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I fell into the KPOP world in 2011 and I haven’t been able to recover since. Ever since I found out about CNBLUE, I have fallen deeper and deeper in love each day. I really hate to focus on one member because the entire group is made up of four really amazingly talented guys, but every girl has her favorite boy right?

My favorite member is Jung Yonghwa! I will try to keep my Fan-girling to a minimum but on occasion I have been known to thrash about my apartment after viewing a new picture or sexy ‘Yong‘ performance. So now you know my weakness, I will admit if I were ‘Supergirl‘, Yonghwa-ssi would be my Kryptonite LOL. And yes, I am a total nerd as well which will become apparent to frequent visitors. I am fully aware that there are lots of blogs and sites dedicated to this group of guys, but I feel that my blog will be different because…well because I’m running it! If you wanna know anything else about me, just ask! I am totally easy to talk to and I would love to meet other CNBLUE lovers!

I am a staff member at CNBLUESTORM as of June 22nd 2012, I officially became apart of the leading international fan-site for CNBLUE. Created for BOICE by BOICE, CNBLUESTORM was launched on March 12, 2010 and has been growing by the day not only in popularity with fans but also with the media. Last March, they were invited by MNET to attend the “Stand Up by M Live” Press Conference on March 8″ staff.I cannot begin to explain how honored I feel to have been added to the CNBLUESTORM family since we all have the same purpose and that is to support CNBLUE no matter what.

My official title is Blogger/ Content Contributor and my prime responsibilities include being a part of the Correspondence Team for KPopStarz as an iReporter writing news articles and other content exclusively for the KPOP news and entertainment site as a representative of CNBLUESTORM. I’m also part of the general staff so I make posts and update as needed. So between running ColorMeCNBLUE and working for and with CNBLUESTORM, I have my hands pretty full at the moment but I’m loving it! I get to work with awesome BOICE, writing about the band that I love! Not to mention having wonderful opportunities to be considered part of the media to cover certain events and provide information exclusive to CNBLUESTORM and even perhaps have a chance to interview or meet CNBLUE in the future!

Visit my profile page at CNBLUESTORM!

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In 2013, myself along with two of my closest U.S. BOICE friends founded CNBLUE USA together. Since then we’ve grown by a few team mates and have been working hard to get the awareness of CNBLUE out there to as many people as we can! This year we went to KCON 2014 and it was amazing!!

I do try to update often with news and other media content often for International CNBLUE fans to enjoy that you won’t fine elsewhere. Well you may find some stuff on other sites but I try to share HD videos and other things that most people just don’t really share! so Please visit often and have fun

The best way to contact me is through Twitter @Colormecnblue but please feel free to use the contact form below if you have any CNBLUE or ColorMeCNBLUE related questions, have something interesting to share with me, or just wanna say Hello!

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12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Mari!! Where are you in Florida? I’m a Filipino having a vacation here in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I will be back in Philippines on Thursday. I joined your contest too 😀 woah you’re Filipino tooooooo 😀

    • Well yeah on my fathers side tho it’s really distantly related lol! But it explains where we get my last name lol! I’m close To Orlando so that would be too far north for you but have fun ominous vacation!

      • Oh yeah Orlando’s at least 5 hr drive from here. I wouldve spazzed with you if i knew you before keke. Have you seen cnblue already? I’m so excited to go home to philippines, they’ll be there on june 15!!

  2. I’m back to your blog after almost two months and I’m delighted to find so many things, as you always have lots of information about our little blues. Thank you for sharing with us.

    • I was wondering where you’ve been!! Why’d you stay way for so long??

      THank you! I appreciate that you come and I’m glad you can visit my site and find new media and articles! I have posted so many things so take ur time to have a really good look around!! hehe

      • You remember me? wow! thanks! :3

        I’ve been working and my schedule is very heavy and when I have time, I devote myself to sleep basically jiji, … but when I can, I follow your posts from tumblr ^^
        I missed see your blog, and yes, I’m “actualizandome” with everything you’ve shared. 😀

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