[Pic | Trans] 130616-130619 CNBLUE SNS Message & Facebook Round-Up

130617 LINE Selca with Fans 130617 LINE Msg 1 130617 LINE Msg 2 [TRANS] Hello, LINE friends! BLUE MOON Manila ended successfully! It was a hot and exciting Saturday night, did you still remember it? Here’s now revealing the concert’s proof shot with the members!

130615 Tweet After BMPH

[TRANS] @CNBLUE_4: Hello Yonghwa here! I love Philippines I love Philippines I love Philippines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the birthday wish, it’s an unforgettable night! Here comes a hot cheer! I love Philippines!!! x 100000000000000000000

T/N: The placard they’re holding means: “The 1248 days of loneliness has now come to an end” because Philippines fans finally got to meet CNBLUE.

130618 Jungshin Knife & Flower BTS Twitter

[TRANS] @CNBLUE_4: It’s me Jungshin~ CNBLUE’s World Tour is happily underway~ This time we went to Philippines for the first time and we were given warm a welcome and I’m very happy because the concert ended well. It would be nice if we can continue on the laughter till the end of our World Tour! ALSO! Have you heard the news? I’ll be working in my second drama project as SiWoo in “Blade and Petal” and it will be aired after KBS drama “The Fugitive of Joseon” ends. Please pay special attention to me!

Also, the weather is getting hot and it seems that the rainy season has started! Everyone please take care of your health and beware of the slippery road. Just now I almost broke the back of my head hoho. Please don’t miss both CNBLUE’s activities and my acting. I will do my best and please support us a lot. Lastly, here’s a photo of SiWoo!

CNBLUE Official Facebook Update

2013 BLUE MOON World Tour Live in Manila

Here’s the round-up for this week! Thank goodness CNBLUE have been so busy sending us messages and updating Twitter, LINE, & Facebook so much because there was a point in time that they hardly messaged us at all! There’s so much to look at and talk about so I’ll just go in order of the messages!

The band selca taken with their Filipino fans and shared on LINE is so nice! I really love when they do that, not just with themselves but with their fans in the shot too! I would love to be in a picture with our CNBLUE that way so I feel those fans who get to do that are so very lucky, I hope they know it! Then after their concert, Yonghwa tweeted another group picture with a thank you message to BOICE for helping celebrate his birthday! I remember when it was Jonghyun‘s birthday during the Hong Kong concert, after surprising Jonghyun with his birthday celebration, Yonghwa had to take a moment to remind everyone that HIS birthday was coming up in June! LOL That brat, I think that was when my admins and I decided to send him a cake because he clearly was asking for attention from us! hahah

Then we have ‘Siwoo‘ aka Jungshin aka ‘Long Haired Goddess’ IS BACK!!! Even if it is fake long hair, the act that Jungshin seems to be himself again and prettier than EVER, warms my heart! I know I’m not the only fan who misses his long locks! I mean, that guy is beautiful with short hair or long, it really doesn’t make a difference but somehow, his long hair suited him so well and I remember how he said he loved having long hair because it set him apart from everyone else! Its true, not many other Idols sport long hair these days and Jungshin just does it too well! Let’s hope he grows it back and soon! ‘Blade & Petal’, ‘Knife & Flower’… however you wanna call it, Jungshin is going to ROCK IT!! I just have a feeling and even though still haven’t watched ‘My Daughter SeoYoung’, I plan on it very soon, I’m really excited to watch ‘Blade & Petal’. I love the description of his character ‘Siwoo’ who seems to be a bad-ass with a sword and a horse! How HAWT is that??


Source:  CNBLUE Official LINE & Facebook, @CNBLUE_4 [2]
Trans: fizzy @ cnbluestorm
Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

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