[Vid] 131014 Jung Yonghwa as ‘Park Seju’ Cut PLUS Extras @ KBS Marry Him If You Dare E01

[RAW | HD]  Opening Credits

[CLIP] Marry Him If You Dare - Opening Credits 131014 .gogox2_preview

[RAW | HD] Yonghwa’s Complete Cut

[RAW] JYH - Cut @KBS MHIYD E01 131014 .gogox2_preview

[RAW | HD]  Episode 2 Preview Clip

[CLIP] MHIYD E02 Preview 131014 .gogox2_preview**UPDATED WITH ENG SUBS BY VIKI.COM**


//WARNING: Long Overdue Spazzing Ahead//

OK so I won’t make my post comments super long this time so here are the Opening Credits, Yonghwa‘s full cut, and the preview clip for the next episode airing October 15th @ 10PM KST..

OKOKOK, ya‘ll know I had to come out of my semi-hiatus thingy for this right??? OMGAAAWD ‘SEJU’.…*Swoon*… This morning I just had to watch the live stream of the first episode to catch Jung Yonghwa on TV again, ACTING AGAIN AFTER TWO YEARS YA”LL!! Damn it really doesn’t feel like it but ‘Heartstrings‘ aired two years ago and since then, cameos aside, Actor Yonghwa hasn’t graced the small screen since. Waaah its so refreshing that he did take the time off because we now have something MAJOR to look forward to and believe me, you will not care that there aren’t any subs just yet because I watched this episode and cried/ laughed/ facepalmed throughout the entire hour long show! Not sure yet which site/ sites will have the drama posted with English subtitles but as soon as I get more information, I will let you gys know. BTW,

OMGOMGOMGOMG JUNG YONGHWA IS FUCKING FOINNNNNNE/SEXY/CUTE/IRRISISTIBLE ON THIS SHOW!! How the HELL does he go from debonair hot in a suit to boy-nextdoor cute all in just the span of a few scenes?? WAAAAH HE”S SO ASJHKFJDHGF”S:LDKAS:LJF:DKGLHDKJHFDSIPFOGUHDJKS”JFJKDHFDJH”DA HAWT, I actually CRIED watching the first scene where he had dialogue…I CRIED! Mainly because I was actually WATCHING YONGHWA ACTING AGAIN!  Watching him today totally affirmed my love for Yonghwa, he’s really taken my heart away like no other has before….I think I’m love stoned LOL!

Here are some screenshots I took just for fun, Park Seju, Appreciation:  STARE & HAND!!!!

vlcsnap-2013-10-14-17h21m42s156 vlcsnap-2013-10-14-17h22m53s140

Park Seju, FRONT & PROFILE!!!!

vlcsnap-2013-10-14-17h25m44s179 vlcsnap-2013-10-14-17h25m31s174

Park Seju, CUTE & DREAMY!!!!

vlcsnap-2013-10-14-17h27m16s221 vlcsnap-2013-10-14-17h28m25s59

Hope you enjoyed this post, I’m going to TRY to keep up with the show and post the episode clips as they become available so please stay tuned for more Park Seju,!! Catch you guys on the next post…. <333


**Click on Image for DL / Please leave a comment if you download**

Source: @goyh0622
Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE


13 thoughts on “[Vid] 131014 Jung Yonghwa as ‘Park Seju’ Cut PLUS Extras @ KBS Marry Him If You Dare E01

  1. Wow, nice to know there are blogs here PRAISING Yong Hwa in “Marry Him if you dare”! I soooooooooo love this actor and singer! Make me a member here! I also love to GUSH about Yong Hwa! hehehe..

  2. Pingback: [Vid] 131021-131022 Jung Yonghwa as ‘Park Seju’ HD Cut @ KBS Marry Him If You Dare E03-E04 [ENG SUBS] | Color Me CNBLUE

  3. OMG gurrrl your back! 😀 And just in time to spazz over everything Yong Hwa. I saw the first episode too and I was spazzing so much, tried to keep it down ’cause it was late at night but I couldn’t contain my feels! ;D There’s just so much that happened that I can’t even put it into words. But that whole ocean scene…wow… I’ve always thought Yong Hwa has this subtly when he acts. He conveys so much by one look and I think that’s great acting. But that’s just my opinion, I’ve heard so many bash his acting. But I for one think he’s not bad. And from that first episode, I can’t wait to see the rest of this drama unfold. See how his character develops. :>

    Thanks for the clips girl ❤

    Oh and I saw the subbed episode on Viki. I have the app on my tablet and I as I was scrolling through it last night I noticed they had already uploaded the first episode. And its great quality too. 🙂

    • HAHAHA I really cried when he first appeared on the first episode, seriously, I lost it hahah but the second episode went smoother for me. Though I watched without the english subs so basically came to my own conclusions about the storyline on my own hahaha but yeah…so glad to be back!!! Thank you for visiting again and pls come back soon so we can lose it together lol! <3333

  4. Welcome back Mari! Missed you and all your fun comments. I super super love Yong Hwa the actor. I really missed him so much and I’m so happy to see a more mature actor. I firmly believe that he made the right choice in choosing this project. My favourite scene was the beach cabana one. OMG he was so perfect showing a wide range of emotions in just 1 scene. Especially loved his shy yet obvious joy of seeing Mirae skinny dipping in the ocean. Next up will be his boy-next-door VJ tonight. Can’t wait!

    • YES I LOVED THAT SCENE ESPECIALLY! And yes, Yonghwa has definitely matured his acting skills in his two year hiatus from acting and I’m super, super excited about seeing him again. Thank you honey, I’m glad to be back and to connect with all my followers. I’m hoping I can update regularly so I can spazz with all of you all the time again haha

  5. Welcome back and thanks for posting! Hope you’re doing better!
    Am debating on waiting for the series to be complete (as I usually do with K-series) before watching it so I don’t have to wait and just watch it all in one crazy marathon but I’ve been so looking forward to this I might have to break my rules. 😛 (Also, it looks like Viki will be subbing the drama.) 🙂

    • Yeah, I usually do the same thing but this is YONGHWA we’re talking about here! Not to say that he’s more special than the other CNBLUE members but he’s the only one who hasn’t acted in such a long time so its super exciting!! I had to come out of my hiatus for this special time so that I can get together with my SPAZZEEZ to celebrate our LEADER!!!!

      Thank you sweetie and I hope to come back completely really soon but I MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

      • Yeah…I know…if anyone is going to make me make an exception, it would be YONGHWA. 😉
        (YES! Please come back! I have missed all the regular updates! No other site is as complete, nor does it have the fun writing that you do.:D)

        • Awww thank you my dear lovely girl!! lol Hearing things like that makes me sooooo happy because I really think that my stupid comments make my site different from the rest that are out there so thank you for confirming that <3333

          I'm coming back on a regular basis really soon!!

          • Your comments are SO not stupid at all! They are fun and insightful and made from a true fan’s perspective. You never hate on others and you’re very generous but “play within the rules.” Seriously, your site is great and one of the best, if not the best, fansites I visit regularly. SUPER looking forward to your return! I hope the time away helped you take care of what needed to be done!

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