[Pic | Trans] 130629 CNBLUE SNS Updates After ‘BLUE MOON’ Live in Beijing

130629 CNB Twitter Update After BM in Beijing

[TRANS] @CNBLUE_4: euah~~~it’s YongHwa!!! Today’s concert was totally fun!!! Indeed, we and Beijing fans seemed to have exchanged a enormous amount of energy! JongHyunie also gave his best despite not feeling well, JungShinie also worked hard to fill up that portion, also also MinHyukie who had his birthday yesterday ㅋ We will return with strong energy! Thank you once again and we’ll come back often!!!! *Though fans were not able to stand up due to the performance restrictions, we will leave with understanding. Till we meet again! We will come from top of the world when we come again the next time. ㅋ Bya bya (bye bye)! http://twitpic.com/czurfz/full

130629 CNB Weibo Update after BM in Beijing

[TRANS] First concert in China! has ended! It has been a great time spent, from coming to Beijing on my birthday till the concert today on the 29th! All fans, us and everyone! who has wished me happy birthday, thank you! Already looking forward to the Beijing (concert) in the next world tour! Thank you have a good night! Thanks! (xie xie)


Normally I would like to share these more recent posts in date order, ie. Airport pics, Press Con, then Concert but unfortunately, I haven’t been able to collect very many HD pics or all three events for ‘BLUE MOON’ Live in Beijing just yet so I’ll just hold off on posting those until I have enough content to share! But for now, we have two updates CNBLUE made to Twitter & Weibo today just after their latest concert.

First of all, OMG cant that first picture be any fucking cuter?? The ONLY thing wrong with it is Minhyuk seems so far away and his tiny but awesomely cute face seems blurred but otherwise, WTF!? Can they look any more adorbs? YONGWHA‘a FACE!!! HIS GORGEOUS, BIG SPARKLY EYES!! /dies… According to fans in attendance of the concert, Jonghyun was pretty sick and basically had to sit out singing mostly all of his solo parts having Jungshin and Minhyuk fill in for him. The good part is that he was still able to play and showed lively spirits most of the time, despite his obvious tired condition. Staff were on hand to give the poor guy lots of drinks, according to the FA, he had to drink often and even did so in the middle of a song.


Yonghwa, being his super playful self, seemed to try to get Jonghyun’s spirits up by teasing him a bit but Jonghyun seemed so engrossed in his guitar playing at the moement and just let his hyung take advantage of him. LOL Yonghwa is so damn cute, I just can’t! I really love how he tries really hard to get Jonghyun to notice him hahah. JONGHWA shared a few moments like this, its so sweet! GAWD, I really love hos close ALL of these guys are! I know they took well care of their Jonghyunnie after the concert since he seemed to look alot better in their Weibo update picture.



Gif cr. Maaaaa-萨萨


Images Credit as Labeled

Source: @CNBLUE_4, CNBLUE Official Weibo
Trans:  Gera @chiffonlau
Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

10 thoughts on “[Pic | Trans] 130629 CNBLUE SNS Updates After ‘BLUE MOON’ Live in Beijing

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  2. Those are great group photos! I don’t think I’ve seen Yonghwa with his eyes that wide in a photo. He looks like a different person! They all look super adorbs (even sick, and playing a 2-hour show, Jonghyun still looks good! Seriously, what magical potions are these boys taking?!)!
    And the second picture! Where was Yonghwa?! 😀 Maybe he took the photo? Still super cute.
    The gif is super fun too…Jonghyun was finally like, ” DUDE! Get off me!:D (You’ll get sick too!)” 😀

  3. OMG I love the gif…YH is super cute and you can tell that JH just let’s him tease him until enough is enough! Hahaha, so sweet how these guys interact. Hope JH recovers soon cos July is a killer month for them. I love the birthday song YH sang for MH as well. Even though it’s only one short phrase, he sounded so good.

  4. I heard hyunnie got sick, but he’s a though guy sure he’ll be playing around with some rest and care of the guys ^^

    Looool see yonghwa asking for attention but he doesn’t get a glance xD Kkk just stepping aside~
    The Big Bro’s playing together is heartwarming ❤

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