[News] What’s Up This Week… with CNBLUE! [Week of 11/17-11/24]

Let’s find out what CNBLUE have been up to in the last seven days with the latest installment of Exclusive KpopStarz’ in-depth weekly recap series!

CN_mainHallyu band CNBLUE continues to fascinate the masses and fans alike with their continued drive and boundless energy. This week is no exception to the CNBLUE rule of always striving to be on the ‘top of the world’ as the band continues to conquer the music charts, the small screen, and ultimately, fans’ bank accounts! This week CNBLUE will tease you with flowers and whisper sweet lyrics in the form of a new album, take you to where they work and sleep, and show you that their powerful manliness can be available for enjoyment right in your home! Read on as we recap a week in the life of the hardest working quartet in K-Pop, CNBLUE.

We start the week with a sneak peak of youngest member Lee Jungshin’s appearance on the set recording of popular KBS talk show ‘Hello’ on November 17th. The show features a super relaxed set where guests and the hosts sport bare feet while seated on floor-pillows and hold discussions about all topics. The cheeky and charismatic Jungshin filmed the episode with fellow Idol singer turned actor, Suzi along with other equally interesting guests. The episode of ‘Hello’ is set to air on KBS network November 25th 2013.

h6ullu7zChanging focus from the youngest to eldest CNBLUE member and leader, Jung Yonghwa who made fangirl’s hearts skip a beat or two this week when the newest images of the multi-talented heartthrob’s dark and masculine photoshoot were unveiled in the December 2013 issue of Korea’s ‘Arena Homme+’. The controversial men’s publication is known for its sexy and edgy imagery so who better to add to the pages of their magazine other than King of D.S.M. (Dark Sexy Metal), Jung Yonghwa. The mostly black and white pictorial reveals Yonghwa‘s sensuous darker side and you would never know from seeing the images that this shoot took place late at night, after a long day of working on the set of his crazy popular KBS drama, “Marry Him If You Dare’ (Otherwise known as ‘Future Choice”). Look forward to more manly poses from the sexy Idol in next months issue of ‘Arena Homme+’ in stores now.

BZb2lirCAAA8owbAlso, this week, FNC Entertainment held a press conference to announce the new tvN reality showCheongdamdong 111′ which will center on and around the multi-million dollar FNC headquarters located in Seoul and everyone in it including CNBLUE, FTISLAND, AOA and everyone else pertinent to making the world of FNC revolve. CNBLUE members Lee Jungshin and Lee Jonghyun both attended the conference to answer press questions and help to represent for members Yonghwa and Kang Minhyuk, who did not attend the event due to their acting schedules..

The first episode of ‘Cheongdamdong 111’ aired at midnight on November 21st and gave a small introductory and very rare glimpse at CNBLUE‘s homelife. One scene shows an eager to help Jungshin making bean paste noodles for his older brosJonghyun and Yonghwa and sitting down to a meal together.  The show seems to be aiming at trying to let fans get to know their favorite FNC artists and its head, CEO Han Seung Ho a little better over the course of eight hour long episodes.

121564-cnbluevlcsnap-2013-11-14-11h12m34s200Here’s yet another reason for fans to go into a tizzy, the announcement of ‘Present’ CNBLUE‘s “Best of” album made up of previously released tracks in Japan re-recorded with brand new Korean lyric translations to be released in Korea and everywhere else on November 28th. It doesn’t take much preparation for CNBLUE to transform into real life flower boys, as the handsome men donned bouquets in some images and a single sunflower in another of the promotional images for the new album. ‘Present’ will consist of ten tracks released by the band  in the last year including, ‘Blind love’, ‘Robot’, ‘Time Is Over’, ‘Come On’, ‘Greedy Man’ as well as their two newest tracks ‘Lady’ and ‘One More Time’.

Present GroupTo help promote the new album, CNBLUE released teasers and hosted a modest contest in which fans were shown four images of the members’ hands and were asked to guess who was who. During the week, one by one the members posted their images with the correct answers. On November 22nd five fans were chosen as winners of their own signed copy of ‘Present’.


Did you guys guess correctly? .

Two more of the band’s releases are set for December, one is a yearly regular and the other, the most anticipated CNBLUE concert DVD of the year! Any guesses? CNBLUE ‘Seasons Greetings’ yearly calendar photoset and ‘BLUE MOON World Tour 2013: Live in Seoul’ DVD. CNBLUE ‘Seasons Greetings’ calendar features a wall and a desktop calendar to help fans mark the days of the year with a little eye candy to boot! The 2014 addition will be the band’s forth to the series making this collection a fan favorite to look forward to at year end. Check out the teaser for this year’s version due in stores December 24th.


CNBLUE made history this year by being the first Korean band to hold a world tour, ever! Launched in early April in Taiwan, the first leg of ‘Blue Moon’ World Tour 2013 reached all over Asia and even making two stops in Sydney and Melbourn Austraila. The quartet put the tour on hold after their Jakarta, Indonesia concert in order to focus on other responsibilities but have stated they will continue the second leg of the tour to visit Europe and the Americas in 2014. Slated for release on Christmas Day 2013, ‘BLUE MOON World Tour 2013: Live in Seoul’ DVD., is easily to be one of most anticipated concert DVD’s by fans this year. Everyone can now enjoy CNBLUE ‘BLUE MOON’ in their very own homes.

*deep breath* Wow, at the end of these weekly recaps, its seems like we have to breath deep and take in all the CNBLUE have going on in any given week! Say what you will about these guys but they work hard, don’t they? Let’s hope FNC CEO ‘Papa’ Han can write “Month Long VaCa” on the schedule sometime soon. Once again that’s ‘The Story of CNBLUE/NEVER STOP’…(there’s some foreshadowing for you!)

~~See you next week ~

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Source: FNC Ent., CNBLUE FB, tvN, KBS,
written by: Mari @cnbstorm / colormecnblue

8 thoughts on “[News] What’s Up This Week… with CNBLUE! [Week of 11/17-11/24]

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  5. I don’t know if I’m happy or sad that they put their concert on hold. The fact they have their schedules and other activities is something I can understand. Though in my opninion it would be best to fully concentrate on something big as a World Tour. Especially since our guys play all the music. Maybe it would be less confusing and better organized if their next tour would be sorted out a bit better.

    Thanks for the week update they sure are busy ^^
    Sure they will look out for themselves!

    • I understand that way of thinking, I has the same thoughts too. But they aren’t just a musical band, they are an acting band too so we have to understand that they would want to add acting to their schedule too.

      Its easy to say “Do the Tour and focus on that” but I guess I understand that they have other things they need or want to do and they have to try to please everyone. In the end, no one will truly be happy if they are forced to do something they aren’t content in doing. Idk if I’m making my point across but I guess I am trying to be objective about things and not put my feelings in ti.

      Honestly, I was really upset waiting all this time for BM to come to the US but then finding out that they wouldn’t come here this year. Watching all my friends attend their concerts and not being able to, that’s upsetting to me. But what would be more upsetting is knowing they wanted to act or pursue other interests and couldn’t. I want their happiness first and foremost!

  6. I knew they were busy but after reading your summary, the reality sunk in. Poor boys especially Yong Hwa, hope they all keep fit and healthy throughout their hectic schedule and get some rest soon.

    • Yeah its funny that you really don’t put everything they do in perspective but once you see it all laid out, its really a lot they have to do in any given week! I’m sure they get a day a week to rest but that’s not really enough time IMO.

      I know they aren’t the only hard working Idols but dammit, they work hard and never complain about it. I love them so much for that!

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