[News] CNBLUE Want To Know, ‘What Turns You On?’ With Their Newest LP

Lady Promo

CNBLUE reveal the title and album information for their second major Japanese LP Titled, ‘What Turns You On?’.

Korean Rock sensation CNBLUE ask the question, ‘What Turns You On?’ with the super surprise announcement of yet another major Japanese album release this year, this time letting loose a full size LP by the end of summer to satisfy fans’ appetite for new music. This news comes as a shock on the heels of the single album they already have set to hit the stores later this month on July 31st. ‘What Turns You On?’, slated to hit shelves on August 28th 2013, promises to be a sexy addition to CNBLUE‘s already heated repertoire (judging by the title), leaving fans both eager to see what CNBLUE has in store for them and equally hurting in the pocketbook.

Many question and even resent FNC Entertainment’s plan to continue their fast actions regarding how often CNBLUE have their releases and wish they would hit the breaks on how often these albums are put out for public consumption but there is no slowing down CNBLUE when it comes to dealing out their compositions. The band’s leader and lead vocals, Jung Yonghwa and lead vocalist and guitarist Lee Jonghyun are proudly the main production team behind CNBLUE‘s music these days. With the band’s current hectic tour schedule one would think they would burn out or hit a creative wall yet the hard working tandem team show no signs of stopping their fast pace of cranking out hit records for the band.

‘What Turns You On?’ already has fans wanting to know the inspiration for the title song and the other gems that are included on the LP. One thing is for certain,  FNC Ent. has undoubtedly configured several different album versions available for BOICE to frantically collect before they sell out.

“What turns you on?”

Release Date: August 28 2013

<Limited Edition A>

[CD/DVD]  ¥ 3,990
[CD] First Press Limited Edition “A” Includes bonus track,  12 tracks in total
· A-nation music week Charge Go! ROCK NATION @ Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium
live performance recorded 2012.8.12, Tracklist:
“Hey You”, “kimio”, “In My Head”
· Music Video & Video Making

<Limited Edition B>

[CD/DVD] ¥ 3,990
[CD] 11 songs
· Odaiba United States presents KiraKira WINTER Live recorded live performance 2012.12.25, Tracklist:
“Have a good night”, “Wake up,” “Where you are,” “The way part1 ~ onetime ~”, “Robot”, “Time is over “

<Family Mart & famima.com>

[CD] ¥ 3,780
[CD] 11 tracks
· famima.com Limited Edition LP jacket size specification
· 1 piece sealed original LP size poster
· The purchase of Family Mart & famima.com Limited Edition is here

<Regular Edition>

[CD]  ¥ 3,150
[CD] 11 tracks


In other news, CNBLUE‘s current single ‘Lady’ is already making waves being noted as one of the most anticipated and most reserved albums on current Japanese music charts, even before its official release date of July 31st. FNC Ent. has stated that pre-orders for ‘Lady’ have topped the sales chart on Japan’s HMV retail chain. The title track has been featured as the opening and closing song for Japanese music shows JAPAN COUNTDOWN and Konkurabe respectively. The full music video for ‘Lady’ still has not been revealed as of yet.

Currently, CNBLUE have taken a break from their ‘BLUE MOON’ World Tour to concentrate on yet another tour, their Zepp Arena Tour in Japan being kicked off in Sapporo on July 24th aptly titled, ‘Lady’. The ‘What Turns You On?’ LP has been scheduled for release on August 28th 2013.

**Featured on KpopStarz.com on behalf of CNBLUESTORM**

Source: cnblue.jp
Photo Credits: FNC ENT.
written by: Mari @cnbstorm / colormecnblue

24 thoughts on “[News] CNBLUE Want To Know, ‘What Turns You On?’ With Their Newest LP

  1. just strolling around some old posts to kill time.. and the title pops a thought into my mind: what turns US on? do they REALLY not know? like seriously, isn’t it obvious? they have mirrors, don’t they? (sorry for the sudden outburst, i just spazzed over some “burning” pictures LOL)

  2. I missed CN Blue here in the philippines!
    I love them so so so Much!
    Till eternity!
    😦 Please come back here again!

    anyway.. its their 4 years anniversary already! 🙂 since their debut in Japan!

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  9. A whole new album?! WHOOHOO! Can’t wait for all the new music. I guess they like working at this pace…doing what they love, seeing all their fans, making new music. We definitely appreciate it!

    • Yes I agree! i think they like the making music part the best since they do it so well lol! I am looking forward to this one and perhaps a full Korean album this year too!

  10. no wonder why MH said that he felt sorry to YH because he couldn’t really catch him, i am glad that CNBLUE achieved their dreams one by one. FnC really lucky to have such a talented musicians. what turns you on? i’ll wait the answer till the album realesed kkkk. thank you again for writing this nicely mari noonar.

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  12. OMG! worried for the boys… 😦 with all those schedules… traveling from here to there… do they have enough rest?? I know it’s part of their work… but but but….

    Anyways, stay healthy guys.. FIGHTING!
    for sure lots of BOICES are now holding tight with their budget… n I’m 1 of those.. 😛 Japs albums are known to be a bit expensive… 🙂

    • Yes, they are busy but I am happy for them to be busy! It shows that they are gaining more popularity and with that comes great exposure! Of course, they need to slow the pace a bit so they dont get over tired but either way, I’m happy to see them so active!

  13. What a title album ! “What Turns You On?” for FNC, Poor Boices money, right?
    For me, the long awaited announcement for BLUE MOON in EUROPE that we are still waiting =o=!!!
    (Sorry for my troll post *go out*)

    More seriously, they release new album/single too fast ;_;. They should get a rest!

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  15. They sure are busy as hell! I hope they still have time to rest, though. >_<
    In my opinion, this is the first time i've seen a band release so many songs in a year. Hehe. Anyway, i hope the LP will be full of new songs, not just a collection of their singles. 🙂
    I wish both albums will be a success! Fighting CNBLUE! Stay healthy~♥

    P.S. best of luck to all BOICE, since FNC seems to want to flush out money from all of us by releasing so much albums :))

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