[Site News] Let’s Celebrate Our Jung Yonghwa’s Birthday & Cake Project!!

JYH Happy Birthday 2013_by ColorMeCNBLUEDear Beautiful BOICE,

Its that time of year again where we dedicate our time and energy to one of the hardest working Leaders and Emotional Man, Jung Yonghwa!! I along with CNBLUE USA and CNBLUE Puerto Rico partnered together to help create URI Yonghwa, a very Happy 25th Birthday. We all worked hard over the last few weeks designing and planning all the details involved with our birthday cake project for Yonghwa and our ‘Lovely’ Kang Minhyuk, which we also will be celebrating and will share his cake info on June 26th. Finally the time has come to reveal what exactly we’ve been working on and also all the wonderful BOICE worldwide who sent in their love and money to help support us and make this, our FIRST PROJECT, come to fruition! But first, let’s tribute the man of the hour, Yonghwa!

Happy Birthday, Jung Yonghwa

What makes Jung Yonghwa so special? Let’s explore the many layers…


Could it be his boyish charms?

YH Twitter 130206 130120_yh_3 YH twitter 130207 YH twitter 130314

Or Could it be his Irresistible DarkSexyMetal Appeal?

BNASPf3CEAA_AGkSexyYonghwayong_mvbts_1 YONGHWA ARMS!!!1288191885_201010280006314765767101_0 A10255996-12 BBGtILSCMAAdaf1 excite_YH 2fdda3cc7cd98d10d3c5918a213fb80e7bec907cOr maybe its the side he’s most known for… his Emotional Side? Though, no one is more ‘Emotional’ than Lee Shin!

CNBLUE 4th Mini Album [Emotional Teaser] Yong Hwa ver. 29 yong_mvbts_4594002162zksxpn shin1 EC9AA9ED9994_EB848CEB82B4EBB0982 hs_pe_0008 At6LZsiCIAArdOrNo matter what side of him we get to see, there are so many layers that come together to make up our beloved Jung Yonghwa, we could go on forever exploring them! He always keeps us on our toes as we try to keep up with his energy and his never-ending shining light! We Love you Yonghwa…Happy 25th Birthday our ‘Emotional Angel’!

Project: Happy 25th Birthday, Jung Yonghwa Birthday Cake


After we submitted our cake designs and wishes to the bakery and they gave us our quote, we knew we had to set our goal pretty high in order to cover all the costs. Our initial goal of $550 was way too low so we were really nervous that we couldn’t come up with the $882 our final project costs would be. We ended up surpassed our goal to collect at least $1000 and were able to afford two cakes and accompanying 30 cupcakes for each delivery to Yonghwa and Minhyuk separately, for a total of two cakes & 60 cupcakes! Thanks to all of our supporters, we were able to make it with a little to spare. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Total Donations Received: $1334 USD
  • Total Needed for Cakes, Cupcakes, & Delivery x2: $896.00 USD (Including Western Union Transfer Fees)/ 995,000 Won
  • Total Left over: $438

We wanted to send all the proceeds of the donations from all of you to help fund ‘CNBLUE, Blue School Project’ as we intended to initially, but we didn’t have as much as we thought we would have left over so we decided we should save it toward creating a Birthday Project for Lee Jungshin who will be celebrating his 23rd birthday very soon in September!

Project Contributors

Donations List

Special Messages from CNBLUE USA & CNBLUE Puerto Rico:

From Pinky (CNBLUE USA):

“I would like to thanks everyone who supported us on our first Project! This project wouldn’t be possible without your help….Please continue to support us (CNBLUE USA) and our upcoming projects for CNBLUE. Thank you!” ~Pinky~ @JYHlover17

“DSM Yonghwa,
Happy 25th Birthday, May all your dreams and wishes come true! Thank you for being an inspiration to us! Thank you for being the DSM who we loved so dearly, and thank you for touching our lives through your music, may GOD give you more strength to continue your love and passion for music. Hope you like our Coffee cake! Happy Birthday and I love you!” =Pinky

From Cess (CNBLUE USA):

“Dear Yonghwa, I’m wishing you a life full of success and happiness on your 25th birthday. I hope you like the gift we, BOICE who donated, prepared for you. Allow me to say thank you for being the Emotional in CNBLUE. Thank you for the music. I love you Yonghwa oppa! Enjoy another 365 days journey with full of amazing memories and good health. Fighting! <3, Cess. @Jonghwarrior

From Griselle (CNBLUE PR):

“For someone who turns tears into smiles and dark memories into hopeful stars we can only wish that you will always have the strength to create your own path full of joy and laughter. May you always have that passion and continue being the light of our path. ~Grisy~ @CNBluePR

From Mari (CNBLUE USA/ ColorMeCNBLUE):

“Dear Sweet Leader, Yonghwa, Thank you for everything you do, you’ve brought your music to my life and now I wont ever be the same. Yonghwa, you are so very special too so many people, all over the world. Please know that you are blessed & I wish you many happy years of making music and meeting your fans because you and your brothers deserve it all! “~To the top of the world, Love Mari~ @ColorMeCNBLUE

A special thank you goes to all the CNBLUE fans all over the world who contributed towards this project and who supported all of us on our first project! We hope that you continue to support us in all of our future projects as well! And also, to Sweet 16th Bakery in Seoul, Korea! Without them, we couldn’t have made this project a success!! YAY, We did it!!

Project: Jung Yonghwa 25th Birthday Cake, Mission Accomplished!!!

15 thoughts on “[Site News] Let’s Celebrate Our Jung Yonghwa’s Birthday & Cake Project!!

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  5. WOW! Everything looks so good! I’m sure he’ll love it all! Well done everyone!
    (Is it bad of me to wish that he’ll eat and share the cake, but use the cupcakes for a cake-war with the rest of the boys? Then post photos of themselves covered in cake?) πŸ˜‰

  6. Oh My god! It’s just daebak! Thank you so much Mari (and CNBLUE USA and CNBLUE Puerto Rico) for having organized such an awesome project! Congrats!
    I can’t believe that a cup cake bears my name! I’m sooooo excited about this! You made my day!
    And, by the way, very good choice of pictures! Each one of them made me drool over! ;o)
    You’re so right about Yong Hwa, he can be cute, sweet, romantic but also terribly hot! ❀

    • LOL I knew you guys would enjoy the pics, I chose them myself because I wanted to show the many sides of our beloved Yonghwa! Thank you for your support in this project and us in general! If it weren’t for you guys, the fans, we wouldn’t have done it so again, thank you! I’m glad we were able to get everyone on a cupcake so Yonghwa can see his fans are individuals and we are here for him!!

  7. oh the cupcakes and the birthday cake are so cute ❀ I think yonghwa will be very happy to receive this^^
    you guys are awesome! good job! happy birthday to our emotional leader yonghwa xi^^

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