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Lee Jong Hyun (이종현; born on May 15, 1990) is a South Korean guitarist, musician, singer, and actor. He is currently the lead guitarist, vocalist and occasional composer of the South Korean rock band CNBLUE, which debuted in January 2010 in South Korea. Lee got his start when the group debuted as Indie band on the Japanese music scene in August 2009. Later, CNBLUE made their major debut in October 2011 with their single, “In My Head“. Lee was initially given the role of the leader of the group when the band made their debut in Japan in 2009. Following their Korean debut in January 2010, fellow member Jung Yonghwa became the new leader.

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Random Facts

  • Born:  May 15, 1990 (age 25) in Busan, South Korea
  • Height, Weight: 182 CM, 64KG
  • Star sign: Taurus
  • Blood Type: O
  • Occupations Guitarist, singer, composer, lyricist, arranger, producer., actor
  • Instruments Guitar, piano, bass guitar, harmonica
  • Before becoming an Idol, Jonghyun was known as an ‘Ulzzang’, an internet celebrity known for their good looks.
  • Jonghyun‘s Code Name is ‘Burning’ so his fans are called ‘Burning Souls’
  • When he was a child, he started training in martial arts and ended up becoming a Judo Championship winner.
  • Because of a wrestling injury to his ear, Jonghyun underwent plastic surgery to repair the damage, a piece of information that was unwittingly divulged by FTI’s Lee Hongki during an interview. He later publically apologised to Jonghyun for his lack of discretion
  • Jonghyun uses a variety of guitars, including a red Paul Reed Smith Custom 22, a Gibson Les Paul Historic Reissue Goldtop, a Carvin Custom, a Martin HD28 Acoustic and a Tobacco Burst Fender Stratocaster.
  • Jonghyun made his small screen debut in SBS weekend drama ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’, when he played ‘Collin Black’, which started airing on May 26th 2012.
  • Later that year, Jonghyun won ‘Best Newcomer’ Award at the Seoul Drama Awards.
  • He admitted that his parents have been supportive of his musical career despite their worry for him. They told him they would support whatever decision he would make. This made him appreciate them even more and he stated, that is how he would like to be when he is a parent someday.
  • One of the first big ticket purchases he made when he started earning income from CNBLUE was to buy his parents a house in Busan, Korea.
  • Jonghyun co-composed ‘More Than You’ on the band’s album, RE: BLUE and has either written or composed at least one song on each of the band’s Japanese releases since their first album, ‘Now or Never’..
  • Jonghyun and Jungshin are called ‘Tom & Jerry‘ because they lovely play fight all the time like cats and dogs.
  • He’s mentioned that he loves acting and didn’t think he would, but he loves music more and would like to focus on that more in the future.
  • Jonghyun shed some skin and made his fans go wild when he posed nearly shirtless for the first time in the FNC Magazine Vol. 3.
  • He is known to walk around the CNBLUE dorm house nearly naked regularly, especially freshly out of the shower and wrapped only in his towel. The other guys had learned to deal with this behavior
  • His fans call him ‘Glutton Jjong because he loves to eat and can be randomly caught on film with his cheeks full of food
  • Despite his mature and handsomely ‘cold’ appearance, Jonghyun loves babies and wants to hold them whenever he sees one. Apparently, the babies always love him back.
  • Before their debut, while they were trainees living in Japan, Jonghyun was given the title of leader of the band and looked after the members while Yonghwa was away working.
  • Lee Jonghyun was brought up a Catholic, his self given English name is ‘John’.
  • He is the youngest of three children, being the only boy in the family

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Lee Jonghyun Pre-Debut

18 thoughts on “Lee Jonghyun

  1. Sometimes ,I wondering if he’s a human….(especially when look at his latest pictures)
    Perfect defined creature who is awkward n blunt sometimes…with high dedication to his passion n work….why must you exist? @_@

    • Trust me I know know what you mean! I sometimes think I’m being punished to have found such awesome and sweet and good looking and men to only find they are so untouchable and I will never know them how I want to…*sighs* the life of a fan is rough! If only I can find a guy with those qualities haha!

      We as true fans just have to love them from afar and pray that they are happy and find love too! They exist to bring us happiness right? Its their job, literally haha!

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