[News] CNBLUE Kickoff Their Activities in Japan With Five City ‘Lady’ Zepp Tour


Korean Rock quartet CNBLUE start their two month summer promotions in Japan with 2013 ‘Lady’ Zepp Tour.

CNBLUE have been working non stop so far in 2013 starting with their super successful ‘Re:BLUE’ comeback in Korea this January, kicking off their ‘BLUE MOON’ world tour and ‘Blind Love’ album release in April, then heading straight to their newest single and LP albums ‘Lady’ and ‘What Turns You On?’ for a record four albums released and multiple county visits all within a short eight month period. While perhaps other artists would take a deep breath and some time off for a job well done, CNBLUE keep on working hard bringing the heat with their promotional events straight through the scorching hot summer months.

The four member band are no strangers to having a seemingly overbooked schedule so they move from one event to the next leaving behind a wake of broken hearted fans along the way. Taking a short break from their ‘BLUE MOON’ tour stops for a bit, CNBLUE have added performances at two very popular music festivals ‘ROCK in Japan’ on August 4th and two stages at ‘Summer Sonic’ on August 10th & 11th to their already busy itinerary. All this in the midst of their current five city promotional 2013 Zepp Tour named after their latest single ‘Lady’ which began July 24th 2013 in Sapporo, Japan spanning over a just a few weeks ending in Namba, Japan August 15th, 2013.

The band arrived yesterday in Japan sans one member, their bassist Lee Jungshin whom had to stay behind in Korea due to his filming schedule for new KBS drama ‘Blade & Petalbut later flew in to join the rest of his band brothers the next day. The first performance of the ‘Lady’ Zepp tour consisted of a modest seventeen song set-list chock full of CNBLUE‘s powerful tracks such as ‘Where you are’, ‘In My Head’, and ‘Time is over’ and some of their newest tracks ‘Lady’, ‘Monday’ and ‘Don’t Care’, which was personally written by lead vocalist Jung Yonghwa to express his gratitude and love for their BOICE fans. Lead guitarist Lee Jonghyun showed off his fluent Japanese throughout the two hour concert and melted fans’ hearts by professing his devotion to CNBLUE‘s live performances because he loves to meet with his adoring fans. Surely fans can relate to the handsome guitarist.

130724 Sapporo Day 1

For their encore, CNBLUE said goodnight to their fans with a special rendition of ‘Starry Night’, which delighted the audience since it had never been performed at a live show before. Shortly afterwards, the band posted a candid group image on the official FNC Music Japan Twitter, “CNBLUE Zepp Tour 2013 ~Lady~ started today!! The members took this photo after the 1st concert in Sapporo. Please support and cheer them on!”

July 25th, 2013 will mark the second date on the 2013 ‘Lady’ Zepp Tour after which the band will go on to Nagoya, Japan for two consecutive nights on July 29th and 28th. CNBLUE‘s sixth major Japanese release ‘Lady’ will hit stores on July 31st while their second full length eleven track LP, ‘What Turns You On?’, is due to be released on August 28th 2013.

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Source: cnblue.jp
Photo Credits: FNC
written by: Mari @cnbstorm / colormecnblue

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  13. A “modest 17-song set”? 😀 That still sounds like a lot of work…to keep up all that energy! I hope they release a DVD of the entire show…or snippets with a future release. A pity I can’t jet over to Japan to catch a show…or 5…

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