[Site News] Where Da Hell You Been Mari?? I’ll Tell you…

Hello Lovely BOICE,

First of all let me start by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I started this post and deleted it like three times, this being the fourth, because I just don’t know where to start to explain/ tell you where I’ve been or why I’ve been M.I.A for the past few months. Most of 2014, the consistency of my updates was super off and for that I am so sorry. When I started this site, I had every intention of updating regularly with at least 3-4 posts weekly and I promised to share special content that really, no other site would share. My main goal was to gain more fans for CNBLUE and to grow my site alongside them and I think I started out pretty damn well. I built this site from the ground up all by myself and I am super proud of all the hard work and effort I’ve put into it and I know that you really do appreciate it.

I really am so sorry for not keeping my word of keep you up to date with our boys but unfortunately last year I had so many issues, both personal and health related that really hampered my energy and well being. I don’t think I need to mention that I suffer from a multitude of illnesses as you may already know but yeah, my health played and still plays a big part on my energy level and ability to focus and it really sucks big time!

Aside from my health, I had a MAJOR breakdown when in late October my 3 Terabit hard drive that housed my entire KPOP library which included ALL of my CNBLUE files that had been collected since early 2011 died which I did mention on Twitter at the time. Again, another setback for me because how can I run a site where I primarily share HD video files and other content if THERE IS NO CONTENT? Its ironic too because the hard drive failed when I was in the process of backing up the CNBLUE files to another hard drive I had purchased recently so yeah, I don’t understand that. So the good news is that the files on the drive are recoverable but the bad news is that it will cost a few hundred dollars to repair which I simply do not have.

Help Mari, Help You

So that leaves me to ask you for your help! I will find out exactly how much it will cost to have the drive recoverd but I ask you if you can please help me out in any way possible, I would appreciate it immensely! Then I can share all the files that I was previously seeding through torrents I created just for you but again, If I can’t access the files to share them with you guys, I don’t see how I can fully maintain ColorMeCNBLUE! If you would like to help me get my files back, you can click on the ‘Donations’ logo on the side bar which will take you straight to my PayPal account where you can leave your support donation directly to me. I hate to ask but, at this point, I need to ask you guys for your help. Again, anything you can afford to share with me will be much appreciated as there is no Minimum or Maximum amount required.

In Store for 2015

OK so with that said, now that you know why I was gone, we can focus on what the future will hold for Me, ColorMeCNBLUE and Beyond! With everything that happened last year behind me, I wanted 2015 to be the year of expansion. 2013 brought us CNBLUE USA (@CNBOICEUSA) so I feel that the next logical step for me in my quest to share my love for CNBLUE and KPOP in general is to branch out to YouTube! I have a few ideas in the works and wanted to share some info with you and to also get your feedback about what you would like to see me Vlog about as I really want this to be a way to better reach out to you guys. Nothing is concrete as of yet but I’d like to eventually use YouTube as a means to reach other KPOP fans that I just can’t seem to get to with my site and other social media and it would just be something new and different for me to undertake. Yes, I know it will be a lot more work than just running a website, or two, but something is making me feel like I really need to try this out. Who knows, I may suck horribly at recording videos and get no views or subscribers or it may just be really cool and we can just have another great place to engage each other!


Our little fanbase has grown so much since its inception and I am SO PROUD! This year, we are going to also expand by adding some new additions to our already awesome team of super talented BOICE QTT, Cess, Sophia, Nella, and Hong. Please look forward to another post where I announce the new members coming soon.

So for now, that’s it for the updates and info, I promise, PROMISE to update more often and I have some posts that I’ve been working on that are coming at you so please stay with me.

As always I love you all^^

mari logo

7 thoughts on “[Site News] Where Da Hell You Been Mari?? I’ll Tell you…

  1. Mari, tonight (my timezone), i just found out that your twitter account @colormecnblue no longer exist??? hope everything going well with you and your family…looking forward to your comeback, miss you ❤

  2. Hellloooo.. miss you so much.. you web is one of the best fanbase of cnblue in the world… the torrent files that you put was so much helpful for me.. Im so sorry because of my country I can’t donate you 😦
    but may I ask.. can you put torrent files of FNC Kingdom concert and new concert? which is with menu???
    Fighting Mari and ColorMeCNBLUE <2

    • Thank you for the sweet message! I’m glad you like my site, I really try to help out CNBLUE fans with sharing files that are hard to find but I actually didn’t buy the FNC family DVD since its like $300 USD lol so I’m not spending that much money on it. I did have CNB’s cut from the first Family concert but its on the hard dive that doesn’t’ work so I can’t share it. Sorry

  3. hello and please share the link of your youtube channel. i follow u on twitter and love your activitis, though i do not post there activly. just reading. i am international, huuuge fan of cnblue. so inform us about youtube pleaseee. love u guys. and love your hard work for subbing the videos. ❤

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