would like to have the HD ISO first so that the audio quality is at max! So please just wait for that as well! Thank you for your requests and thank you for your kind words! I really do it to share CNBLUE with all of you, thank you for appreciating it! <333

  4. Hi ! Can i ask you if you’re going to upload CN Blue’s MTV Unplugged
    (the performance) ?? thanks in advance and I just came across your site recently and you have no idea how thankful I am that this site exists because it’s so hard to find CN Blue stuff … keep up the good work ! ^^

    • I have found the HD mp4 of the performance and was thinking of sharing it until I finally get my hands on the DVDISO which is what I prefer! But yeah I am going to post it either today or tomorrow! Thank you for the request and stay tuned!!

        • Yup, I will try to get it as soon as I can but in the meantime I will be posting the performance video I found! Also, thank you so much for finding and liking my site, I really appreciate that people can find stuff CNBLUE related here, that’s’ why I started this site!

  5. Hi there! 🙂
    Do you by any chance have a copy of CNBLUE’s LA performance?
    Thanks. 🙂

    • There was no official release of the Mnet ‘Stand up’ concert in LA as of yet! I do have the entire raw Boom The Kpop Documentary that aired about it however.

      As far as the actual concert, all I have is a collection of fan cams which I don’t like to post on my site because the owners do not like their personal videos re-uploaded and I respect that! I got them mostly from searching YouTube so maybe you can do the same!

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