[Scan | Trans] CNBLUE Special Focus Q&A @ 25ans Magazine September 2013 Issue

CNB 25ans group edited


Q: How do you describe yourself?

A: As a man! I’m just a man like any other haha is that wrong?

Q: Moments that make you happy?

A: When we wrap up our live performances then head back to the house and then get straight in the shower! 

Q: Who’s the funniest member?

A: Yonghwa. He looks so cool at first but actually he’s funny.

Q: Your favorite girl fashion?

A: A girl in white t-shirt and jeans. Mainly because it’s simple so her aura and her inner beauty will show through.

Q: For you, what do you think are a girl’s charms?

A: My opinion has changed a lot but for now the one who can make me happy when we are together and one can understand me.

Q: When were you inspired to start music?

A: Since I watched Eric Clapton perform. I wanted to be just like him! 

Q: What do other people say about you?

A: People around me say that I’m manly but the members say that I’m childish.


Q: How do you describe yourself?

A: I’m a steady (focused) person. Once I start to do something, I’ll focus on it without breaking to think about anything else.

Q: Moments that make you happy?

A: Sleeping. I like to sleep even though I’m always busy and don’t get many chances to sleep in.

Q: Who’s the funniest member?

A: Jungshin. The way he laughs, hmm his ‘giggle’ makes me laugh? Haha

Q: Your favorite girl fashion?

A: I like girl in white a t-shirt and jeans. Just the casual one.

Q: For you, what do you think are a girl’s charms?

A: When I can be together with her and I can feel her affection. And honesty in a girl is important.

Q: When were you inspired to start music?

A: My mom bought me a piano and first introduced me to music when I was six years old. I started to play guitar when I was in high school.

Q: What music/artists do you listen to these days?

A: Bruno Mars. As a band, we like to produce our music ourselves but I’ve been influenced a lot by him.


Q: How do you describe yourself?

A: I’m a realistic person. Since I was young, I had a dream to become a good daddy. 

Q: Moments that make you happy? 

A: When I’m really busy and then I get some free time.

Q: Who’s the funniest member?

A: Jungshin. He’s a mischievous kid. Plays well as the youngest member.

Q: Your favorite girl fashion?

A: Something that suits her personality well. Doesn’t have to be glamorous.

Q: For you, what do you think are a girl’s charms?

A: In movie that I watched recently, there was an actress that has really beautiful eyes and smile. I think those are a girl’s best charms.

Q: Besides music, what other things are you interested in?

A: I’m learning many things right now but it’s secret. If I learn diligently then I’ll let you know.

Q: Who would like to meet with the most?

A: My future wedding partner hahaha… but maybe it will be in the next 10 years.


Q: How do you describe yourself?

A: I’m an honest person, aren’t I? Because of that, I want to have faith that I can do everything happily.

Q: Moments that make you happy?

A: Shopping online because I can buy anything I want like accessories, shoes etc.

Q: Who is the funniest member?

A: Me, isn’t it? Haha because I do crack jokes everyday!

Q: The most stylish member is?

A: Yonghwa hyung. When we go shopping together, he busy everything without any doubt. I admire him for that.

Q: Your favorite girl fashion?

A: A girl with a white sweeter and black pants, wearing basketball shoes. That look is relaxed.

Q: For you, what do you think are a girl’s charms?

A: The woman that works hard at her job. And the one that can understand me and has a warm heart.

Q: Music that you listen to these days?

A: K’s Only Human. I rarely to listen movie OST’s but I think that’s a good  one.

I like the questions that were asked but some are pretty generic and so are some of the answers! Not really one of their better interviews but still, we get to really see the differences between the members personalities and interests! One thing that I find is a running theme are Minhyuk‘s answers lately! For a while now, he keeps mentioning how he wants to find his future wife and how he wants and how he wants to have kids and be a good father and that really warms my heart!! I really feel sad for him because it seems he would like to date, if he isn’t already. I know he’s got plenty of time and opportunities to date but it just makes me think, how long are they really going to put music ahead of their personal wants, needs, desires? I have to put my own selfish thoughts aside and hope that its soon. After all, you’re only young once and these guys really need to learn what its like to be free and out in the world, not like how they’ve been living it.

All that aside, I really admire CNBLUE for all that they’ve accomplished and how much they’ve matured mentally. Its nice to see that they know what they look for in a girl that goes past what’s on the outside and aren’t so materialistic about their tastes when it comes to women. I really hope they find what they are looking for.


Source: 25ans Magazine
Scans: @nuromianchaochi
Trans: @totoroNYUU, Japanese transcript via @mi_malice
English Edited & Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

10 thoughts on “[Scan | Trans] CNBLUE Special Focus Q&A @ 25ans Magazine September 2013 Issue

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  3. I always look forward to their interviews, although I’m hoping that there will be some more details that will let us know even more about them. I totally agree with you about Minhyuk’s consistent answers in interviews. I admire how at a young age he already has an idea of how he want to become as a family man in the future.
    Honestly, a part of me wishes I could be the one for him! OMG! Sorry to be saying that but it’s all part of my crazy fantasy and wishful thinking. But I’m sure some of us wish the same at some point. Too. Hehehe….

    • LOL its ok to have fantasies and day dream about what it would be like to date the celebrity you adore but as long as you don’t become delusional in thinking it just may happen! The odds are not good for us hahaha but still it’s fun to dream :))

    • True! I also wish I’m the one he’s looking for.God’s gift for him..at some point we have the same thinking.i don’t know what I really wanna become all I know is that I want to have a family of my own.i want to have kids, discipline them well, be a good mother to them and a passionate wife for my husband. Pardon me but that’s what I really feel.. #justsayin kkkkk ^.^

  4. Honestly those guys look like they could actually balance their work and free time for their gf. I hope they feel good and free enough to take a gf when times comes and they find the right one. I mean it can only do them good, CNB has taste so I won’t really worry about what kind of girls they come with.

    By the way.. Yong’s hair looks freakin gold o-o Wanna..

    • Yeah, I trust them to choose the right girls, they seem to know what they like at least. Lets hope they find time to do so since that’s the main reason why they dont date now.

      Btw, why did you cut yourself off at the end there lol…I wanna know what you were gonna say =))

      • Oh lol got cut off xD I wanted to say something like I wanna touch it lol. Oh and I got the crazy image of rapunzel in my head because of his golden strands xD
        By the way, the photos are nice.. So clean and neat and jfbdsnjfsa *-*

        The guys are being workaholics pumping material out for us fans to love. We still would love them even with less updates and the fact they would have a gf :’)

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