[News] What’s Up This Week… with CNBLUE! [Week of 7/28-8/4]


Let’s find out what CNBLUE have been up to lately with this first installment of a New in-depth weekly recap series!

Hallyu Rock band CNBLUE have been super busy and given their growing popularity, there’s no telling when these guys will finally sit back and take a break from their head twirling schedule of touring, musical events, and even acting. With member Lee Jungshin and his hectic filming schedule for KBS’s hit drama, ‘Blade and Petal’, an appearance on Japanese TV show ‘Japan Countdown’, the release of latest single ‘Lady’, upcoming LP ‘What Turns You On?’ track list info, Plus the surfacing video clip of a mysterious snowboarder added to the mix, this week is packed with CNBLUE goodness.

CNBLUE‘s sixth major Japanese single album ‘Lady’ has been making waves on Japanese music charts for weeks before the release date so it wasn’t a surprise when according to the charts for July 31, ‘Lady’ reportedly sold 29,863 copies counting pre-orders and units sold the day of its release, shooting the album to no. 2 on Oricon′s Daily Singles Chart. To help promote the album, the band kicked off their mini Japanese promotional tour ‘Lady’ 2013 Zepp Tour last week in Sapporo which continued for two dates in Nagoya, Japan earlier this week.

130724 Sapporo Day 1

As part of their album promotion in Japan, CNBLUE took part in a short, sit down interview titled ‘Close Up’ which aired on Japan’s leading music show, ‘Japan Countdown’. The band was asked about the inspiration behind the title song ‘Lady’ which was written and composed by lead vocalist Jung Yonghwa, and a few other interesting topics and ended the show with a special interactive quiz question for viewers.

With four sold out ‘Lady’ Zepp Tour shows already under their belt, CNBLUE set their sights on conquering the stage at one of Japan’s most popular and exclusive music festivals, ‘Rock in Japan’. The annual summer ‘Rock In Japan’ Music Festival is highly regarded as the place to be seen for Japanese Rock and Alternative artists. This year marks CNBLUE‘s first time attending as performers making their festival debut on the special ‘Lake Stage’ August 4th 2013, the final day of the festival. Finally being invited to join the list of Japan’s finest music groups to perform is a high honor for the young band. Before hitting the stage for their forty minute set, they excitedly tweeted a group image showing their unity with a special pre-show ritual.

130802 CNB Tweet b4 Rock in Japan

@CNBLUE_4: Everyone, ROCK IN JAPAN starts!!!

Once on stage, CNBLUE went straight into ‘Where you are’, pelting the audience with a powerful live stage of continuous hits showcasing the reason for their steadily rising popularity. Next up ‘Wake Up’ followed by ‘Coffee Shop’ and ‘I’m Sorry’ ending their set with latest single, ‘Lady’. The carefully chosen setlist of seven songs in total, best highlights CNBLUE‘s distinct sound. Most of the onlookers who had never heard of the quartet until then, remarked on their talent and were impressed by CNBLUE‘s musical ability and diverse music which not only touts their fluency in Japanese and Korean, but also English making them one of the rare trilingual groups on the festival’s itinerary. CNBLUE‘s ‘Lake Stage’ performance at ‘Rock In Japan’ Fest. 2013 Day-3 will air on WOWOW Live TV on September 6th, 2013 at 7pm JST.

Rock in Japan 1



Japanese rockers ORANGE RANGE with CNBLUE members tweeted by @OR_HIROKI

In other music news, CNBLUE revealed the detailed tracklisting information for the songs that are featured on the band’s second full length album slated for release August 28th 2013, titled, ‘What Turns you on?’. The title song ‘One More Time’ along with six other tracks were contributed by leader Jung Yonghwa leaving lead guitarist Lee Jonghyun responsible for the remaining four songs including the previously released chart topping ‘Blind Love’, rounding out the albums eleven tracks. The LP will be CNBLUE‘s fourth musical release this year so far. In typical CNBLUE fashion, ‘What Turns You On?’ will be available in three versions, a Limited Edition ‘A’ including a DVD containing the title music video and behind the scenes making film and a bonus track, ‘Robot’ (English Version). Limited Edition ‘B’ also comes with a DVD containing exclusive performance film and one standard edition.

What Turns You On Standard Cover

Earlier this week band leader Jung Yonghwa showed off his expert snowboarding skills giving the world a small glimpse of his cheeky personality and snowboardingprowess. Yonghwa has many talents, most of which are musically related. The musician has been noted for writing and composing a number of CNBLUE songs and has even composed songs for fellow FNC Entertainment label artists AOA and Juniel. The young star was professionally trained to play several instruments including piano, clarinet and of course the guitar, yet, some of his extra-musical talents have been hidden until recently. It is known fact that he loves to play basketball during his rare downtime, but it is little known that Yonghwa is also a talented sportsman. Recently, Yonghwa mentioned he has taken up golf as a new hobby and of course, we have to add his expert mastery of snowboarding to his list of many talents.

130730 YH Snow

In early January 2013, Yonghwa went on holiday to the Hongcheon Ski Resort and later shared a few images of his trip on Twitter. This week, he decided to share a video clip that was filmed during this ski vacation taken by his manager who accompanied him on the trip. The video shows Yonghwa demonstrating his comfort level and ease of moment on the single board as his manager follows closely behind him capturing the star’s savvy moves down the slope. Yonghwa posted a short message and a short video clip with the hopes of “cooling off” fans during the current summer heatwave Japan and Korea are suffering.

“Guys!!! I’ve safely arrived in Japan, The weather is so hot right? This video was taken during our trip to Hongcheon’s ski resort back in January, with our Japanese manager hyung, (who is) a former snowboarding athlete. ㅋ Even the slopes are named “rock”. This ski resort is seriously the best… ㅋ ㅋ The other members were with the other manager hyung playing elsewhere ~ ~  To film this while going down is the amazing thing from manager hyung!!! Hopefully looking at this video can cool you down even though it’s hot outside!!!! So, let’s get to a great show!!! Top of the world!”


Another CNBLUE member showing off his talent for duality, bassist Lee Jungshin completed yet another week of filming for the KBS2 period drama, ‘Blade and Petal’. In late Spring, Lee Jungshin announced through his managing label FNC Entertainment, that he had accepted a role in the new and highly anticipated KBS drama (also known as ‘Sword and Flower’). Jungshin plays ‘Siwoo’ is a master swordsman and the youngest of the princess’s bodyguards. He is cold to others except Princess ‘Mu-young’ (Kim Ok-bin), whom he loves and follows around like a shadow to protect her. The evening drama ‘Blade and Petal’ airs on KBS2 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:55 pm KST.

Whew, can we breathe now? Seems CNBLUE are on “Non-Stop promotional” mode because everytime you turn around, there they are giving us new music or appearing on our TV screens. One thing is for sure, CNBLUE aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, other than a city near you when they continue their ‘BLUE MOON’ world tour later this month. Tune in next week for continuous CNBLUE ‘Weekly Recap’ news by yours truly, Mari♡.

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Source: cnblue.jp, rijfes.jp
Video Credits: BOICE Toron
Photo Credits: FNC Ent., KBS, CNBLUE Twitter
written by: Mari @cnbstorm / colormecnblue

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  1. I went to their Blue Moon concert and it was superb!! no words can explain it! My love for Yong grows stronger!! He makes me cheated on Kamenashi and TOP like no one ever could..Oh God!! Yong Hwaaaaa!!! Cheers Boice

    • Thank you!! I worked on this the better part of my Sunday lol…it was harder than I thought it would be only of the challenge of trying to segue from one topic to the next and just making sure I covered all the events of the past week!

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