CNBLUE’s Daum Cafe: Join & Level Up

Hello Beautiful BOICE,

I have been meaning to put this tutorial together the moment that I figured out how to level up my membership on CNBLUE‘s Daum Cafe but want’ able to until today so THANK YOU all for your patience and without further adieu, here it is! This tutorial will cover step by step how to:

  • Create a Daum Account
  • Join CNBLUE’s Official Cafe (Basic Membership Status)
  • Level Up your Basic Membership To Official BOICE “Level 2 Status” (You will want to do this step if you would like to access all the Special Media FNC shares)

I am not FNC staff and cannot give you all the answers! Please contact the cafe staff If you have any questions specific to your account at:


STEP 1: Making a Daum Account

First things first, In order to join CNBLUE’s Official Daum Cafe, you first need to create a Daum account. Please READ CAREFULLY and follow the instructions below to create your initial account.

Official Daum Cafe Membership (CNBLUE cafe)

STEP 2: Joining the Cafe

Now that you have an official Daum account, you can change any personal settings and then proceed over to CNBLUE’s Cafe.

2013-07-12_Part1STEP 3: Leveling Up Your Membership

So by now you are officially a member of CNBLUE‘s cafe!! YAY! You now hold a Basic Membership or “Level 1 Status” but you can’t stop here if you want to be able to access the rest of the site! There are already some threads that you can view but at this point, you are really limited in what you can access with the “free” membership. This part of the tutorial requires a bit more navigating of the foreign place that is CNBLUE‘s Cafe page so PLEASE follow the steps carefully before asking me questions, I WILL NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS that can easily be answered if you just read!!

2013-07-12_Part_3There are basically three steps to leveling your account to become Official BOICE in the cafe.

  1. Introducing yourself here -“출석인사”
  2. Registering by Answering 7 questions
  3. Checking your status

It IS SUPER IMPORTANT THAT YOU FOLLOW ALL THE RULES LISTED!! If you don’t, the cafe staff may deny your application and you’ll have to do it all over again!

As the image above shows, click “Foreign BOICE” to view that board. You will see this:


After you’ve read all the rules, Head over to the Introduction Section that looks like this “출석인사”


2013-07-12_Part_3_DOnce you have posted your Intro, Next head over to the “Registration” Section, click that and copy/paste the questions but enter YOUR OWN CORRECT ANSWERS:

2013-07-12_Registration 2013-07-12_Part_3_EOnce you have submitted your Application in the Registration Area, you now have to wait to have your application reviewed by the staff. If it is accepted then you will see your post in the “Official Member” Section but if your application has been denied for whatever reason, you will see it in the “Deleted Posts” Section with a reason why it was denied. Once you figure out what you did wrong, make whatever corrections you need to make and follow the steps again to post your answers, rinse and repeat.


STEP 4: Leveling up Part 2

OK so let’s recap, first you followed some rules, made your intro, and answered a few questions. You checked the “Official Member” section and found your info there so you’re good to go right? WRONG!!! Now is the fun part! You still can’t access any of the REAL goodies yet because you still aren’t a “Level 2 BOICE”, you are now considered a ‘Level 1″ Member. To view your current status, you can always check here:

2013-07-12_about_me 2013-07-12_About_U

OK so now that you’ve confirmed your “newbie” status, you need to get to level two and the only way to do that is to comment, comment, comment!! Check the same thread that you posted your Intro in and read other BOICE comments and reply to them! This is the perfect time to get to know other Foreign BOICE just like yourself and even talk to friends you already know! I am not really sure how many comments you need to get to the next level because I didn’t really pay attention to how many I left. But it wasn’t hard to post 10-15 comments in a matter of a day or two! I think it takes about 10-20 comments/posts to get you to “Level 2 BOICE” but if anyone knows exactly how many it takes, please let me know!

Try Posting on these threads:

  • “출석인사”
  • “자유친목”new
  • “10대친목”new

Whatever you do at this point, DON’T SPAM THE CAFE!! That is the quickest way to get your account or your membership status revoked! Once you have become “Level 2 BOICE”, you can now access all the parts of the cafe threads that you were restricted from before except for areas that are especially for Staff or for CNBLUE members themselves! Yonghwa and Jungshin have recently been active on the cafe in this thread “팬들에게“. Yonghwa even replied to a fan’s comment about himself and left a cute message for fans! His Official Daum ID is 진짜용용 which translates to “Real Yong Yong! hehe He’s SUPER CUUUUUUUTE!!

That’s the end of the tutorial so I really hope I was able to clear up some of the more tricky steps to Leveling Up! Remember that joining the cafe means you get to enjoy all the images and videos that FNC shares with fans however, they have recently informed us BOICE, NOT TO REPOST OR SHARE any media they post! I know, it’s a stupid rule but its their rule and we have to abide by them! Please pass along this information to any BOICE you know who need the help!!


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5 thoughts on “CNBLUE’s Daum Cafe: Join & Level Up

  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS TUTORIAL. Seriously I couldn’t have joined without your help. Random question: Do you know how to upload an avatar or DP to your profile? I’ve been looking around but not being able to follow Korean makes it really hard! 🙂

      • No worries – was just curious! 🙂 And again thank you so much. I had tried to follow a few different tutorials on how to join daum but had trouble because they weren’t as clear and concise as yours. You really have helped so many fans! Much love.

        • I know exactly what you mean! I have struggled with other tutorials for Daum but I’m happy to have been able to put this together for everyone to use so we can finally be active on CNB’s cafe along with everyone else!! So glad I could help you ^^

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