[News] What’s Up This Week… with CNBLUE! [Week of 8/4-8/11]

Lady 2

Let’s find out what CNBLUE have been up to in the last seven days with the latest installment of a New in-depth weekly recap series!

Super in-demand Rock band CNBLUE, prove that their energy levels have no bounds in yet another week of hectic schedules, events and special announcements. This week we’ll explore CNBLUE‘s modeling skills, Rockin’ stage presence, magical behind the scenes footage, and a very deliciously charming commercial.


The FNC quarterly magazine created by FNC Entertainment to showcase their artists and actors just revealed a teaser image for their ‘Summer Special’ edition. One of the main articles in the new mag, aptly titled ‘Hot Body’, features a very chiseled Lee Jonghyun sporting a grey tank top and bulging biceps. The handsome guitarist uses Mixed Martial Arts to stay toned and in great shape so he can be at his best physical condition for CNBLUE‘s lively and very energetic performances. The third issue of the magazine is due in stores by August 30th 2013.

Zepp Tokyo 130806

Zepp Tokyo 130806 2

CNBLUE successfully completed two back to back live shows in Zepp Tokyo on August 6th & 7th, on their promotional ‘Lady’ Zepp Tour 2013.  CNBLUE are very actively promoting ‘Lady’ bringing their tour to Tokyo this week. To commemorate getting to perform in the popular city, Yonghwa sang an impromptu song simply titled ‘Tokyo Banana’ named after one of the band’s favorite regional snacks, the Tokyo Banana. Used to playing larger venues that can hold more than a few thousand fans, CNBLUE make good use of the smaller and more intimate audiences on Japan’s Zepp circuit and continue to drive the fans wild with their display of never-ending energy when they get on stage as they make their way through various cities. The last date of the 2013 ‘Lady’ Zepp Tour will be on August 15th in Zepp Namba, Japan.

Not wanting to waste any time, the always advantageous FNC Entertainment updated CNBLUE‘s official website this week with the not so surprising announcement for a very new live concert DVD, the 2013 ~Lady~ @ Zepp Tour filmed at non other than Zepp Tokyo this very week. The new live DVD will be available in three limited edition versions: Standard, Warner Direct, and Blu-Ray and is slated for an October 2nd 2013 release.

CNBLUE showed their cool and quirky personalities as well as undeniable sex appeal in a short behind the scenes look at the band’s newest music video for their upcoming LP ‘What Turns You On?’ titled, ‘One More Time’. The clip. aired on Mezamashi TV,  gives viewers a sneak peek and listen to the new album’s title song, written and composed by lead singer Jung Yonghwa. Yonghwa was caught showing off his very cute side between filming, entertaining the members with some slight of hand card tricks leaving fans wondering “How did he do that?” The very anticipated full music video should be revealed soon within the coming weeks as the release date of August 28th for ‘What Turns You On?’ is fast approaching.


Proving they can rock out with the best of them. them being the likes of Linkin Park, Metallica, and MUSE just to name a few, CNBLUE fit right into the mix of powerhouse rock bands at this year’s ‘Summer Sonic’ Music Festival in Japan. Attending both locations, Tokyo on August 10th and on the 11th in Osaka, CNBLUE performed at the festival’s ‘Flower Stage’ for the first time in the young band’s already impressive career. Also joining them on the itinerary were FNC label-mates and brother band, FTISLAND. Unable to contain his excitement for being included on such a list of powerful performers and talented names in the music business, Yonghwa proudly stated. “GOD BLESS YOU SUMMER SONIC! To perform at Summer Sonic was my dream. My heart is too full for words. You guys too, have a dream!”


After their performances, both CNBLUE and FTISLAND gathered together for a very sweaty after concert ‘FNC Family’ photo tweeted by FTISLAND member Lee Hongki. along with the message, “FNC family Summer Sonic in Tokyo!!! Good job!!! Well… We’ll liven up Osaka tomorrow!!”  CNBLUE performed a total of seven songs, most of which were modified for a harder rock sound including ‘Lady’ and ‘I’m Sorry’. According to various fan accounts and news resources, both bands made a powerful first impression on the audiences for both days of the festival and possibly added to their already massive reserve of fans. The first and second days of the ‘Summer Sonic’ Music Fest will be airing on WOWOW TV on September 10th and 11th respectively at 7PM JST.

K-FOOD Group promo

In other news, back in May CNBLUE were appointed as ambassadors for the international relief organization,Food for the Hungry’ and will to help bring awareness to child poverty. Because of this, the charismatic band were chosen as the new promotional models for ‘K-Food’, a global brand by Korean Agriculture and Fisheries Trade Corporation. On August 11th K-Food posted five commercial spots, four 30 second and on minute long, each promoting a different attribute to healthy eating. The 60 second commercial was posted with this caption: “What is the secret to CNBLUE‘s undeniable attractiveness? The answer is in KOREAN FOOD! Is milk the key to sustaining their baby face? Or is red ginseng the secret to their tireless stamina? CNBLUE is always showing passionate enthusiasm! Check out the charm of K-FOOD revealed by CNBLUE!” The new ads will be on broadcast in mid-August via satellite TV in China, Hong Kong and Vietnam as well as in the world’s leading TV channels CNN, BBC and National Geographic Channel.

As for future CNBLUE events on the schedule, the band will conclude their Zepp Tour this coming week and in two weeks, the band are headed for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the one and only ‘BLUE MOON’ Live in Malaysia concert at Stadium Negara on August 24th, 2013.

Well folks there you have it, another week of concert appearances, magazine teasers and everything else CNBLUE ventured in this second week of August 2013. See you next week!

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Source: summersonickfoodworld
Photo Credits: FNC Ent., Kstyle
Special Thanks to BOICE Toron for: Mezamashi TV
written by: Mari @cnbstorm / colormecnblue

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