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WTF its like CNBLUE can do no wrong, EVERRRR!! This song is soooo fucking catchy it makes you wanna play it over and over again! OK I do have to gripe about the PV because it is lacking a bit in originality and imagination, I have to say. FNC seemed to rush the production of this video and didn’t put aside a budget at all IMO! I mean, they rented out a dirty, dank looking space and set up our pretty boys to sing in the middle of it. And normally it would be OK but for a song like this, they should’ve gone all out and filmed in a crowded night club and had the guys dancing with actual girls!! Maybe played with the lyrics “I wanna turn you on..” and had Yonghwa or awkward-ass Jonghyun be flirty with some girl on the dance floor!! ANYTHING!!! But no, all we get is the same old, Guys rocking out all alone in a fucking warehouse….sooo boring though they all look FUCKING AMAZING OMG!! So FNC get kudos for styling and a big fat SMACK for not creating enough drama for this video!!

BTW, is it just me or does Yonghwa lip sync weird? I don’t understand why he seems to “clam” up and get really tight lipped when it comes to lip syncing is CNBLUE‘s videos!! I first noticed that he does that in the ‘Where you are’ PV but now its like a running theme cuz he does it in every video now!! He is just so stiff when it comes to doing it and I can’t fathom why he does it because when he sings live, he’s awesome but he just can’t lip sync hahaha!! I guess that’s a good thing that he seems to not be used to doing it but AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO NOTICES THIS?

The song is really good though, very different from ‘Blind Love’ in so many ways though I have  to say, I really loved that single so much! ‘Lady’ has such a different feel that you can’t really compare it to BL, it stands all on its own for sure. You can definitely hear the difference between Yonghwa‘s style and Jonghyun‘s style of music and the two fit so well together, just like their voices harmonize, its so scary!! GAWD I LOVE CNBLUE!!


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Ripped & Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

20 thoughts on “[Vid | MP3] 130717 CNBLUE ~Lady~ PV Plus HD Screen Caps

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  6. Fantastic song and video. I like that it doesn’t look like any other video they have. And they are just too good looking for their own good. They could probably do a video where they just smolder at the screen and the fans would go nuts.
    Thanks for sharing an HD copy! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the tracks!

    • Me too!! CNBLUE are good with the fact that they change up their look and style in their videos so that they dont ever repeat a concept! Though I have my issues with this PV, you have to give it to them for doing something different than they have in the past. I just want to see more creativity!

      You’re welcome always <33

  7. LOL I like the way you fangirl Mari 🙂 And yeah the song is awesome but the video is pretty boring. At least the guys look hot (even though I’m still a *little* on the fence about Yong’s hair – lol)

  8. omo thanks alot ..I love the song its catchyyy.. repeated many time and didnt fell bored ..like there eyes too but whats wrong with that place FNC need to put theme in colorful place no wety floor -_-

    ps can i use the caps and re upload it with full cr .

  9. Lol sometimes the lip sync is so.. obvious, not only CNB but I find that you can often see whatever someone is actually lipsyncing or not xD I think it is very awkward to actually lip sync because you can’t speak and just have to sing along with yourself while looking hot on camera..
    Though the PV is boring, I’ll still watch it because they look great, and well I’ll just feast my eyes on the boys instead of the room.

  10. I love the song but the PV is boooorring! I think that’s the reason why their PVs or MVs don’t get as much views as it should, what a pity! Hope they come out with a more imaginative and exciting MV for the second full album.

    • OMG I’m hoping so too because ‘Time is over’ was equally as boring as ‘Lady’ IMO though I really liked ‘Come On’! Ugh here’s hoping they make a really good attempt for the next PV

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