[Scan | Trans] CNBLUE ‘Lady’ Interview @ B-PASS Magazine September 2013 Issue

CNB B-PASS group edited

CNBLUE Interview:


Lady is a song that’s good to listen to while driving?

JS : Yes, all the members have a driver’s license. Recently, me and Yonghwa hyung were driving to Hangang and we stopped for a while at the riverside, then we walked around. We went back to our house while drinking coffee in the car.

Two men went out together in a car, by yourselves?

YH : (bitter laugh) Sounds weird?! Actually we often go out together by car with each other, just us men. But please dont get the wrong idea! 

Ah I think your relationship is that close!

JS : Ahhh you mean it?! Hahaha

Talk about ‘Don’t Care’

JS : Hyung [Yonghwa] asked me to write the lyrics together with him then we would share our ideas. Something like “What would do next”, etc. After that I tried my best to write. The theme that I came up with was about a couple that had separated around something kilometer (E/N: I think he meant small? not sure but this doesn’t make sense with the context of the sentence), can’t see her anymore. Emm maybe around 3 kilometer? Then I think no need to put the number, only kilometer. After that, with full of confident I showed it to Yonghwa hyung but he said he already wrote up his own lyrics hahaha.

YH: I liked his idea but unfortunately…

MH: I liked Yonghwa hyung’s lyrics too haha 

Talk about ‘Monday’ lyrics. When you were a student, how did you wake up everyday?

YH : I don’t remember how I got woken up at that time. Thinking back to that time, I think it was impossible to wake me up early in the morning everyday and had to be woken a second time. Hahaha (suddenly speak in Busan dialect)

How were you woken up? By alarm or by your parents?

YH & JS: Woken up by mom. 

MH: I would set the alarm so I can wake up by myself. But if it didn’t work then my mom would come to wake me up.

JH: My parents used to leave for work early in the mornings so I would wake up by myself. 

YH : The reason why I like ‘Monday’ is because there are many interesting variety shows on TV. I didn’t matter to me if I didn’t go out to play, just watching TV was interesting. (busan dialect)

JH : Even though felt tired after work, I would wake up right after the variety show started. (busan dialect)

Are there some songs that you played both in Japan tour and world tour? For example, in japan tour  B should be after A and for world tour it should be C after A. Is there any member that spontaneously played the wrong song?

JS: We are not that stupid haha

JH: Me, ever to do that.

JS: ahh there is? We have stupid person here hahaha

JS : Having live performance like this made me worry about the other members’ condition, especially, Yonghwa hyung’s throat. He and Jonghyun hyung always abuse their bodies, I feel bad for them.

YH: You felt bad for the vocalist?! Then Jungshin should sing for me! Haha

JS: Sorry, I take back my words!

During your current tour, there’s a music festival date in between. How do you distinguish it from your other performances?

YH: Now we have a secret plan!

 Have you experienced the courage test?

JH: It’s called Kimottama Shiken in Korea (T/N: idk how to trans in Korea). I’ve never experienced it when I was in school.

JH, JS, MH: We haven’t.

In japan, even though you are an adult, there’s a story about the ‘spirit spot’.

All: Sounds interesting. We want to try it.

JS: I want to try with the other members.

YH: Is that really an interesting place to visit together with all men? If we go with girl, it should be kyaa kyaa.

MH: If we go with men, it should be ‘uwoo uwoo’, then clinging onto each other right?

JH: Become more sultry hahaha

In Korea, many people like watching horror movies in the summertime right?

JH: Yes I like to. We like to go watch a movie together but since we’re really noisy, we don’t all go together anymore.

YH: Jungshin is the loudest when it comes to horror scenes, he will scream out! He’s scarier than movie itself.

MH: He even starts grabbing the other members’ arms!

YH: Actually, I dont like to watch movies with Minhyuk either (laughs) because while watching a movie, he will give a comment about the story and try to guess what’s gonna happen in the next scenes and try to whisper but not very well.

JS: Yes that’s right! Even while watching a romance movie, he will start wondering what will happen to the boy and the girl!

YH: For me, cockroaches are scarier than the (horror) movies but Jungshin is good at catching them so we leave that job to him! 

All: (Loud Laughter)

JH: Yeah, I used to not be scared of cockroaches but recently, I find them scarier.

I really enjoyed reading and editing this interview! CNBLUE are meant to be together, I have never know of four men who get along better than these guys! They really fit so well together as their personalities are so different from each other and yet very similar in some ways. Like how they ALL agree that Minhyuk is not the one to go out to the movies with because he talks too much LOL!!! And how Jungshin is super loud when he gets scared by a horror flick! LMAO, all I can do is picture Yonghwa and Jonghyun in the house when they suddenly see a huge roach, get disgusted and run to the living room calling Jungshin to go and kill it! LOL… Yonghwa-sshi, don’t feel bad cuz Noona is scared of them too, especially the really big ones that FLY!!

EWWWW I don’t understand it but suddenly I get the urge to envy those damn nasty bugs because even THEY get to visit the CNBLUE dorm and get past security LMAO!!! I really wish I could tele-port/ morph into an insect and spy on them somehow hahaha…OK now I’m losing it right?

This interview was fun and light and we got to see and learn just a little bit more about the guys’ home life and what they like to do when they have some free time, go to the movies! That used to be my favorite past time and I should probably do it more often…who knows, maybe I’ll see CNBLUE there? KEEP DREAMING MARI!! /runs away


Source: B-PASS Magazine
Scans: @nuromianchaochi
Trans: @totoroNYUU, Japanese transcript via @mi_malice
English Edited & Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

14 thoughts on “[Scan | Trans] CNBLUE ‘Lady’ Interview @ B-PASS Magazine September 2013 Issue

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  2. Thank you…thank u… I love them so much.. and I love interviews like these..hope to read more interviews on them.. lol and cute…

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  8. this is sooooo cute!!! thank you for sharing

    jungshin: i confidently wrote the lyrics and show to hyung

    yonghwa: i finish the lyrics already


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