[News | Vid] CNBLUE Reveal Handsome Image In New Teaser For Their Latest Single, ‘Lady’

Lady Promo

CNBLUE comeback with another single, ‘Lady’ with new promo images and jacket covers.

Still hot from their last single album ‘Blind Love’ released in April, CNBLUE take no time to comeback with yet another catchy love song. This time the quartet reveal their sexy, manliness with their new single, ‘Lady’. Their new images along with a colorfully saturated music video were revealed in a thirty second teaser just released by Warner Japan.

Revealed along with the too short teaser, were three new images of the band’s various album version jacket covers that also carry the heavily saturated color scheme of the video.

Limited Edition Version A

Lady LE A

Limited Edition Version B

Lady LE B

Standard Edition

Lady Standard

Song composition information is yet unknown but its seems to be, CNBLUE are in the mood for love these days judging by their interest for romantic song topics so far this year. Don’t think these guys will slow down from work long enough to give love a try though. CNBLUE are currently super busy flying around the world on their ‘BLUE MOON’ tour just finishing up a stop in Beijing just a few days ago on June 29th and will soon head to Japan to kick of their summer Zepp Tour also titled, ‘Lady’ this July. As if that isn’t enough to hinder their busy schedule, bassist and resident actor Lee Jungshin signed on for a role as ‘SiWoo’ in the much anticipated KBS period drama, ‘Blade and Petal’ airing July 3rd, 2013.

Look for CNBLUE‘s ‘Lady, which will be the band’s sixth major release in Japan to date, to hit the stores on July 31st, 2013.

**Featured on KpopStarz.com on behalf of CNBLUESTORM**

Source: cnblue.jp
Images provided by FNC Entertainment
written by: Mari @cnbstorm / colormecnblue


10 thoughts on “[News | Vid] CNBLUE Reveal Handsome Image In New Teaser For Their Latest Single, ‘Lady’

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  2. I love their look, and I love the song! I can imagine them singing this song in front of us ladies, that would be such a perfect moment!!!

    • Me too! I love how they change up their style for each album but it’s not over the top or something that doesn’t feel like them! Can’t wait for the full PV too!

  3. Holy shit!!!!! I love the atmosphere, groovy like and sweet and chill~

    And omgjonghyunlookingrightintothecamera and his omgsofuckinggorgeoushair!!!§


    • I FUCKING KNOWW!! Can’t wait for the full PV to drop! Btw, that hair on YONGHWA, I am really loving this cut! It looks so good from the back. I was just watching some fancams of their Beijing concert and his hair is so sexy in the back, the way it comes down on his neck UNNNFFF!!!

  4. LOVE the art direction and styling! Such a contrast from “Blind Love.” Really looking forward to hearing the entire EP and watching the video! Thanks!

    • YES I KNOW!!! I am super excited about this album and I too love the art direction and concept for their looks in this video & album jackets. I CANNOT WAIT to get my copies, I got the two limited editions =))

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