[Vid] 140228 CNBLUE – Interview, Sleepless Night, Can’t Stop PLUS HD Caps @ KBS Music Bank

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HD Screen Caps by Mari


140228.KBS2.뮤직뱅크.E735.씨엔블루.잠 못 드는 밤.Can`t Stop.1080i-WTBS_preview


“I DON’T CARRRRRE. LALALALLALALAAAAA”... I don’t care what people say about CNBLUE‘s stage being boring or how their new music isn’t the ROCK they wanted, or complain that they aren’t able to play their instruments on stage!!

We ALL KNOW that CNBLUE are fully capable of performing LIVE so don’t worry if they don’t get to perform with live instruments on every show, because their comeback for ‘Re:BLUE they went out of their way to make sure they were live every chance they got so just let them do what they gotta do! Their sets are really pretty, and they are getting to perform TWO songs instead of just 1 1/2 like last year and though their suits aren’t our particular cup of tea, THEY ARE STILL SUPER ASLKJDHSKDJFHFJLFKJHKSJDS HANDSOME RIGHT?!! So what if this album is not the ROCK album that we probably all wanted after hearing all of their SUPER hot rock songs the last few years! SO WHAT!!?

CNBLUE has literally just gained freedom to produce the music that THEY WANT TO DO, not just some track that somebody produced for them, or plagiarized from someone else and passed it along to them. Isn’t that what fans have wanted all along, that they make and release their own music? NOW, THEY HAVE FULL CONTROL OVER THEIR OWN MUSIC, so if they want to explore different sounds or genres, WHO THE FUCK ARE WE TO HAVE SOMETHING NEGATIVE TO SAY ABOUT IT??? CNBLUE will still have loyal fans tomorrow if they decided to release a ballad album or if they chose to put out one with all club songs, they will still have MY support no matter what so maybe fans who really love and care for them and LOVE their music and want to see them grow and mature as a band, should just sit back and enjoy the ride that CNBLUE want to take us on!

I know I will be the first person to admit that I wasn’t happy if this album was full of ballads, but here I am, singing a different tune now because I’ve realized that I love them no matter what! I’ve realized what a good friend of mine pointed out to me, that CNBLUE cannot grow unless they try new things and expand their musical horizons, those were very wise words that I really took to heart. This made me really sit and re-think my way of thinking. What’s my conclusion?

No matter what they wear, or what they sound like, or who they date, or where they go…. I’M BOICE ALWAYS, plain and simple and I’m going to be right there behind CNBLUE, no matter what!


Source: Torrent File Site
Capped, Zipped & Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

3 thoughts on “[Vid] 140228 CNBLUE – Interview, Sleepless Night, Can’t Stop PLUS HD Caps @ KBS Music Bank

  1. the variety of songs that CNBLUE produced just make their live concert the better for it. I for one is happy that they do different type of music to suit anyone’s mood. What matters also be it fast or mellow songs is that the music is well composed and it really shows the growth and maturity of this band. I’ve been to their live concert once and i was glad to be hyped in the beginning with their fast rock songs and then soothe us with their slower numbers so we could enjoy their dsm songs next. CNBLUE once said that they would like to be a band that does a variety of songs to share to everyone to enjoy and that’s just what they are doing. Looking forward to a different color that they will surprise me next time!!#CNBLUE #CantStop fighting!!!!

  2. Very well said Mari~~that’s the spirit of being a true BOICE~~may it be rock or ballad still true Boice will support CNBLUE all the way

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