[Site News] Hate To Say…Hiatus Is Inevitable, just for now

Dear Sweet BOICE,

Why does it seem that I’m always away for one thing or another? I really hate this, having to say goodbye to my friends and follower, if just for a few weeks. It pains me to have to take time away from my baby, ColorMeCNBLUE and from my BOICE, but I feel I need to in order to fully heal.

I’ve been dealing with so many personal issues for awhile now but recently, I’ve found out that I have an illness that has caused me so much pain and stress. Please understand that I am NOT LEAVING THE FANDOM!! I LOVE CNBLUE and will never leave their side. However, for now, I need some time to myself in order to focus on getting better! I ask you all to pray for me, if you can. I need my friends and BOICE family now more than ever! You guys, just like CNBLUE, really give me strength. I love you all so much for everything you have given me over the last year!

This not goodbye, its is me saying…see you later!


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21 thoughts on “[Site News] Hate To Say…Hiatus Is Inevitable, just for now

  1. Mari……I have been your greatest fan (in California anyway..) I am so sorry to read you are not well. Trust me that I double checked the date to make sure I am not freaking out about an older post…so anyway. Take care, we will always be here for you. You be the fighter and we will support you! Much love my dear friend (whom I have never met.) check back often to give small updates, if you can. HUGS!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Mari.

    I really hope you get well soon. If you need help, do not hesitate that you have our support. Before anything else is your health first. I will be praying that everything happens soon. Sorry for not having seen this before.

    Take Care Mary!
    This’s Isabell

    • Aww thank you Isabel! Thank you for you support, I just need some time right now but I appreciate and miss my BOICE family and of course, our boys! I’ll be back soon but thank you again for you lovely message <333

  3. Mari will have you and your family in my prayers. I hope that all turns out well and please take good care of yourself. Boice all over the world will miss you.

    Aizah M

  4. I’m shock upon reading this news. Totally sad knowing that the hiatus is caused by ur health. I really wish its bcuz of others issue. I really love read all ur writing. Its honest n similar 2 what I had in mind. I sincerely hope u’ll get better soon. I’m sure all boices will pray 4 u. But I know u’ll b getting better sooner bcuz we have 2 cnblue’s drama coming soon 2 keep u company. I actually looking 4ward 2 what u’ll write when thr drama air. But all yhat matter now is ur health. Rest well Mari… God Bless You^^

  5. I’m worried for you Unnie by reading these lines… Take care of you, and I hope you’ll come back better!
    I pray for you and if you feel alone or isolated, send me a message :). I know I’m far away from you and that I’m not very active these days, but I will always be there if you need!
    If you feel bad, take a cup of coffee with your BLUE MOON mug!
    See you <3.

  6. get well soon mari! for whatever you are dealing with right now, i know you will get through this! keep fighting! we, boices and i are here for you and going to pray for you 🙂

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