[Vid | Pic] 131229 CNBLUE – I’m Sorry Feat Dok2, You Are A Miracle @ SBS Gayo Daejun Music Festival

[13.12.29]가요대전 2부 씨엔블루-I'mSorry 063 [13.12.29]가요대전 2부 씨엔블루-I'mSorry 072 [13.12.29]가요대전 2부 씨엔블루-I'mSorry 080 [13.12.29]가요대전 2부 씨엔블루-I'mSorry 004 [13.12.29]가요대전 2부 씨엔블루-I'mSorry 006 [13.12.29]가요대전 2부 씨엔블루-I'mSorry 008 [13.12.29]가요대전 2부 씨엔블루-I'mSorry 047

CNBLUE & Dok2 - I'm Sorry Live Stage @SBS Gayo Daejun 131229_preview2 131220_10 131220_30 131220_36 131220_24 131220_49 131229_25 131229_36 131229_38 131229_50

CNBLUE & V.A. - You Are A Miracle @SBS Gayo Daejun 131229_preview

LOVED CNBLUE‘s performance with Double K‘s rap OMG! Yonghwa really got into their being on the stage with them, and their rap and I noticed Jonghyun & Jungshin‘s energy was through the roof! I love the fact that CNBLUE had this collaboration with Dok2 especially.You can tell Yonghwareally enjoyed the collab and after noticing that,  something inside really wants to see Yonghwado more rapping and possibly record a song focusing on his rap! No disrespect to Jungshin‘s rapping abilities sorry JS *covers his eyes* but I really prefer Yong‘s voice and rap style more than JS‘s. It just seems more natural and always flow from Yong‘s lips so naturally IMO.  Not saying Jungshin is bad at his job, I just wish Yonghwacould do more of the rapping sometimes. I would love to hear an all hip-hop song from CNBLUE, that would really change things up lol.

Sorry for the rant, OK back to the post lol… My favorite fansite in the whole wide world shared some images taken at the prerecording for the performance on December 20th which by the way, was a mini concert where CNBLUE performed quite a few songs that were never aired and probably never be, but those lucky-ass fans who got to attend enjoyed nonetheless. Seeing that Yonghwa performed in that tee makes me want to SPAZZZZZZ! OMG…HAIR…Arms…FACE…  DAT ASSSS!!! *dies* Though I think one of the sweetest and sexiest images was the one where he flashed that gorgeous, amazing smile right at the camera as he was getting into his ride. That look and that smile would’ve made my heart want to just out of my mouth had I been there to witness that! Seems like the guys had a good time at the festival and the images prove that. So glad to see CNBLUE among other relevant artists and how they fit in so well yet are the most unique ones in the crowd. 


Source: Torrent Site
Images: HelloJYH

Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

12 thoughts on “[Vid | Pic] 131229 CNBLUE – I’m Sorry Feat Dok2, You Are A Miracle @ SBS Gayo Daejun Music Festival

  1. The performance of I’m Sorry was totally aaaaawessoooooooome!!! One of their best live of this song!
    Thank you for the DL link Unnie, I can watch it in HD on my TV now 8) *happy*

  2. always love your straightforward reviews mari. imo YH has a thing for rap more than JS, he does it naturally without even having to think. but i noticed that JS’s rap is improving gradually, he does it better on smaller stages where the atmosphere is more relaxed. idk, just an opinion, and suddenly i just want to add that minhyuk is my favorite drummer lol.

    • hahaha thank you, I am quite fond of my straightforwardness and welcome anyone to add to it lol! Yes, Jungshin has gotten better since he became the “rapper” so I totally see his improvement too! Yeah, our boy YH definitely is the rapper by heart because he just flows so easily, I love when he raps! UNNNNF!! Minhyukkie too has improved so much in his abilities and he really is my favorite drummer EVER!! OOOOH He’s so cuuute!

  3. It was an epic performance and the energy flowing from just 1 song was amazing. We can see the CN boys really grooving with the rappers, way cool.

    • Its not even the full song lol but still it was so exciting to watch and hear! This is why I love CNBLUE, because of things like this! They can play music from a Jay-Z track and make it cooler than the original version! CN TO THE MUTHAFUKIN BLUE ARE The best!!!

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