[News] What’s Up This Week… with CNBLUE! [Week of 8/11-8/18]

Let’s find out what CNBLUE have been up to in the last seven days with the latest installment of a New in-depth weekly recap series!

Ver A Crop

Super popular Rock band CNBLUE have been touring all over Asia and even Australia since Spring and even though the end of Summer is quickly approaching, CNBLUE prove they are ready to keep bringing the heat well into the Fall with their unique brand of music and handsome good looks. This week we’ll explore CNBLUE‘s charming wilderness style, their latest musical eye-candy, some ‘Exciting’ stages, and some all important Airport Fashion pics.

CNBLUE has been boasting their good looks for more than just their album jacket covers. Since their debut onto the music scene, CNBLUE has played spokesmen to many different promotional campaigns for popular company brands such as T.G.I. Fridays, Samsung, and Olive Young just to name a few. The band’s long running endorsement campaign for Bang Bang displays a different view of the guys with each season. The latest addition to Bang Bang‘s new arrivals is their brand new Autumn Catalog featuring CNBLUE in their “wildest” setting yet.



CNBLUE became the new face of Bang Bang clothing brand since early 2011, taking over for the former flower Boy Lee Minho, and have been a favorite with the company since showing up in all the brands’ catalogs and TV commercials exclusively to promote their men’s apparel. CNBLUE‘s boyish charms and their insanely good looks have garnered them the opportunity to remain the brand’s sole promoter for Bang Bang mens wear with a new look and fresh feel every season of the year.

CNBLUE - One More Time 369

Warner Music Japan released CNBLUE‘s newest music video this week. The title song to the band’s upcoming LP ‘What Turns You On?’, ‘One More Time’ was posted on the labels’ official Youtube Channel earlier this week to the surprise and excitement of their fans who were anticipating the new video. The song ‘One More Time’ in short, depicts a man who doesn’t want to let go of his girlfriend. Not wanting to break up their relationship, he asks her to give him another chance to save their love.

CNBLUE - One More Time 133

CNBLUE - One More Time 285

Filmed during one of their many trips to Japan, the members are seen on a rooftop participating in an intense card game, battling each other for what seems to be bragging rights. There are some very cool scenes where they rock out in what seems to be an abandoned parking lot. ‘What Turns You On?’ is scheduled to hit store shelves on August 28th 2013 making it the quartet’s second Japanese LP and this year’s 4th album released.

In other CNBLUE music news, the band’s promotional 2013 Zepp Tour ‘Lady’ concluded this week on July 15th 2013 in Osaka Japan. Though the tour was to promote their recent single ‘Lady’ and the accompanying tracks which hit stores on July 31st, the setlist for the tour included many other CNBLUE hit songs and fan favorites released in the past few years. In all, CNBLUE visited five cities and performed a total of ten shows over a four week period.





Part of the tour was covered by Japanese music site Exite Music Japan and was featured on the site along with a few concert images and a short article. For more concert coverage and images, please visit Excite Music.  After their last performance, CNBLUE posted the following message through FNC Japan‘s Twitter along with a picture of the band fresh off the stage post concert, CNBLUE successfully ended CNBLUE Zepp Tour 2013 ~Lady~ with today’s concert! Thank you very much for your support!! We hope for your continuous love and support for CNBLUE!”

130815 Last day of Zepp Tour

A seemingly tired CNBLUE was photographed finally making their way back to Korea via Gimpo Airport on August 16th. The four members greeted fans and accepted their gifts while pushing their own luggage hurriedly through the crowds of fans to their car that was waiting for them just outside. The airport sighting was the last of the young men so there’s no telling what they are up to or what they will be doing in the few days they have between events.




What’s up next for this band of four you ask? There is not much downtime in store for CNBLUE as the next stop on their super successful ‘BLUE MOON’ World tour is fast approaching and will take them to finally meet their Malaysian fans on August 24th 2013 when they perform at the Stadium Negara, organized by Daol Entertainment.

More on that event in the next installment of this new Weekly Recap feature article brought to you by Mari♥.

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Source: cnblue.jp, FNC Japan Twitter
Photo Credits: FNC Entertainment, Excite Music
written by: Mari @cnbstorm / colormecnblue

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