[Trans | Pic] 130215 CNBLUE Finally Have Personal Twitter Accounts!!!

After four years of wondering and waiting, CNBLUE has FINALLY created individual Twitter accounts just in time to promote their February 24th comeback for their new mini album, ‘Can’t Stop’! Here are their additions to the Twitter world as they tweeted for the first time just moments after making the accounts known to the public. Can you believe that CNBLUE finally have their own accounts? I have to say it is very exciting because this means that they will probably tweet more often and possibly even reply to their fans although I don’t’ what was stopping them from doing that before! Aside from Jungshin‘s tweet below, CNBLUE have never replied/ retweeted/ or followed any fans ever so maybe, just maybe they may do it now!!

So here are their accounts and their current DP (display pictures), please follow them and show them your support but IMO, asking them to follow you wont happen so please don’t ask them, for your sake!

IMG_0273 jyh effectAVkAqFzF IMG_0278IMG_0272 IMG_0277IMG_0276

Without further adieu, here is the first tweet from Lee Jungshin!!!


[TRANS] @MentalShin: This is Jungshin~~ We just opened a personal twitter account to communicate with everyone more closely! Let’s begin with a neck-less Jungshin!!


 [TRANS] @MentalShin: Revealing cellphone-taken photo during our world tour. Do you want it?

140215 JS Reply to JH Junghin actually replied to a fan’s comment to him which is super sweet and totally unexpected!

Here’s Jonghyun‘s first tweet from his very own account!


[TRANS]@cnbluegt: Hello. This is guitarist Jonghyun. The weather seems to make me want to take a nap…?”

According to this image, Jungshin replied to Jonghyun‘s tweet, however, he consequently deleted it because it is not showing on their accounts anymore so here’s the proof it ever happened lol!


[TRANS] @MentalShin: @cnbluegt: Have you slept?”

Here’s Yonghwa…. the JYH Effect LOL!!

140215 Yong's Tweet

[TRANS] @JYHeffect: Nice to meet you everyone~^^ Yonghwa here! ㅋㅋ Let’s communicate often although a new start in Twitter makes me somewhat nervous and cautious~!! I’m preparing for comeback excitedly day by day. Let’s meet soon~^^ Just music!

Minhyuk hasn’t shown any activity on his account (@kmhyuk_cn) yet, not even to change his display picture from that little newborn Twitter egg so let’s see if he tweets today!!! Hopefully he will soon but I think it’s pretty fun playing the waiting game as all of the other guys have already shown us their new twitter addresses.


OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG What did I wake up to this morning… something told me to get up, it was before 6AM don’t ask me why I got up that early on a Saturday morning, but I checked Twitter and WTF!! First thing I see are my mentions and Cess tweeted me..“Don’t freakout but here are CNBLUE‘s new twitter accounts…!!” And I was like, “OMFG, WHAT?” LOL Anway, WHY THE FUCK IS JUNGSHIN SO LASHKFHDKJFGD CUUUUUUTE?? Why? First of all he tweets more than once like he’s FINALLY, free to do what he wants lol and then he posts TWO of the most adorkable selca he has shared lately! Why?

THEN THE WHITE ONE TWEETS!!! I am so glad I was not awake when all this took place because I think I am too old to take this shit LOL!! First of all, Jonghyun seems to be really electronic illiterate because he CLEARLY does not know how to fix the orientation of his pictures, but he posted that selca of him LAYING DOWN? Was he laying down? That’s what it seems like.

Anyway, then the sexy motherfucker tweets a gorgeous selca and I just couldn’t deal anymore hahah… like I really couldn’t breath when I saw that damn pic of him and that hair and that FACE!!! FUUUUUUUUU YONGHWA!! WHHY IS LIFE SO UNFAIR THAT I CANNOT EVEN BE NEAR YOU ALL THE TIME?? I would LOVE to be his Coordi Noona or hairstylist even though I know not a thing about men’s fashion except for what I like LOL!! I just wanna be close to you. and love youuuuu up and down.. FUUUUUUCK!



Source: @JYHeffect @cnbluegt @MentalShin
Jungshin Tweet Screen capture & Trans by: miryong @cnbluestorm

Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

9 thoughts on “[Trans | Pic] 130215 CNBLUE Finally Have Personal Twitter Accounts!!!

  1. Wahhhh I’m so happy they have their own accounts!! And they’re tweeting very often! I hope they keep doing it even after their comeback! It’s nice to know what they’re up to 🙂

    • I know, its super weird for me still, I don’t know why hahah! But as long as this isn’t just for publicity and they keep their accounts, I’m good! Let’s wait and see what they do =)

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