[Vid | Pic] 140221 CNBLUE 5th Mini Album ‘Can’t Stop’ MV PLUS Image Teaser Collection

Teaser Pack 「1」

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Teaser Pack 「2」

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Teaser Pack 「3」

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「LOVE IS… Teaser」

CNBLUE 5th Mini Album [Can't Stop] Love Is... TEASER

「MV Teaser 1 & 2」

CNBLUE 5th Mini Album [Can't Stop] 1st MV TEASER

CNBLUE 5th Mini Album [Can't Stop] 2nd MV TEASER

「Can’t Stop Album Medley Teaser」

CNBLUE 5th Mini Album [Can't Stop] Highlight Medley

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「HD Can’t Stop Teaser Screen Caps by Mari ♥」

This is probably one of my favorite posts I have put together so far mainly because CNBLUE LOOK AMAZING!!! I cannot get over how even in weirdly colored pastel suits, CNBLUE LOOK AMAZING! WHY?HOW?WHY???? Its like GOD wants to troll me, making these guys so damn good looking AND WE CAN’T HAVE THEM!!!!! YONGHWA looks like he’s READY FOR MARI NOONA TO TAKE HIM AWAY!! Wow, he’s never looked so good in a mv before this IMO, HE LOOKS AMAZING IN THIS VIDEO! Cannot wait to see the whole thing when they finally premiere it on the 24th!

OK I have to be brutally honest here, when I first heard the medley, I played it about 10 times just to HEAR the few second snippets but I have to admit that I wasn’t happy about what I was hearing. Of course, we hear this super short sound bite, and we really don’t have enough to really judge the songs on because lets be fair, how can you judge a song from hearing 20 seconds of it? I ranted on Twitter about the lackluster aftertaste I got from hearing the medley. Maybe its because most of the songs SOUND like ballads and even though I love the ballads CNBLUE have already released in the past so that shouldn’t matter right? But everyone will agree with me that ballads in Korea or SUPER DIFFERENT from ballads in Japan.

Something about the medley had me feeling a FTISLAND-ISH vibe from the ‘Can’t Stop’ album mainly because their Korean released music tends to be ballady and (forgive me Primadonna who are reading this), sort of boring IMO which is why I really can’t get down with FTISLAND’s musical style. Now, this conclusion OBVIOUSLY is my first impression, and if you guys know me at all, you would know that I’m super opinioned and have been known to change my mind on these things lol. But at first, yeah, I wasn’t really happy with it. I’m pretty sure that once I hear the rest of the songs in full, my impression will change because lets face it, of all of CNBLUE‘s music can you name more than one or two songs you do not like??? Ask yourselves that question. CNBLUE has not let me down so far and even if they change their musical direction for the sake of winning over new fans or appealing to a different genre which lots of artists do at onepoint,or another, I will still love them to death do us part, and that is my WORD!!

Cannot wait to hear this album in its entirety because this is one side of CNBLUE’s color we have yet to meet! So what do you guys think of the teasers, let Mari know =))


Source: CNBLUE Official YT, CNBLUE FB
Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

3 thoughts on “[Vid | Pic] 140221 CNBLUE 5th Mini Album ‘Can’t Stop’ MV PLUS Image Teaser Collection

  1. first of all, i think the teasers are gorgeous and ellegant.. so the mv will surely be worth all the anticipation. i agree that the song cuts were too short.. but enough to make me love them all LOL. well i guess i agree with you about ft island, though there are a few of their songs that i like. but imo cnblue ballads are different from ft island. they are more ‘universal’ (i can’t find the right word hehe). i mean it can be accepted by people from any country.. and loved.

    • I understand what you mean, CNB music is just easier for people to digest as opposed to FTI’s sound which in my opinion, is more of a niche sound.

      Either way, I’m anticipating the MV & the album!!! CAN’T WAIT FOR CAN’T STOP!!

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