[News] MNET America’s Series ‘GO!: CNBLUE’ Airs In Time for ‘Can’t Stop’ Comeback

MNET America follows CNBLUE on the heels of their ‘BLUE MOON’ World Tour and has the documentary footage to prove it.

Cant Stop Group Editied 2

CNBLUE is about to blow away Korea and the rest of the world with their 5th mini album, ‘Can’t Stop’ promotional comeback but a few weeks before their grand comeback tour would start, they had to bring an end one of the busiest times of their lives. Media giant MNET America, the American subsidiary of MNET Korea, spent a few days with CNBLUE for the last week of January 2014, filming their every move as they completed various industry interviews and photoshoots for the channel’s documentary styled series, ‘GO!: CNBLUE. The film crew followed the four handsome members across the United States from NYC to LA and then to Mexico City as the band brought the American leg of their ‘BLUE MOON’ tour to a close.

The hour long show is broken down day by day over the course of a week and narrated by CNBLUE‘s youngest member and bassist Lee Jungshin, beginning with CNBLUE‘s arrival to John F. Kennedy airport on January 20th 2014 and being greeted by fans eager to welcome them for their first trip to New York and the band’s performance at NYC’s Best Buy Theater the following day with MNET’s crew on hand to capture the members’ nervous energy right before heading out to the stage. Throughout their U.S. visit, CNBLUE was captured taking in the sights in the famous Times Square, shooting for their upcoming album jacket, and shopping in LA before their concert. Their short time in NY and LA before and after their first solo concerts was covered elegantly with touching comments and moments of confessions of love for their fans who are also featured throughout the show and then ending with never before scenes from their concert in Mexico and a sneak peak, or listen, the their newest title track,‘Can’t Stop’.

First aired just in time for their Korean comeback on the same date of February 24th 2014, ‘GO!: CNBLUE presents the viewer with an inside look at what a week in the life of this band’s busy schedule is like and of course shares rare behind the scenes footage of CNBLUE on stage, doing what they do best, performing for their adoring fans and gives fans a glimpse of who they are when they are just relaxing on the set or hard at work and genuinely show their affection for their fans through interview sessions and even giving fans a taste of the new album’s tracks as the show’s background music. This episode of ‘GO!: CNBLUE is a must watch for hardcore CNBLUE fans and novice ones alike.

Currently, CNBLUE has begun their comeback promotional tour to promote their newest soon to be hit album ‘Can’t Stop’ with a lively performance at SBS’s MTV: The Show on February 25th and is set to hit the rest of Korea’s music show circuit for the next few weeks.

**NOTE: You can find me at 9:10 … I’m the one that says “Yonghwa” LOL =)**

**Featured Exclusively on CNBLUESTORM**

Source: MNET America
written by: Mari @cnbstorm / colormecnblue

8 thoughts on “[News] MNET America’s Series ‘GO!: CNBLUE’ Airs In Time for ‘Can’t Stop’ Comeback

  1. i saw you! the lady w/ short hair, right? it must’ve been really exciting. i wonder how their promo tour (if there’s gonna be one) for the new album would look like, what with the new genre and everything. it’s a great event to anticipate this year.

    • And glasses, yes hahaha! I look different from the interview in Headliner right? Well at least I think I do without my glasses but yeah, that’s me!

      Omg I;m so excited for this comeback! ReBLUE album comeback was super good too but there’s something about this album that’s magical to me, it will do the best of all in the past, I can feel it!!

      • omg i just realized i haven’t watched the headliner full… and i call myself a boice? LOL… btw do you know if they will release a dvd of “Never Stop”? cz i really wanna watch it…

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