[Vid] CNBLUE Zepp Tour 2011 ~RE-MAINTENANCE~ @ Zepp Tokyo

CNBLUE: Zepp Tour ~Re-Maintancence~ 2011

Release Date: Apr 25th 2011
Picture Format: NTSC
Format: DVD ISO
Language: Japanese

Track List:

1 intro
2 Let’s Go Crazy
3 Love Revolution
4 Sweet Holiday
5 voice
6 Now or Never
7 Never too late
8 The Way part 2~Ready N Go~
9 Jam Session
10 Black Flower
11 Just please
12 Y,Why…
13 Lie
14 The Way part 3~eclipse~
15 Teardrops in the rain
16 ひとりぼっち
18 The Way part 1~one time~
19 Try again, smile again
20 Don’t say good bye
21 kimio
22 I don’t know why
23 愛光
24 High Fly
25 One of a kind
26 a.ri.ga.tou

**Attention: As a thank you to me, Please continue to seed file when your download is finished so others can download with faster speeds. Also, remember that I am located in the US so I only will seed during the day so please keep that in mind before you leave me a comment complaining about the DL speed! Thank you**


**Please support the artist by purchasing their music and merchandise**

I have been wanting to buy this DVD for awhile now but times are hard and money is short lol plus with all the new CNBLUE releases lately, it’s hard to put money aside for older releases like this one but this concert is definitely a MUST SEE/ MUST BUY. I know I say that with everything I recommend but then again, all of their stuff is just awesome! It’s nice to be able to download this now and BUY it later because nothing can beat actually having it in your hands to enjoy the artwork up close and personal and the new item smellll!! Always remember to please support CNBLUE and purchase their merchandise!


**Click on Image for DL / Please leave a comment if you download**
Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

62 thoughts on “[Vid] CNBLUE Zepp Tour 2011 ~RE-MAINTENANCE~ @ Zepp Tokyo

  1. Can you please tell me how to download? I verified the code and got the link to the torrent. But then it got confusing and I could not download anything. Thank you

  2. Sorry to trouble you after all this time, but I was wondering if you’re still seeding this. I’d be glad to wait, but I was just wondering if I have a chance. LOL

    • Hi Dani, Sorry for the SUPER late reply sweetie, I will make a post with more details about why I am not seeding anymore so please stay tuned cuz its coming today! Sorry again

  3. Hi!! I’m currently downloading this one, it’s been 3 days since I started =) the first night it started downloading very fast but lately it doesn’t download anymore, I just looked and it’s only uploading but it isn’t downloading, do you think I’ve pressed something on utorrent that I shouldn’t have that’s why it only uploads and doesn’t download??? thank you~~!

      • Oh don’t worry at all, I was just worried that I had done something to utorrent without knowing it and I was kinda panicking thinking I had broken the programme or something ^^; thank you for answering and sorry for the bother ^^;; and also thank you for all your effort in sharing all of this wonderful content =)

        • No worries, I love to share CNBLUE with fans, that’;s why I made this site! Sometimes the utorrent application hangs or stops downloading and it also depends on your internet connection. When that happens, its good to close out the program and restart it or even restart your computer to reset the cashe. Good luck^^

          • Aww ❤ you are so kind! ^^ Ah so I see, I had to go out shopping a while back and so turned off my comp, it was downloading at 35 kb per sec and now that I turned it back on it's downloading, impressively, at 130 kb per sec O_O sometimes it even reaches 180 kbp per sec I'm pretty impressed O__O I guess I'll be watching this concert sooner than expected! thank you so much =)

  4. sorry for disturb but could you check the torrent again?

    It seems not be working now. i really want to watch this concert so bad 😦

    thanks 🙂

    • The torrents work, its just no one is seeding it right now, other than me and I dont seed the files all day everyday! I just now started the seed since I was sleeping! You have to remember, I may be in a different time zone than you are so I may not be available when you want to DL at times…sorry but its just the way it is especially when people download and dont seed (leech) the files and I have to be the only one to seed them!

      • thanks for your reply, I’m dowloading both 392 live concert and Zepp tour. Although there’s no seed in these 2 torrents but 392 is still running and downloading but it says “connecting to peers” in Zepp tour. I don’t know why.

        • I get that sometimes too, I’m not sure why that happens. Perhaps if you shut down your torrent client and restart it it may connect again. Also sometimes if you pause the dl and press play again, it will connect. But right now I’m currently seeding!

  5. finally watched it!!! I love the jam session and the encore DJ session!!!
    why don’t they do it more often >_<?! so jealous of the japanese fans haha

    • ME TOO! Yeah, they should have a freestyle jam session like that at all their concerts. And not just how they’ve been doing but just like this where its like an instrumental song! This was so cool and rare^^

  6. Wow, you are incredibly fast! Hurrrrrrrrrrray, all the links are fixed! Thank you soooooo much for your hard work!
    Have a nice day! Mine will be full of CNBlue !;o)

    • You’re welcome^^ Let me know if you need me to fix any other links and remember that the torrent files are seeded by me when I’m available. If its not seeding, just leave your torrent app running while you sleep which would be daytime for me since I’m in the US =))

  7. Hi again,
    This link is broken too.
    I just realised that I spent nearly all the afternoon looking for some vids on your site!! I think that my CNBlue addiction just started!Count me in in your followers list ;o)
    Thanks again!

  8. Thank you for letting me know, I will fix the links as soon as I can. thank you for your patience and I did read the other messages you left about the dead links on the other posts as well. Thanks

  9. I have downloaded this but it only had 31 minutes with the 6 files. Is this correct or something is wrong while I am downloading? I would like to confirm…..

  10. hey there, I ‘ve been trying hard to find this live performance and now I also can’t find it here. is there any way I can download it? I’d really apreciate it, thanks

    • Yah, unfortunately, since my Mediafire acct was suspended, a lot of my links were broken! I’ll add this to my list of ‘Upload Requests’ for you and have the links up as soon as I can!

      Give me a couple of days but check back often or you can follow me if you haven’t already just to keep track of my updates! thanks for your comment ^^

      • Thank you so much 🙂

        Thanks for the PW and upload this, I started to download it and am very anxious to see the DVD. CNBlue is one of my favorite bands and I love each of their songs, really you made ​​me very happy. ^^

        Have a very nice day.

  11. Hi Mari, i love CNBLUE too. First time i’m listening to their music was the song called “I’m a loner” then their struck me again with “Love Light” and ever since then it keep spinning around in my head. Now i just can’t get it out of my head LOL
    I was wondering can you send me the password for the links, ’cause i found out their concert was so enjoyable to watch but i never had it in such a good quality. Thank you so much you’re my savior.

    • I’m glad that I could share with you and the rest of my readers! I remember when I first found out about CNBLUE, shortly after that I was hooked on them. Its not just their music, its them! Their personalities and their humbleness is just so inspiring to me, I really admire them more than anything! It’s why I have this site, so I can share my love for them!

      Enjoy the concert and please follow me for updates!! THank you! CHeck ur email too

      • You’re so true, its not just their music but also because its them. Once u know a little bit about them, u just want to know as much as u can ’bout them :). I’ so glad that there are so much people who felt the same ’bout them. Anyway thanks for the password, CNBLUE fighting

    • Sorry, I noticed you just copy/pasted the same thing in like 5 different posts. I really would appreciate since you want to download my files, that you would actually care enough comment the right way and actually mean it! I reserve the right to deny the PW request.

        • No worries, I should apologize. I think at the time that I replied to you I was mostly annoyed and shouldn’t have been so hasty… Mianhae… I’ll send you the PWs first chance I get tomorrow luv

    • I was going to just share the Mediafire links for this DVD since I finally was able to dl it! It took over 3 weeks just to dl because no one was seeding it!! Such a pain in the butt lol but yah, if you can wait a bit, I’m going to update this post! Stay tuned!

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