[News | Vid] 130613 Lee Jungshin Reveals Glaring Stare in Official Stills for ′Blade & Petal′

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Lee Jung Shin went back into the past to transform into a Koguryo warrior. New stills of the singer-turned-actor were released before the premiere of the KBS drama Knife and Flower, set to start airing on July 3.

Lee Jung Shin will appear as a warrior named Si Woo in King Yeongryu (Kim Yeong Cheol)′s secret warrior team Geum Hwa Dan. In the stills, Lee Jung Shin poses in battle mode, with his long hair covering his face to give him a rough look. His charismatic eyes show he′s all set to become the warrior he needs to be. Si Woo is an orphan who used to wander the streets, but is picked up by So Sa Beon (Kim Sang Ho), the leader of the Geum Hwa Dan. He rarely despairs, and is a bold character who boasts great martial skills and an eye for art. He comes to have a crush on Kin Yeongryu′s daughter Moo Young (Kim Ok Bin).

Lee Jung Shin previously proved his skills in acting with a role in KBS2′s My Daughter Seo Young. In the drama he appeared as a mischievous little brother, but this time he aims to turn his image around.

Knife and Flower is a Romeo-and-Juliet-type romance set in Koguryo.

So now that there are finally images to post and a teaser trailer, here is the information for our Jungshin‘s new drama project courtesy of EnewsWorld. He will play a martial arts warrior by the name of ‘Siwoo’ in the period drama. Too bad he wasn’t shown in the teaser at all but the story looks interesting either way. The first thing I thought when I saw these images is JUNGSHIN IS HAWT!!! Then it hit me, if he hadn’t cut his long, beautiful hair, he wouldn’t have to wear a wig now which BTW, looks really fake lol! I hope they fix it so it really looks authentic for filming but otherwise, its awesome that he was chosen for this role. Now imagine Jungshin riding a horse…


Here he is practicing his horse-back riding for the new drama. But I would love to see him in action so I will be watching this though I tend not to really like period dramas. I will watch and support JS no matter what.

Since it starts airing in early July, I really worry that he’ll have a really hard time dealing with filming on top of CNBLUE‘s current schedule which will be CRAZY in July and August due to the band’s appearances at a few music festivals and the Zepp Tour in Japan. Not to mention that they’re in the middle of their ‘BLUE MOON’ world tour so I pray that the members take care of our Jungshin while he’s working so hard! JUNGSHIN HWAITING!!


Source: enewsworld, CNBLUE Official FB
Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

8 thoughts on “[News | Vid] 130613 Lee Jungshin Reveals Glaring Stare in Official Stills for ′Blade & Petal′

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  3. Haha I saw those pictures on a fansite and I thought I was hallucinating x)
    “Is this…oh wait, is this Junghsin? o,o”
    Indeedy. He looks really good in that type of outfit tho, I’m sure he’ll pull it off for the acting as well; I can totally see him in the description of this character. I’ve never watched a drama of that ”genre” but maybe I will try it out~

  4. He looks SO GOOD! I will totally watch this for him! Totally opposite from his last character. And yeah…that wig is horrible! Hopefully he’ll just grow it out while they’re shooting.

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