[Pic] 120907 Kang ‘Sekwang’ Minhyuk’s Last Days @ KBS ‘My Husband’s Got a Family’

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[Pic | DL] Jung Yonghwa @ Juniel ‘My First June’ Debut Showcase

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Just when I thought it was safe for me to go to bed, I happen to look at the massive amount of new tweets on my twitter page and I see what the frenzy was about…HOT-ASS YONGHWA in a sexy white partially buttoned down shirt and jeans with his acoustic guitar! *BTW: I think this was what he wore in my latest X-rated day dream but that’s another story >,<“”*

The pictures just kept coming with every click and I just can’t contain the feeling…I am definitely an EMOTIONAL BOICE, and at the moment that title is very fitting! OMG the feeeelllllzzzzz are too much to handle right now and this is only from seeing the pictures, I can only imagine if there is a video to see, how will my Ovaries react!

Too bad Yonghwa’s sheer presence seemed to steal Juniel’s ‘thunder’ in a way because I don’t know about you all but I was like “Juniel who??” after seeing the first image. According to a fan account I read, Yonghwa stood off to the side of the stage and had to literally direct onlooker’s attention back to Juniel who was on the stage at the time. I just can’t wait to see if there is a video of this performance because I’m going to be all over it in more ways than one LOL! Ahh the life of a fangirl I swear!

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