[Vid | Pic] 140225 CNBLUE – Interview, Diamond Girl, Can’t Stop Comeback @ SBS MTV The Show


[Vid] CNBLUE - Interview, Diamond Girl, Can`t Stop @SBS MTV The Show 140225.healingjyh.ts 1.03 GBHERE WE ARE, The FIRST PERFORMANCE OF COMEBACK 2014!!!!! ARE YOU GUYS EXCITED WITH MEEEEE???

I cannot stress how much I love love love love this title track and performance even though I was hoping/wishing/expecting more of a ROCK sound from CNBLUE after ‘I’m Sorry’ but I totally understand their want/need to grow and expand their musical color as a band. I totally get it, now anyway cuz at first, ain’t gonna lie, I was sort of disappointed with he news that this album would be “romantic”, and emotional the way it was first announced. I tend to act like a big ass baby when I THINK that something will not work out the way I want it but in all honestly, I’m like that with everything lol. But I grow with each wrong opinion I right, as they say, you can’t mature without learning from your mistakes and that I have done. =)

After I heard the medley teaser, I jumped to the conclusion that their songs sounded too FTISLAND-ISH without even fully hearing the songs because that’s the impression I got from the teaser. BUT when I finally got the entire album, I played it with an open mind, knowing that CNBLUE are always trying something new, and that’s why I love them so much! They can honestly try something one time and make it work, which they really show this album. Yonghwa had a vision for wanting to do something that was seasonal and really hit his mark, Jonghyun following suit with his masterpiece that BELONGS on this album and fits so well! I tell you, FNC FUCKING LUCKED OUT WITH JONGHWA!! Really, these guys have chemistry, their voices sound like perfection together, and their musical tastes, though varies, play off each other so damn nicely that brings tears to my eyes. I ADORE THESE GUYS!!! WORD UP!

So tell me, what did you think of this performance? What’s your favorite of the two tracks performed today?


Source: @healingjyh, Various News Images
Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

10 thoughts on “[Vid | Pic] 140225 CNBLUE – Interview, Diamond Girl, Can’t Stop Comeback @ SBS MTV The Show

  1. i watched the comeback show and you were right! the spirit of cnblue is back the minute they play live! i fell in love all over again, hehe.. i’ve only watched 2 songs and almost teared already. they will always be cnblue no matter what music they decide to play. and to think about the hard work they did preparing the album.. boys, i’m back to your number one fan!

  2. Thank you for that, I actually teared up a bit reading your words, they are so sweet!
    I wonder if you are going to post a review of the album and mv? Because I wanted to comment on some aspects, but I don’t know where. Some sites have such mean people who will bash on the songs and the boys for no reason at all. I respect different opinions, but there are ways to say you dislike something without being mean about it and I don’t feel like wasting my comments on places where they won’t be appreciated.

    • You’re comments will definitely be appreciated here! I am working on the album review but my life is crazy and I’m currently sick with the flu lol but IT’S COMING, I PROMISE!!

      And you’re right, I really think ppl just don’t know how to present themselves in the right manner because there are ways you can express your dislike for something without bashing them! I can say I don’t like something that CNBLUE have put out, and I would NEVER bash them because I love them no matter what they do ^^

  3. as much as i love the album – and the boys who wrapped it up so well – i have to say that something’s missing.. the energy, the atmosphere that only cnblue can bring. this feels like another k-pop band. idk, maybe i should wait for the live stages – i mean really live, with real brass n strings – to really get the hang of it..

    • I’m not sure I agree, because no matter what they are performing, its still OUR CNBLUE! Perhaps you need to just give it some more time, we haven’t seen them LIVE yet so just wait for it! When they handsync, they can’t really give it their all, you know?

      • yeah i guess so… maybe it’s because the first thing that made me fall for their music is the distinct rock sound… and now that they’re taking a new turn i just need some time to adjust to it. but hey, that doesn’t make me love them any less! i still listen to them, new songs and old ones, even at work, hehe…

        • Yeah but I understand what you mean! They havent really given up on the ‘Rock’ cuz you can definitely hear rock elements all over this album, its just a bit different!

          Honestly, I enjoy seeing CNBLUE take risks and doing new things. We already KNOW they can rock, so its nice to see them explore other things too! But trust, they won’t totally give into this new direction, its only for this album. That’s my gut feeling

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