[News] What’s Up This Week… with CNBLUE! [Week of 8/18-8/25]

Let’s find out what CNBLUE have been up to in the last seven days with the latest installment of a New in-depth weekly recap series!

Ver B Crop

Uber successful Rock Band CNBLUE have been enjoying a whirl-wind of a year so far with special musical events and concert dates, as well as acting schedules and everything in between! I cannot believe this is already my fourth weekly recap article and that an entire month has gone by already since we started our exploration of CNBLUE‘s weekly whereabouts, can you? For this week’s article, we’ll get to recap some of the highlights from the past few weeks and get to see exactly what this busy band of four gorgeous and talented musicians have been up to the past seven days.

Over the past few weeks we’ve covered CNBLUE‘s unique brand of manliness sprinkled with a bit of charmingly cute and drop dead sexy all rolled into one super hot band. Because of their popularity and well documented selling power, CNBLUE has amassed several promotional endorsement contracts for various products such as clothing and even cosmetics. We’ve touched on a few of their promotional campaigns for Bang Bang clothing brand and their newly appointed title of Healthy Food Embassadors for ‘Food for the Hungry’, the Korean Food Trade Association and K-Food a few weeks ago.



Recently, CNBLUE was chosen to be one of the campaign models for Samsung Galaxy and has appeared in several commercials and advertisements for the worldwide name in cellular technologies since they first signed on with the brand last year. This week CNBLUE released a special digital single for Samsung titled, ‘Feel Good’ which was written by CNBLUE leader and lead vocalist Jung Yonghwa.

Feel Good Official Cover

Also starring as the lead in the music video for the single, Yonghwa shows off his comedic side as he’s shown dealing with a night of partying and then being chased by a huge brown bear in this all too funny music video. The single was actually a big though welcomed surprise to fans as the notice about its release was only revealed just a few days beforehand. ‘Feel Good’ is now available for download on iTunes.

130821 YH Twitter Update

To help promote the new single, Yonghwa signed onto Twitter and posted a very vague message asking fans to “feel good” along with a very weirdly cute pose with non other than his co-star from the music video, the very lucky Mrs. Bear.  Everyone it’s been a long time! It’s me Yonghwa!ㅋㅋ Not too long ago I filmed with a bear!ㅋㅋ It’s cool to have a bear next to you! Makes your blood runs cold..ㅋ It’s not that I’m scaredㅋㅋThe bear’s extremely cute! I became attached with the bear..!ㅜㅠ Lately the weather is really hot but please stay strong!!! feel good!!!! Wanna see you real quick!^^”

Speaking of Twitter, CNBLUE was super busy posting messages to their fans on several of their Social Media accounts this week! CNBLUE does reach out to their fans though they seem to do it in a very sparing manner, mostly posting them when they have something important to let them know, and when they need their support and fans lovingly cater to their wishes. This week alone, they connected with their adoring fans more than five times, which is a rare occurrence for the band and an equally rare treat for their fans.

130821 CNB Weibo Update

Bassist and sweet maknae (youngest member) Lee Jungshin kicked off their media connection with a post to the band’s Weibo, “Hello everyone it’s me Jungshin~~~!!!^^ The weather is extremely hot.. everyday I shower with sweat.. Anyway the dark me.. is getting even darker… Everyone make sure to use sun cream! Soon.. The day we can meet will come! See you at the concert day! Allobyu~! (I love you!) ♥”, and then again on their Kakao Talk Social App to celebrate their reaching over one million ‘friends’: This is JungShin~ CNBLUE’s 플친 has more than 1 million. I’m honored to hear it! To celebrate it, I’d like to share a picture which was taken in Australia~!!! Take care of yourself in the heat wave!!”


Not wanting to be left out of the social media loop, lead guitarist and designated “Burning boy” Lee Jonghyun and “Lovely” drummer Kang Minhyuk also shared special messages and images with fans this week. On August 22nd 2013, CNBLUE flew to Malaysia to hold their ‘BLUE MOON’ World Tour in Malaysia press conference sponsored by Samsung Galaxy and then prepare for their next ‘BLUE MOON’ World Tour show in the days that followed. Shortly after their arrival to Malaysia, Jonghyun shared a short but sweet message to fans on Weibo,I really like Malaysian food too~ I ate well the food that was prepared yesterday. Please enjoy the concert today! Hoot.”

130824 JH's Weibo Update b4 BMMY

More on the press conference, CNBLUE didn’t fail to impress local news crews with their charming smiles and equally charming individual personas. Kpopstarz was on hand to capture CNBLUE on location and witness the crowds of screaming fans who waited for their glimpse of the charismatic four-some. During the conference, the band was interviewed, posed for pictures with some of the local news people, and got to play with some of the Samsung Galaxy products that were on hand.



D-Day for ‘BLUE MOON’ Live in KL Malaysia came quickly. On August 24th 2013, fans traveled from all over the region to see CNBLUE perform live, and they were super pleased, to say the least. The Rockin’ quartet kicked off their live set with their now regular show starter ‘Where you are’ followed by other regular rock tracks ‘Get Away’ and ‘One Time’ then followed up with dance-friendly  tracks ‘Naran Namja‘, ‘Coffee Shop’ and ‘Have a Good night’. New to the roster of CNBLUE hits is the newest single, ‘Feel Good’ which was performed live for the first time ever for the lucky Malaysia fans who got to be the first to witness the show.




In total, CNBLUE performed twenty four of their hottest and fan favorite tracks over the span of the almost two and a half hour show. After the successful completion of the concert, a very pleased Kang Minhyuk tweeted a group selca image taken with their joyous fans post concert along with this message, “Hello it’s Minhyuk. World Tour in Malaysia has ended! It’s our first solo concertbut it was fun~! All through the concert we Feel ~~~~gooooooood!!! Let’s meet again next time see u Malaysia!!”

130824 MH's Twitter Update

130824 Yonghwa's Weibo Update

Shortly after Minhyuk‘s Twitter post, a thankful Yonghwa updated the band’s Weibo account with a sweet message and yet another group shot of the band post ‘Live in Malaysia’ concert, “Malaysia fans~~!!! It’s me Yonghwa! Waa… Today it was really funㅜ Thank you. Thank you for patiently waiting for usㅜ Thanks again. Because of your support, we will work harder and serve you better as CNBLUE. MUSIC makes me high, Thank you!”


OK folks *deep breath*, there you have it! Over the past month, CNBLUE has shown us every possible side of their unique and very individual personalities. We’ve explored CNBLUE‘s hot modeling capabilities, dynamic promotional prowess, Rocking and super powerful stage presence, and captivating acting abilities! All that, and they still manage to rock their killer looks…How do they do it? One thing is for sure, CNBLUE will hold onto their secret of never ending energy and continue to Wow fans all over the world with their severely talented musical skills and lethal good looks.

Catch you all on the flipside of a new month as we say goodbye to Summer and bring in the heat with more CNBLUE weekly recap goodness in September!

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Photo Credits: FNC Ent., Kpopstarz, MyKpopHuntress
Translations provided by: cnbluestorm
written by: Mari @cnbstorm / colormecnblue

8 thoughts on “[News] What’s Up This Week… with CNBLUE! [Week of 8/18-8/25]

  1. I was there in Blue Moon Malaysia concert..sooo lucky to watch their 1st ever “Feel Good” live performance.. anyway, thanks for the recap..loving it!!

  2. Wow how active they are!
    I hope that they never ends their activities because we are alive just with their activities, performances and their beautiful music
    We love youuuu all

    CNBLUE we support you forever forever!!!

  3. Thanks again for another great weekly recap! So ready for the Blue Moon world tour to come to the rest of the world…I love that they do a group shot at the end of every show. (And is it me, or do YH’s eyes look particularly larger in the press conference photos? Like he’s trying to make them bigger? :D)

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