[Pic | Vid] 130601 Exclusive CNBLUE ‘BLUE MOON’ Live In Australia Interview Clips @ AsianPop


Let me start off by saying, this is the reason why I love CNBLUE, They are not afraid to be silly in front of strangers and I LOVE IT!! OMGAD Why are Jungshin and Yonghwa so fucking aldkjdh;aldkhg??? They just act impossibly funny and it makes me cringe with embarrassment but I fucking laughed the ENTIRE TIME!

Yonghwa‘s hand gestures… he always moves his hands ‘rapper style’ when he’s talking English!! Its like he equates English with Hip-hop or something? FUUUUUUCK he’s so fucking cute and funny! I love that about him.

**YONGHWA, please don’t ever change cuz I love you just the way you are!!!**

Jungshin, first of all, I had to rewind certain parts because I totally wasn’t expecting him to speak when he did, and he just blurted out English words at random and then laughed about it? WAAA! He’s super silly, it hurts! I forgot what he said that made Yonghwa laugh at him, I think it was how he pronounced something but in any event, seeing them happy and in a good mood, made me happy for them! Both of them were rolling around in their seats leaving Minhyuk to look like the ‘normal one’ as usual. And Jonghyun, he must’ve lost his voice or something cuz all he kept doing was turning in his seat to glance at everyone else and looking down at his gorgeous hands. Why does he not speak during interviews when there are English hosts? I mean, they had an interpreter so what? Was he being shy? I wish he would speak more like the others but I guess he has to maintain his cool, cold persona just smiling and not saying much. Wow, he’s so cool hahah!

BTW, if you’ll notice. the last video which is the actual interview film, is hosted on my YouTube channel mainly because for some reason it was privated by the AsianPOPΒ  channel. Thankfully I always download videos before or after I watch them because I know how easy it is to bookmark something only to later find it was privatized or deleted. Anyway, I ask that you please not re-upload to other channels or website, thanks!


Source: AsianPop RadioAustralia
Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE


8 thoughts on “[Pic | Vid] 130601 Exclusive CNBLUE ‘BLUE MOON’ Live In Australia Interview Clips @ AsianPop

  1. Yonghwa makes some of the funniest faces when he thinks no one is looking (or he does it on purpose just to be silly). I like when they get all excited and they do weird voices too. πŸ˜‰ Fun interview, but too short!

    • Definitely too short, I think I want to bitch about it some more! I’m sure they had WAY more footage and FNC probably told them they couldn’t use it, who knows but all I do know is we need more CNBLISH!! hahaha

      And yes, I think Yong just doesn’t realize what he’s doing or makes faces when he’s bored? IDC, he’s super cute<33

      • I wonder if they’ll air a longer interview on air? What a waste if they spent an hour together and there’s only about 15 minutes to show for it! And half the time is spent translating!
        I was thinking I love Yonghwa’s “ghetto” gestures…between that and all the beat-boxing he’s been doing lately on tour, I think he’s a little hip hop star on the inside. A collab with Simon D would be So. Much. Fun. Busan Boys unite!

        • Not sure if there is more to that interview but we’ll see i guess. Fuck yeah, I’d love Hip Hop Yonggie to come out and better still, like you said, have a collab or special stage with SimonD!!

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