[News] Kang Minhyuk Sends Thankful Message to Fans and Shares Pic With His “Mini-Me”

130628 MH Tweet with our Cake!!

CNBLUE‘s baby-faced drummer Kang Minhyuk celebrated his 23rd birthday with a special gift from fans.

His code name may be ‘Lovely’ but Kang Minhyuk is quickly growing away from his once ‘little boy’ appearance and celebrated his 23rd birthday on June 28th 2013. The handsome drummer posted an image of himself along with a very familiar figure on the top of a cake to Twitter this morning with this message: Everyone~! It’s my birthday and I took a photo with my miniatureㅋㅋ It’s from my first appearance in MHGF, the costume and pose look really the sameㅋㅋ Here I would like to thank everyone who wished me; our fans, CNBLUE, my family, my friends… Love you all. See you at Beijing’s concert!

The cake was a gift from fans and featured Minhyuk‘s “My Husband’s Got A Family” character ‘SeKwang’ in his most famous club scene pose.


CNBLUE boarded a plane this morning headed to Beijing, China for the next leg of their hugely successful ‘BLUE MOON’ concert tour. CNBLUE are the first Korean band to hold a world tour and have planned several stops in four cities altogether for China making it the only country on the tour to accommodate more than two dates. CNBLUE‘s ‘Live in Beijing’ concert will be held on June 29th, 2013 at the Beijing Capital Indoor Stadium, sponsored by SAMSUNG GALAXY Music.

**Featured on KpopStarz.com on behalf of CNBLUESTORM**

Source: @CNBLUE_4
Trans provided by: @CNBStorm
written by: Mari @cnbstorm / colormecnblue

5 thoughts on “[News] Kang Minhyuk Sends Thankful Message to Fans and Shares Pic With His “Mini-Me”

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  2. SO PERFECT!!! I was hoping Yonghwa would do the same with your cake but this is just as awesome! You are SUPER famous now!!! This should merit backstage access when the tour gets to the US. 😉 CONGRATS on an amazing job!!!

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