Downloading 101

Hey Ya’ll,

**UPDATE** Recently I’ve started adding torrent files for download which are quicker for me to share and easier for you to download, however, if you’re not familiar with using torrents and torrent clients, it can be rather tricky to get started. I recommend that you use the uTorrent client because it is easy to instal, set up, and use. Here are a couple of sites with step by step instructions on how to download using torrent files.

I also would like to add that I live in the East Coast of the United States and I know many of you who will download my files do not live here or may live in a different time zone. Please keep in mind that while you may be up and about and trying to download a file, I may be in bed because of the time difference so it may be 5AM where I am so the file you may want to download will not be seeded because I’m not available! Also, if you download something from me and don’t seed, others will not be able to download as well. I depend on my followers to continue to seed the files I share so that other fans may be able to access the special CNBLUE goodies on the site so please keep that in mind when you leech something.

**TIP** Please visit Adblock to get the add-on for your browser! Its awesome at blocking ads and those stupid surveys!

OK so since I have been getting so many comments about needing help downloading from my site now that I made some changes on the way I post downloads, I thought it would be helpful to make a Page and a quick tutorial with some downloading tips on how to download from ColorMeCNBLUE! Please read carefully and follow all the steps before asking how to download!

Step 1:

**NOTE** If there is a PW attached to the file, the PW will always be located in the post!!! Please, PLEASE do not leave comments asking for the PW!

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

**TIP** Another download tip would be to Google Premium Link generator sites where you can input my links and generate a premium link for whatever hosting site I use. For example: I have posted some links on Hotfile…you can go to this site hlusoe, enter the hotfile URL I provided into wherever you need to enter it and it will generate a premium link for you to download. This means faster download for you!!

Hope this short tutorial can help anyone who had some difficulties downloading from my site! As always, please let me know if any files are broken or deleted, and again I ask you to please read carefully before asking for help!


Enjoy your download and don’t forget to leave a comment in the post to say Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Downloading 101

  1. Hello ! I want to download the FNC Magazine scans. But I have poor internet connection. So I badly need the torrent files because I can download it even if I’m sleeping using my phone. Is there any torrent files for FNC Mag? 😦

    • I usually save using torrent uploading for large files so I don’t make downloading scan zips as torrents, sorry.

      The files aren’t that large and are uploaded to 4shared which doesn’t limit dl speed so it shouldn’t take too long to dl, even with bad Internet.

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