[Vid | Pic] 140302 CNBLUE ‘Can’t Stop’ Special Comeback Show [Eng Subs by CNBLUE USA] @ SBS

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「English Subs by CNBLUE USA」

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140303.CNBLUE 컴백쇼 'Can't Stop'.goyh0622_previewSetlist:

1. Intro + Diamond Girl
2. Love is…
3. 독한 사랑 (Cold Love)
4. 잠 못 드는 밤 (Sleepless Night)
5. 외톨이야 (I’m a Loner)
6. Coffee Shop
7. I’m Sorry
8. Can’t Stop
9. 아이의 노래 (Like A Child)
10. Can’t Stop M/V

THIS is the show that we were ALL waiting for since even before their comeback even began because once we heard that CNBLUE where teaming up with SBS to have this show, fans went NUTS! Only five hundred BOICE won the chance to attend the event filmed over the course of 15 HOURS in which those loving and very loyal fans stayed with CNBLUE after multiple takes and re-dos! The event started at around 1PM and didn’t finish filming until 5AM the next morning! Yes, fans stayed, and as you can see from the images above, they were treated with free water bottles and meals that were labeled by with encouraging and thankful messages from the guys and yes, even CNBLUE worked on adhering the labels for their fans, gosh these guys are so dedicated, and I’m sure, very grateful for their loving fans!

I know, If I were there, I wouldn’t care how cold, how long I stood, how long we waited around, I’d enjoy every minute of it since I would be showing my support with 499 other fans, doing the same thing! I really have to say how much I really respect and admire all the BOICE who got the chance to be there to support our boys, they did an amazing job, and after you watch the outcome of the show filming, you will agree!

I have to admit, though the performances were filmed live, with ALL LIVE instruments, the film was so heavily edited post production that I felt took away from the performances and CNBLUE‘s live charisma. CNBLUE is truly IN THEIR ELEMENT when they play live. They exude something special that doesn’t happen usually when they hand sync, they are truly themselves when they are able to play live. The fact that they were so dressed up just felt like too much for me. I love their outfits, stage changes, and styling, but I think CNBLUE don’t need all that shit! They just need to show up, hook up their stuff, and sing into the mics and just ROCK OUT! But I understand that they, being FNC and SBS, wanted to make a huge deal out of this comeback which they have every right to do so it’s totally deserved that they did make a big deal about it because this show was really, really good!

THEY FINALLY GOT TO PERFORM ‘COLD LOVE’!!!! Holy shit, Yonghwa‘s intensity in his singing was FUCKING AWESOME! Everyone showed just the right intensity on that song, and it was so good! The stage was so pretty too, just perfect for the song, i loved it and replayed that performance over and over like three times until Mom yelled at me because she wanted to see the rest of the show LOL!!! Sorry Mommy! And BTW, SUBS BY CNBLUE USA… WOOOOP WOOOOP!! Hhehehe

I loved that they were able to share their new music and play live just as its supposed to be done, and I thank SBS for making it happen!! Enjoy and let me know what your favorite performance was?


Source: SBS via @goyh0622
Subbed Video Source: akfnzh syj
Transcript by: Sophia @CNBOICEUSA /(Contributor) Emma
Subbed by: @qttbean @CNBOICEUSA
Images: Naver Music News

Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

3 thoughts on “[Vid | Pic] 140302 CNBLUE ‘Can’t Stop’ Special Comeback Show [Eng Subs by CNBLUE USA] @ SBS

  1. Cold Love stage was absolutely the coolest and the way Yong Hwa sang it, oh my! I really love all the songs in this new EP and hope to hear the live version one of these days.

  2. cold love is my fave now.. how can a song be so painfully beautiful? and the talks lets us know how each song was pqepared carefully. four thumbs up to our boys, especially yh n jh, for creating such awesome music. btw i heard they are releasing their 7th japanese single in late april, do you happen to know anything about this? thanks mari.

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