[Pic | Trans] 140111 Jung Yonghwa Finally Tweets in 2014: “Brass? Or No Brass?”

YH's tweet 140111

[TRANS] @CNBLUE_4: Everyone~!!!!!!!! It’s Yonghwa! Happy new year~!! Let’s share the blessings together~~ Sorry for the late greeting ㅜ In the middle of preparing an awesome album! Even now working hard on recording~~! Please anticipate it a lot, huhuhu. It’s cold, so be careful not to catch the flu!  P.S) You can’t hear it but… Brass… Should I put it in or not..!??

SO Finally the apple of my eye, the angel from my dreams, the Dark, Sexy, MUTHAFUCKA in our lives, Jung Yonghwa tweeted for the first time in the new year and AGAIN, he doesn’t show his face! One of my followers pointed out, he has done before circa Dec 2013, right before the new year when he tweeted showing off his new copy of Bruno Mars’ new album and only showed part of his hand!!! Such a shame he likes to play “camera shy” when we all know HE’s NOT!!

131222 YH Tweet

Either way, he loves to give us tidbits of information and clues for us to solve, this time giving us the tiniest SLIVER of information about the new album and the possible inclusion of Brass instruments? In my humble opinion, I really a so curious to hear what CNBLUE‘s music will sound like with brass band elements, every curious. Are we going to be MARCHING to the beat or is it going to feel like the ‘Great Gatsby’ soundtrack? I guess we’ll find out soon enough but in the meantime, I shall enjoy the image he tweeted of his Peace Sign! I love you YONGHWA!!!

BTW, a couple of days ago, N.FLYING member, FNC‘s newest boy band, Seunghyub uploaded this image of the group along with some other FNC trainees and FNC GODFATHER, Jung ‘MAFIOSO’ Yonghwa which by the way looks so fucking AS:LJKJFDHHGKL:JLAKJSF BOSS sitting there like a king on his thrown. Now is that real SWAG or what?? SHIT why is he so damn sexy? UNNFFFFF!!

YH with N.Flying 140110

Here’s his message:

[TRANS] Hello, it’s Seung-Hyub of N.Flying! Today, we upload a picture with Jung Yong-Hwa of CNBLUE. With encouragements from Jung Yong-Hwa, we could perform better hehe ^^ Thank you so much for your tips and looking after us~!!!!!!”

Seriously, is there ANYONE YONG is not friends with, friendly to, or a big brother to left in Korea? Because I really want to know who the fuck could EVER HATE HIM when he’s one of the nicest, sweetest, most caring guys in the world. YES THEY ARE SUPER RARE (I know from experience), so its nice to call one out when you see one. Just one more reason to love him, but really, did we need another one? I sure didn’t, but I just admire him all the more for not being a cocky, stuck up bastard like, IMO, so many American celebs seem to be!


Source: @CNBLUE_4, NFlying FB
Trans: Tina D for CNBRUNEI
Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

11 thoughts on “[Pic | Trans] 140111 Jung Yonghwa Finally Tweets in 2014: “Brass? Or No Brass?”

  1. Wait, isn’t the one w/the long hair Kwang Jin, former Cnblue member? Wow he’s got a new group now, that’s great. They must’ve kept in contact. President Yonghwa is friends w/everyone because he’s such a social butterfly. Love that dude.

    • Haha yeah he’s awesome cuz he becomes friends with everyone! Yes, Kwangjin is a former member of CNB before they debuted. He remained an. FNC trainee and has finally made his debut with n.flying 🙂

  2. that’s one of their strong points, humble and friendly. when we look at these guys we don’t see celebs, but ordinary boys doing the things they’re best at and enjoying themselves. they just happen to be so asdfghjkl at the same time lol

    • That’s what I love most about CNBLUE. They are humble after all their successes and money earned, and trips to countries all around the world, they are still grounded! They inspire me to keep going even when I want to give up on something.

      They are very inspiring!

  3. “CNB can release recorded farts and we would just LOVE every second”. LMAOOOOOO!! I love it when you spazz over cnblue/yonghwa. I’m the same!

  4. I enjoy reading your opinions ,yeaaah he is the nicest person in the world of art he is really humble .is there anyone who hates him ? absolutly not .

    • I surely hope not because that person would need a serious beat-down, seriously!! Thank you for liking my craziness lol, I think of the readers when I write so I hope to inspire comments and discussions =))

  5. I love the last photo, he looks great and as seen in CDD 111 he is such an amazing big brother!
    And I’m super curious about the new album, but brass or no brass I`m sure it’ll be amazing! Can’t wait!
    Thank you for sharing! 😀

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