[Vid] CNBLUE ~BLUE NIGHT: Live in Seoul 2012~ Limited Edition DVD

422631790CNBLUE ~BLUE NIGHT: Live in Seoul 2012~ Limited Edition DVD

Release Date: 2013.05.08
Format: DVD ISO                          
Region Code: 1, 3
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Screen: NTSC Anamorphic Widescreen 16:9
Subtitles: Korean, English
Running Time: 167 Min


01. Intro
02. Hey You
03. Now or Never
04. Get Away
05. Tattoo
06. 직감
07. Have a good night
08. Wake up
10. Y, Why…
11. feeling
12. These days
13. 내 사랑아
14. 사랑빛
15. 아직 사랑한다
16. Just Please
17. Where you are
18. one time
19. Time is over
20. In My Head

Encore Live & Special Making Film

21. 외톨이야
22. LOVE
23. 넌 내게 반했어
24. Special Making Film

**Attention: As a thank you to me, Please continue to seed file when your download is finished so others can download with faster speeds. Also, remember that I am located in the US so I only will seed during the day so please keep that in mind before you leave me a comment complaining about the DL speed! Thank you**


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Excerpt from YesAsia:

“CNBLUE closed 2012 with their Blue Night tour on December 15 and 16 in Seoul. The popular band rocked the night with an exciting setlist of their pop rock hits including Hey You, Love Girl, In My Head, Where You Are and “Intuition.” Other than the live concert, the release includes a bonus disc of encore clips and making-of footage and a photobook.”

Finally here it is, the post that so many have asked for and looking forward to. I’m so happy to be able to share this with my followers but I urge you please, DO NOT REPOST THIS DVD. If you do a search, there is not ONE website that has this file for download so you know how rare and awesome it is. I ripped this myself, as I do with most of the content I share, so Please enjoy this concert because I loved it. Some of the camera work is really annoying at first but when the concert and CNBLUE get going, its hard to focus on anything else, quite frankly, Jung Yonghwa is amazing on stage! Of course they all are but being the lead signer, he has such a hold over the audience at all times, really amazing! The highlights of this performance, for me were ‘feeling’ and the ENTIRE ENCORE! Such a good concert!

In case you didn’t see it, here is the banner I made on behalf of CNBStorm for our ‘BLUE NIGHT’ Rice Wreath Donation we had posted up outside of the venue for that weekend of Dec. 15th & 16th 2012. Our banner was seen by everyone who attended the concert including CNBLUE members family and friends so we were very proud of that and I was especially proud since I designed the graphic for it myself. Thought I’d share that memory with you all. Enjoy the show^^*

CNB_RiceWreath Banner small CNB Rice Wreath 2 CNB Rice Wreath 3


Source: FNC Entertainment
Ripped & Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

34 thoughts on “[Vid] CNBLUE ~BLUE NIGHT: Live in Seoul 2012~ Limited Edition DVD

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  2. Thank you so much! Your site has really blown me away – I’ve only just discovered it while searching through various fansites trying to find one that A) was in English (ha) and B) had a lot of content that was organized well. You have gone above and beyond. Once I have this DLed – I’ll keep seeding it for as long as I can so other Boice can get it too Keep up the great work! 🙂 Much love from Seattle

  3. Whoa! I don’t know if it’s the high quality of the video and sound but I got the impression that I was at the concert! And I only watched two or three songs on my PC. On my TV, it’s gonna be awesome!
    It made me want to see them live even more. Please guys, come to France and to the US too! I know that a lot of fans are waiting there. Doesn’t it,Mari?;o)
    Anyway, one can dream! But I won’t give up the idea that they’ll come to France for a live one day…
    As always, thanks for sharing!

    • Yeah, it’s likely they visit France with in the next couple of years since the London concert went so well and so many European BOICE traveled there to see them! Good luck, I hope they visit soon! I’m praying they come here too! They haven’t had a full, solo concert here yet and the times they did come, I couldn’t go so I’m determined to make it BLUE MOON if and when they come!!

  4. Thank you very much.I am very happy that see you upload this file.You are very kind-hearted.I’m Boice from Thailand I’m fan of you’re blog.I want to say many word for thank you.But my Eng is middle However I love You.

  5. HELLO FELLOW BOICE! 😀 THANKS ALOT FOR THIS!, I SHALL PURCHASE THE DVD SOON KEKE~~ BUT CAN I ASK U A HUGE FAVOUR?? i really want an album of just its MP3~ so if u have time ! can upload an mp3 album?? THANKS SO MUCH!!

    • I usually share the audio rips of the concerts so yes, I will be sharing that shortly so if you haven’t started following my site yet, you should because you will get email notifications when I post any updates!!

      Thank you for your comment & you’re welcome^^

  6. oh finally!!! thank you so much Mari ❤
    though I haven't finished watching all the DVDs you have shared but Let's go download XDDDD
    I'm always glad that you share the iso with us so the original subtitles are kept
    I just don't understand korean so this really helps!!! thanks Mari^^

          • Thanks! Last question, I saw in the faqs that you only will seed during your mornings but when I tried downloading this morning PHT, none were seeding. So I’m guessing everyone who downloaded are in different time zones?

          • No, to clarify, I will only seed during my days from when I get up to when I go to sleep so that’s basically my whole day. I’m in Eastern USA so if you live in the PH then your mornings will be my nights and I dont seed usually after 1AM my time. So if you want to download, its best to do it while you sleep! So leave your torrent client running over night and so forth until its over^^

          • No harm done. I would rather have that than explain it in a circular way. 🙂 Great site BTW. I have been looking for sites that offer downloadable past CNBLUE DVDs because it was only last year that I became a fan. It’s hard to look for the original DVDs since the good ones are always limited. 🙂

            PS. I’m loving the commentary in every post. Keep it up! 😀

          • Thank you so much! I feel happy to say you won’t find another site like this one lol! I hate to brag so I won’t, I’ve been blessed to being able to share all the media I share because of generous BOICE & a lot is my own so it please me to be the place to go for certain content that you can’t and won’t find anywhere else!

            I run this site all by myself so I personally respond to every comment and yes I do have colorful commentary too HAHAHAH!

            Anyway sorry for the long rant. Pls feel at home and let me know if there’s anything you can’t find, you can leave me a request in the Requests page^^

          • Yep, I’m giving you the bragging rights. Haha! Plus points on having them on HQ! Plus plus points because you are running it on your own.

            Yep, will leave some requests if I ever thought of one since your site mostly offers it all.

            Thanks again. Fighting!

  7. woooaaa!!!mari!!well done!!!thank youuuu :*
    i wanna download this but i’m still downloading bluestorm concert,hmmm indeed download any big file via torrent takes more time,so i must be patient hehe
    by the way,is this quality good?since i’m always satisfied download any cnblue’s dvd concert from this site 🙂

    • Do I ever disappoint you with poor file quality?? I dont think you have to ask me that lol! The quality is as good as FNC intended it to be so it is what it is, HD! BTW, the download speed has nothing to do with me. The speeds are all dependent on everyone who downloads and continues to seed so if they dont seed the file, then its slow for you to download! IT sucks but I’d rather use torrents because they are easier for me to share with you guys as opposed to having to pay a file hosting site and spend my time uploading files all the time. It gets really difficult for me to maintain files all by myself.

      You’re welcome^^

      • no!!!of course you never :))!!well i’m HD freaker!!lol
        waaa i’m grateful since i dont enough money to buy the dvd,i still can watch the video concert with the quality as good as the original..yeaaahhh!!i hope i can be a good boice by buy the original dvd..one time :’)
        anyway i usually take advantage from WIFI in my dorm as far since the inet speed is fast enough,unfortunately i must leave it next month T___T what should i do after that?
        ikr,btw does seeding file takes a long time as downloading?

        • You can seed a file for as long as you want to but if you use your torrent client a lot, you may just want to leave your seeding files open so they can seed while you download something else.

          Its a courtesy to the person you shared the file after you and to me, the person who created the torrent. Once there’s enough seeders in the swarm, other down loaders, known as leechers, can download and they seed as well and so on. If you need more info on torrents and seeding, just Google it! There’s lots of sites that help with explaining better than I can lol!! Thank you

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