[Vid | Pic] 140224 CNBLUE ~Can’t Stop~ MV Plus HD Screen Caps



CNBLUE - Cant Stop (GOMTV 1080p FULLHD)_preview

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「DL HD Screen Caps by Mari ♥」

This is my new favorite way to express my love/lust/affection for CNBLUE… WOWOWOWOOWOWOWWWWOOOOWOWOW!!!

But seriously, I am OUTRAGED as to how they can be so fucking, not good looking but FUCKING GREAT LOOKING and actually manage to look EVEN BETTER than usual?! I made a comment on Twitter that I just have the desire to share with you guys here @colormecnblue: “DUDE THEY ARE ALIENS… They have to be to be so fucking perfect! FNC found aliens & told them to make music so they became #씨엔블루 LOL!!!” I strongly believe this statement to be LEGIT and stand behind what I said! CNBLUE is a group of manly sex GODS that came to Earth from a planet of PERFECTION just to bless us with their presences and GLORIOUS BEAUTY/MUSIC/FEEEEEEELS!

This MV may not be the best production ever. The story is a little bit of a cliche and “romantically sweet’ and honestly a bit too PG for my tastes for this song BUT the fact that CNBLUE looked AMAZING and the coloring was really pretty and not to mention the girl was too, all those things redeemed any cheese factor points the video would’ve earned from me lol! I mean, shit I’m not a professional critic but IMO, there could have been more interaction with Yonghwa and his ‘Other-side-of-the-mirror-girlfriend” and I HATE the fact that they ended the video just as Yonghwa broke the glass and broke into the object of his affection’s dimension!!! C’MON, YOU TROLL OF A DIRECTOR!!! *sigh* BUT JEEEEZ, Minhyuk really caught my eye so much even though he barely made eye contact with the camera or anything else. He looked so adorable and Jungshin, is just as cool as he wants to be! I love Jungshin‘s mannerisms!! I love how he stands and how his fingers strum at his bass strings, he’s too sexy for his own good IMO. Jonghyun, I have to admit, has looked better in other videos. Dont’ get me wrong, I think he’s sooo damn good looking but I really didn’t like his hair here and I he felt a bit disconnected, like he was in his own world. IDK, I just hated his suit, though all their pastel suits were ugly, but his was the worst! Poor Jonghyunnie, I love him so much though, omg  that man frustrates me to no end >,< *covers YONG’s eyes” Yonghwa, what can I say about Yongwa other than I don’t think I’ve wanted to rape a man as bad as I would LOVE A GO AT THIS GUY!!!! If he would give it willingly, then fine but I WANT TO DEVOUR HIM AND HAVE HIM INSIDE ME TIL I DIE ROM SHEER JOY! Nuff said…

Oh and BTW, THIS SONG IS LIKE CRACK FOR YOUR EARS!!! I mean, Yonghwals singing has always ruined my panties but OMG THE FALCETTO I JUST ASKJFHDKJGHFJ:LDKJKSDJLFDKDGHDKLJFHDKJHKJ!!!! I really can”t put into words what that man’s voice does to me but, whenever I listen to him sing, its like food for my soul because I feel like I need it everyday! I literally listen to at least one CNBLUE song on a daily basis. Whether is just while posting on my blog or checking my email on my mobile device, I’m playing CNBLUE everyday! I really love these guys, I hope you guys love them the same. SO what do you guys think of this MV, I WANNA KNOW!!?


Source: CNBLUE Official YouTube
Capped, Zipped, & Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

4 thoughts on “[Vid | Pic] 140224 CNBLUE ~Can’t Stop~ MV Plus HD Screen Caps

  1. Really, when I watched the 1st teaser, I was not amazed. But once I watched the full MV…. OMO! Why so perfect? Even the song is more pop, I like it though! It’s catching, I can’t stop to listen to it!
    The MV is totally amazing!! It’s the most beautiful MV they did since their debuts, I think. I love the moment when they jump together (haha so funny!) and all CNBLUE members are dfjefjopajfopjaepfjaejfa “FUCKING GREAT LOOKING” as you said (Yonghwa ♥♥, omo, my feelings… ;; /dead/).
    Too bad they didn’t do a all kill like I’m Sorry, because they worked so hard and did a very great job ;;. They are the best. I Can’t Stop loving them~♥

  2. well mari, i listen to them on a daily basis too… it feels like something’s lacking if i don’t. do you think that’s normal? LOL… well i must say that Jungshinnie’s been stealing my attention ever since the ‘love is…’ teaser. he has that style that is uniquely his. (to tell you the truth, he was my bias before JH stole my heart LOL).but now i’m torn between the two … eottokhe? oopss…now i caught that ranting disease too.. sorry for this weird comment, actually i just wanna say that the mv is gorgeous… in a cheesy kinda way. and the song is so catchy it plays itself in my ear over and over again…

    • OMG I know what you mean about JS, he’s hot but I’ve always dug his style and swag cuz his is all his own lol! JH used to be my bias when I first met CNB but REALLY quickly, I turned to YH cuz of his leadership and well shit, LOOK AT HIM!!! He’s hot but his VOICE IS SMOKING!! ALL of the members have my heart in one way or another, CNBLUE is my heart<3

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