[Site News] Let’s Celebrate Our Lee Jungshin’s Birthday & Cake Project!!

Dear Beautiful BOICE,

LJS Happy BDay 2013

It’s finally the time to celebrate the very special birthday of our Lee Jungshin! The ‘Untouchable’ CNBLUE bassist and maknae turns the ripe age of 23 years old this year, and we at CNBLUE USA have working hard to make this year a very special one for our Jungshin.

Lee Jungshin Birthday Project: Part 1

For the first part of the project, our goal is to raise about $1000 jointly as an initiative by both fanbases. CNBLUE USA’s portion would be half for the amount of $5oo to donate to the ‘BLUE SCHOOL 2’ charity, given in Jungshin‘s name. Please watch the videos to learn more about CNBLUE‘s Charity efforts. More information on our joint project can be found here!

With our project partners CNBShin, we were able to reach our donation goal and send the money to the well deserved children of Africa for the CNBLUE School Fund on behalf of Lee Jungshin!

img_2868 img_2870

Project: Happy 23rd Birthday, Lee Jungshin Birthday Cake

Lee Jungshin Birthday Project: Part 2

For the second portion of the project, we planned to send Lee Jungshin a special, custom designed Birthday Cake by Sweet 16th Korean Bakery, this is the outcome:

This is our coveted list of project contributors who not only worked hard to help us achieve another successful project, but also dug deep into their pockets to help us fund for it. Thank you so very much to all of those who helped us have such great success!!

LJS Happy BDay 2013_Donations List

Happy Birthday, Lee Jungshin


Lee Jungshin, we would like to make this tribute to you, on your special 23rd birthday, be about showcasing your ever sweet disposition! The youngest member of our favorite Korean Rock band is not only the tallest in the group but also, the sweetest and most loving member! He has shown his fans his humility and his awesome sense of humor time and time again for this we love him! Let’s celebrate Lee Jungshin!

**Warning: The following post is IMAGE HEAVY & FULL OF SUPER CUTENESS Only LJS Can Bring**


Who can forget Jungshin‘s first days in CNBLUE! He showed his great ability to work hard from the very beginning, working day and night in order to learn all of CNB‘s music in replacement of former bassist Kwon Kwangjin.

1z6xd8l asd00001dsc06318 dsc07126qd dsc07205yf

Jungshin quickly assimilated himself with the other members and became an integral part of CNBLUE’s color that we know today!

dsc07185q 2rw52rr asd00000 dsc07311y cnblue25 dsc00344s

Jungshin is not afraid to show us his cuteness in a selca

130413 JS Tweet120003dfad6 121104 JS 655176538 A8dqQ6dCQAArVxe A9RnYMSCAAAYdrs

Or with his hyungs

130629 CNB Weibo Update after BM in Beijing20100726090641-eaesuvxpdlujupyww dsc07094v ERva img0508201007051204423 JH & JS Twitter 130128 y3jej YH & JS Show Champ 130220 YongShin 121201

Or his unforgettable, ‘Untouchable’ sexual appeal and charisma he exudes during photoshoots!

04 06 02 006 011 010 014 626235239

One thing is for sure, Jungshin surely ROCK OUT on stage!!!

1146453_654830714528554_967744743_n 523810613 a1o7510920 a0037623_4dc6a4113f816 a0037623_51d181ca3094d bluemoon_123 BkilzMH gda-js-1 JS_2 excite_JS js1a003

…all this and the guy can act too!!


5688554914 BOQi4FPCUAEVEvg54916

We as BOICE have so much to be thankful for. We have four men who have worked so hard to get to where they are today and still keep working harder and harder all the time, to make time for their fans. I really would like to thank Lee Jungshin’s parents for bring this special man into our world and to God for blessing him with his raw talent and classically good looks! We wish you a very Happy Birthday, our loving maknae, and we hope you have many, many years of happiness and good health before you!

Special Messages from CNBLUE USA

From Pinky (CNBLUE USA):

“To our Adorable Maknae, on this special day, I wish you all the very best! All the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow, and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and may more! Happy23birthday!

I would like to say ‘Thank you very much’ to all the fanbases and all the individual donors who participated in our project. Without all of your support and kindness, we wouldn’t have been able to make this project possible! You guys are awesome!” ~Pinky

From Cess (CNBLUE USA):

Dearest Maknae,

Happy Happy Birthday to you. You’re one of the strength of CNBLUE and to your fans. Keep being awesome and playful! I love playful Jungshin ^^. Hope you like the cake from CNBLUE USA, and I wish you good health and more success. love Cess.”

From Mari (CNBLUE USA/ ColorMeCNBLUE):

“To Jungshin,

I would like to thank you for all your hard work, for striving to make people laugh and your determination to be the best musician you can be. I thank you for taking care of your brothers, and always looking out for them! I thank you for your playfulness and your smile! There have been so many days that I feel down or sickand all I have to do is glance over at the many posters of you I have on my wallsand I just smile. Thank you for making me laugh and thank you for your awesome basslines! You truly are one in a billion, and I love you for that! Please always stay the same, carefree, loving person you are and you will always be blessed <3333

To Our Followers & Friends,

Thank you so very much for always supporting our ventures and please keep helping us reach for the Top of the World along with CNBLUE! Without you, we would not have been able to support CNBLUE so I am always thankful for your generosity and your kindness! We love our BOICE just as much as we love our CNBLUE!! You guys are so awesome ^^” ~Mari

2 thoughts on “[Site News] Let’s Celebrate Our Lee Jungshin’s Birthday & Cake Project!!

  1. LOVE IT! The cake looks AMAZING! Well done to everyone who worked on this! I feel bad for not contributing but I’m glad you were able to do everything you wanted! I’ll get my act together for the next project!;)
    I hope he shows off his cake like the others did!:D

    • Thank you so very much and don’t worry about not being able to help this time, there will be other projects you can help support in the near future^^

      Yes, let’s hope he tweets like Minhyuk & Yong did!!

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